Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration

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This book is aimed at beginners and people looking to start in illustration. The information provided is very basic although it does give a good overview for further research.
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A handy guide to illustration. I love the visual nature of this book and found that it inspired me to want to start sketching the ordinary things around me.
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Super cute, and great for beginners.  There's a large section on the basics of various media and when they're best used, and a whole slew of projects for homebodies and wanderers alike that can fill sketchbooks and turn into keepsakes.

Beyond just illustration, there's a really good section on collage, as well, for those of us who are kind of magpie-ish and end up with a lot of paper ephemera from our sojourns.

I think the instructional bits might be a little basic for those with a fair bit of experience, but this is exactly the kind of thing I looked for when I was first starting to keep illustrated sketchbooks and journals, and I'd definitely recommend it as a great starting point for just about anyone looking to try it.
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I received an advance digital copy of this book from the author,Quarto Publishing Group – Walter Foster and Thanks to all for the opportunity to read and review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Ms. Beier has put together a wonderful reference book for artists of all skill level to increase their ability to sketch in plein air. Brilliantly illustrated and very informative. Essentail reference book for the artist's library.

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.
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'Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration: An artist's guide to illustration on the go!' by Betsy Beier is an approachable art guide with some fun art projects to remind you of the places you've been.

Focusing on doing your art on the go, this book focuses on keeping a small kit on you, different techniques, and using found objects in your art.  The projects include collage type pictures of favorite objects around the house, and pictures of your pet that bring out their unique personality.  There are travel collage ideas using newspapers and tickets collected on travel.

I like an art instruction book that seems approachable, and the author has made pretty much everything in this book seem attainable.  The projects seem to be easy enough to try. 

I received a review copy of this ebook from Quarto Publishing Group - Walter Foster, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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This was a fun book in the Anywhere, Anytime Art. Not only does it focus on teaching techniques, but the projects are really diverse and the illustrations are made using different materials. I loved the chapter on color palettes!
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As a beginner in the art world, I really appreciated this guide, because it was straightforward and very readable. The illustrations were lovely too.
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Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration is an attractive book and full of creative ways to develop illustrations. The work is whimsical and fun, while providing good instructions for artistic work. The author provides creative ways to produce colorful art for a variety of uses.  The techniques shown give examples to develop illustrations that convey the concepts of the objects being reproduced, without recreating as in photography.  The use of the techniques shared by the artist will help lesser skilled art lovers be successful. Recommended for public, art, and children’s collections.
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Anywhere, Anytime Art: Illustration is a compact volume that acts as a starting point for anyone wanting to get started with making illustrations. From drawing and sketching to using paint and other media to add colour, Beier presents this tips and projects that are accessible and relatable. The author encourages the reader to jump into illustration wherever they are, even using it as a means to capture the sights observed while traveling.
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I loved this book! It covered so many different areas of art that I wasn’t expecting.  It wasn’t particularly interesting the instructions on different types of tools to use in different types of situations. 

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A great guide for drawing and painting on the move. I liked this because it makes the idea of creating on the move easy but also because as you'd expect it is beautifully illustrated. A great book for an artist who is going traveling or a student with an interest in art.
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I really liked the project ideas to guide a novice along in this book, teaching you you really can find inspiration everywhere.  Definitely a lot of good tips and some reminders for artists of every level.
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Nice and informative book on ways that you can start to insert sketching into your everyday life. I like that the supplies talked about are pretty straightforward and not expensive. Lots of great and simple projects in the back of the book to give you practice.

I was given a free copy of this book from NetGalley, but all opinions are my own.
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🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨 🎨

Man do I dig that cover, which drew me like a lover. And I stayed entranced by the fun step-by-step projects for making art on the go. Includes tips for picking and packing art tools, selecting sites and basic illustration techniques — all designed to help capture your travels with panache. 5/5

Pub Date 14 May 2019. 

Thanks to the author, Quarto Publishing Group - Walter Foster, and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine. 

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*An e-ARC was given by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

I’m extremely glad that I was approved to review this book! As someone who likes art and exploring different mediums and wants to constantly improve in art, this was not only an enjoyable read for entertainment, it was also educational and helpful.

Brier uses different mediums such as watercolour pencils, markers, gouache, acrylics, watercolours and explains these mediums in ways that is easy for the typical reader to understand.  It also taught different ways to illustrate on the go – some that seem possible and simple and some that seem less possible, such as capturing a scene in a market, which I doubt I’d be able to draw from memory.

I liked how Brier included some projects to do and included a step-by-step instruction on how to do it. These projects explore the different types of mediums that were mentioned in the earlier section of the book and gives ideas on what the reader can do while illustrating on the go.  Although some of it seems strange, I liked most of the ideas and will put it to practice.

Like everything else, I believe a lot of these would be easier with time and practice.

It was within the first 20 pages where I felt determined to get a mixed media sketchbook, watercolour pencils (since I had the other mediums at home) and took down notes to try to implement into my own work. If you’re looking for something to inspire you to try out different mediums and work on improving and growing in art, this is a good book to check out!
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This book is full creative ideas and inspiration for art on the go.  The illustrations are bold, colourful and the book provides instructions for projects using a variety of media.  The author encourages you to dip in, have a go and find your own style.  I really liked the pictures and projects and this book would be suitable for a wide range of artists and also for children and anyone looking to brighten up their journal.  Overall a great book.
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This whs just what I needed.
This book is so much more than illustration on the go! It combines so many multi media, and inspirational ideas.

Covering different techniques, styles and equipment. 
This is a wonderful book for anyone who has ever considered sketching on the go, and for some who hadn't thought of it could certainly be convinced to give it a go!

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.  All opinions are my own.
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This is a great starter book on illustration. It starts with a section on materials, media, and different styles. It talks about color theory and why it's important to be thoughtful about the color palette you choose to evoke different feelings. 

It then moves to a wide range of projects, some of which I loved like drawing your neighborhood or hand lettering a meaningful word/phrase and others didn't speak to me as much but I still loved seeing what the author produced.

There's some step by step in this book but it's a combination of instruction and inspiration, generally staying on the simple/introductory side of things. If you'd like to experiment of illustration, I think you will love this book as a starting place.
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Am not sure what I was expecting with this book but I was immediately attracted to the bright cover and the theme suggested by the title. It is filled with imaginative ideas and illustrative projects to encourage you to explore the world around you in a creative way as well as giving an overview of materials and suggestions for using a variety of mediums. There are twelve projects in all with easy to follow step by step instructions to help teach you how to explore your surroundings and express your observations creatively. Ideal for beginners or confidence building.
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At first, I was not really sure about this one. I did not feel like it was providing me with enough description. Sometimes I have left a bit confused, however, as the book proceeded, it got better, and I managed to appreciate this book. I liked the tips on how to use several tools. 

But my favourite thing was when the author explains how to draw a human body in proportion. In other words, how many heads the other body parts have.
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