Wages of Death: Shadow for Hire, Book 1

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 15 Aug 2019

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Title provided via Netgalley for an honest review.

The best thing about this book was the premise. I always love stories with action, adventure, killing...basically what this book had and attempted to pull of. However, that was also what made this book not that great. The author fell short in creating an intriguing world. due to the characters and way the story was written. 

Young teens 13-15 just...don't bring for an attractive grand adventure, even Harry Potter, even though the characters were 11 started off small to the grandest of all adventures in saving the world in the end. The lack of fluidity in this story was also unfortunate. It just...didn't...in anything. It didn't start well, read well, have attractive or sympathetic characters, and I can't bring myself to say that I really liked it.
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The blurb attracted me to Wages of Death although I wasn't really sure what to expect. I didn't realise that episodic meant per chapter and that there would be no story arc. I read two chapters but I couldn't really get into it. It felt like I was reading a collection of short stores with the same characters, and although the events were interesting enough, I found it quite wordy and it didn't hold my interest.
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I was given this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This Was not really a book for me. Although the writing was good I just couldn't get into it. I could not finish this book sadly. I really tried to like it, but really was not for me.
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The book description on this one pulled me in, a notorious mercenary organization that'll take any job for money but are starting to question how far they're willing to go. I assumed the description of "episodic" meant that each book would be its own type of episode or something. Nope, this book doesn't have chapters and is instead broken down into 4 parts or "4 episodes." None of them actually tie into any overarching plot or had anything really to do with each other. One part will end with no explanation or story behind it and the next one starts after a time skip. As this could've just been my misunderstanding of what episodic meant, I didn't let it effect my review of it. 

With that in mind I was desperate to find something to enjoy or like about this book......I'm sad to say that I honestly couldn't. The Shadow is a notorious group that is known and feared all across the land. But The Shadow is also three teenagers that are 14-15 years old with an older leader that they call a wizard (doesn't do magic). I just couldn't put stock behind a group of three teenagers and an older guy being the most notorious group in the world. The attempt at romance between two of the members was also extremely awkward and furthered the idea that these kids could never be the most notorious and feared organization. 

The promise of them fighting with their conscious over the actions of the group just wasn't impacting as a reader. They finish one job and in the very next job they just decide they don't want to do bad things anymore. There was no buildup or any real back story on their emotions and thought processes behind it. In the end it just felt like this book didn't accomplish anything. There was no plot, no character growth, no intrigue, it was just pretty much 4 short stories of them doing random jobs.
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