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Great recipes to introduce kids (adults too) to some international flavors and favorite recipes. Easy to find ingredients make the recipes even more appealing. Wonderfully photographed and well explained. I really appreciate that the cultures of different countries are embraced for my young chefs to learn about.
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Cooking Class Global Feast! is a culinary trip around the world for young cooks.  It is well-designed, the concept is spot-on, and it’s a great way to introduce new, international foods to children.  

I like the fact that the book begins with information about cooking terms, kitchen safety, and general food prep.  While the recipes are often simple and not very time consuming (after all, it’s supposed to be for children), they are quite true to the countries they represent.  The instructions are well-written, concise and easy to follow, ditto the accompanying illustrations, and the photographs are lovely.  This is one of those books where the children are having such a good time in the kitchen that they won’t even realize that they are also learning about different cultures around the world.

5 spoons for this great addition to children’s cookbooks.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book for review.
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This is a wonderful way to expose children (and in some cases, parents too) to other places by introducing the one thing every person on earth does - EAT! The book begins by explaining how to prepare yourself, your tools, and foods needed for the recipes. The photos go a long way to educate the reader as to what a particular ingredient looks like. That will come in very handy when grocery shopping.
This book would also be a good tool to be used fit Girl Scouts for “World Thinking Day - a day where all Girl Scouts participate in activities and projects with global themes” ( Also could see this cookbook being used at various library programs.
I received a free book from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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This book is a colorful book with interesting recipes. However, it is really an adult cooking book under the guise of a children's book. Nothing wrong with that... it just supposes a level of kitchen skills beyond children. Safety issues were lightly brushed over and recipes needed a variety of knife skills to be successful.
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This is an amazing and well-thought out book! It starts off with instructions on cooking safety, and then introduces  kids to basic cooking concepts. The best part of the book is that it introduces kids to different cultures and countries through various cultural recipes,  allowing kids to understand people from cultures better. Recommend!
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This was a very well written cookbook. I found the layout to flow well and the recipes were easy to understand and follow along to. I look forward to trying some of them out for my family.
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This colorful new international cookbook for kids will be a great fit for some classrooms and families but won't work for our family. While I love all of the photos and great cooking information for kids, the recipes are predominantly wheat and meat based.

We are a gluten free family and I tend to cook vegetarian since some members of our family are vegetarian and vegan. I also tend towards healthy and all natural cooking, with lots of fresh produce, nuts, healthy oils, whole (gluten free) grains, etc.

Here are the recipes in the book, in order, with country of origin:

Breakfast includes fried biscuits (Canada), waffles (Belgium), canned beans on toast (England), soda bread (Ireland), apple pancake (Germany), cream of wheat/Kasha (Russia), white bread with coconut stirred in (Tonga) and corn bread (South Africa). These had more fun names, like the South African corn bread is called Mealie Meal bread, but basically it's pretty much bread for breakfast wherever you go.

Moving on to snacks in the next chapter, we begin again with bread -- bread with tomato rubbed on it and olive oil (Spain), then crackers with a paprika cream cheese spread (Hungary), plantain chips (finally, a fruit or vegetable!) from Nigeria, then another healthy option -- hummus from Egypt, which also happens to be vegan. We're back to bread then with pita chips from Syria, but then we have our first vegetable recipe of the cookbook with kimchi from Korea (also vegan) and on to another healthy recipe -- toasted cashews from Costa Rica. Banana punch follows from Jamaica (ice cream, bananas, milk and flavorings) and then ginger ale from Liberia (make a real ginger syrup and then stir it into seltzer water). Mango lassi with real fruit and yogurt comes next from Nepal, with popcorn. I was a lot more pleased with this section than the breakfasts.

Lunch is next, starting with fried ham and swiss sandwiches from France, caprese salad from Italy (fresh mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes with olive oil and salt and pepper), then Greek salad, tabbouleh from Israel, meat and pickled veggie sandwiches from Vietnam, ramen noodle soup from Japan, beef empanadas from Peru, and sausage rolls from Australia.

Dinners are cowboy steak with chimichurri from Argentina, black beans and rice from Cuba (which is both vegan and gluten free but a rather basic recipe), Swedish meatballs, chicken curry from India, chicken satay from Indonesia, fried rice from China, a lentil and rice pilaf from Lebanon (also vegan and gluten free), lamb kofte from Turkey, wat (a carrot, cabbage and potato dish that's also vegan) from Ethiopia, then a tomato and feta cheese stew from Morocco.

Desserts include sweet potato cookies from Zimbabwe, rice pudding from Mexico, chocolate truffles from Brazil, s'mores from the United States, shortbread from Scotland, sticky rice with mango from Thailand, coconut oatmeal cookies from New Zealand, and vanilla cupcakes from Tahiti. This was a nice variety that will probably be a big hit with lots of families.

As mentioned, these recipes will work great for folks who eat a traditional American diet. Kids from gluten free, dairy free, paleo or vegetarian families may feel discouraged by the relatively low number of recipes that will work for them.

Just as another note, seasonings appear to be pretty mild in the recipes, probably to appeal to kid tastes. I was surprised at how little seasoning was in the curry recipe, for instance. My kids love curry but ours is loaded with seasonings that don't give it much heat but give it tons of flavor.

No nutritional information is provided but step-by-step color photos are provided for every recipe. Most recipes are fairly simple, and symbols show how hard they are (1 to 3 spoons).

All in all, this is a fun, colorful cookbook that will work great for lots of folks. The recipes tend to be simple and will probably be well liked. This would make a fun accompaniment to social studies and geography units, and could help kids expand their culinary horizons. Very few exotic ingredients are called for, which may not speak well to the authenticity of the recipes but will make it easy to make them.

My rating system:
1 = hated it
2 = it was okay
3 = liked it
4 = really liked it
5 = love it, plan to purchase, and/or would buy it again if it was lost

I read a digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review.
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I have never been as much excited by a cooking book than this one !!! The idea is just great 👍🏼 it’s educational, the recipes look yummy, the pictures are fun. I really love the fact than we learn about different country food and how to make them but also to learn facts about the little cookers mostly from mixed backgrounds. It’s educational, entertaining and useful book. Really want to try all of the recipes with kids. I almost forgot to talk about the « Fun extra » that is a great addition to the book. It’s fun and educational, i love it ! I would definitely recommend it !
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Wow, thank you so much for this book, i  have read it with my 9 and 7 years old kids and they were hooked on it!! we tried the the sweet potatoes cookies, the caprese salad and the .. they came out fantastic!!!
 the step by step captions where clear and easy to understand..... the kids have benn able to set all the ingriedients all by themself. i have no advises to give you. Really a nice  cookbook for kids!
 thank you for this advanced copy you sent me in exchange for an honest review!
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Nice book
Awesome pictures.
It’s well described. Kids can easily learn the recipes. The photos have perfect illustrations.

Thank you for the arc.
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Deanna F. Cook’s Cooking Class Global Feast! is a nicely designed and well-organized kids cookbook featuring a range of delicious recipes from around the world. The book is filled with simple and easy-to-follow recipes with lots of step-by-step pictures. It’s an excellent resource for the young cook and baker in your life! 

This cookbook is well-designed with a bright and colourful layout that will really appeal to kids. I also really like the food and cultural facts sprinkled throughout the book. They are a quick and easy way to teach kids about the many cultures of the world and help them expand their palates and experiences. There are also little profiles on the kids who are featured cooking the recipes. This information about real kids is relatable and will help to inspire confidence in young cooks. There is also a helpful difficulty rating system for each of the recipes. 

Cook begins the book with a helpful section of brief and informative lessons on topics like baking terms, important cooking tools as well as important tips for kitchen safety and food preparation. The cookbook also features separate sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks and snacks. 

The book boasts a range of interesting kid-friendly recipes from around the world. Kids can learn to make coconut bread from Tonga, mango lassi from Nepal, sweet potato cookies from Zimbabwe, and ANZAC biscuits from New Zealand. The recipes are simple and very well-detailed with lots of full-colour pictures. I also like that the ingredients are easily accessible. 

Cooking Class Global Feast! is a great and well-designed kids cookbook filled with simple and easy-to-follow recipes. This is a perfect cookbook for kids who want to learn to make new dishes and to help them learn and appreciate the world around them. 

🥄 🥄 🥄 🥄 🥄 spoons out of 5!
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What a great way for children to learn how to cook - the author suggests cooking food from their heritage, and the recipes are categorized in difficulty by using pictures of spoons - fun!
The author also presents “hints” at the beginning of the book to help children learn that they need to ask permission, get help with difficult appliances, prepare food ahead of time, use potholders, timers and other tools to aid in cooking food and using the kitchen.
There are descriptions and pictures of the tools and food so that the children can clearly see the food and equipment that they will be using (great idea!)
There are descriptions and pictures of children cutting and prepping food, using the stove and oven, measuring, and doing everything that is needed to become a confident chef!
The breakfast recipes include bannocks,apple pancakes, waffles, beans on toast and kasha. The directions and photos are easy to read and self - explanatory, and they vary in difficulty.
The recipes are accompanied by small biographies of the chefs’ ages, heritage, and favorite food, which helps to bring personal interest in the recipes and photos as the child can identify with his/her fellow chef!
There are snack, lunch and dinner recipes too, that include plantain chips, hummus, kimchi, ginger ale, Swedish meatballs, Caprese salad, Beef empanadas, and even Cowboy Steak with Chimichurri Sauce!
You and your child will enjoy making these international foods together!
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I received this arc from Netgalley for an honest review. Kids are spending more time in the kitchen learning to cook. This book would be a great gift for a young chef who wants to prepare foods from around.m the world. The first part of the book is about the basics. Rules, tools, kitchen safety and more. The second part is the recipes. Included are ingredients, list of tools, pictures and easy to understand instructions.
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How funny that the author of this wonderful book is named Cook but she is, and cook she does in this lavishly illustrated volume.

Food and eating are important components of all cultures and both offer a way to easily learn about heritages other than one's own.  In this cookbook, there are recipes from many countries; to name just a few, there are things to prepare from Canada, South Africa,Egypt, Nepal, France and Israel.  The recipes cover categories including Breakfast, Drinks & Snacks, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert. Each recipe is graded by difficulty.  There are also sections on kitchen rules, tools, baking terms and more.

Each recipe begins with a section on what is needed to prepare the recipe, followed by a section on "what you do."  All recipes are fully illustrated with photographs for each step  There are additional sections on the young cooks pictured to let the reader learn more about heritages, favorite dishes to cook, etc.  Then there are sections filled with other interesting global facts.

Young cooks will learn a lot from this book as will their families.  Kids will improve their kitchen skills, eat some wonderful food and develop a deeper appreciation for our wonderfully diverse world.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this mouthwatering volume.  All opinions are my own.
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Il giro del mondo attraverso il cibo: colazione italiana, pranzo greco, merenda indiana, cena senegalese.

Decine di ricette, scelte con cura e spiegate con chiarezza, ognuna rappresentativa di un Paese, ognuna riproducibile, con un po' di attenzione, da un bambino alla ricerca di profumi, ingredienti, sapori nuovi.

Un piccolo tesoro, una meravigliosa guida di viaggio.
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Really enjoyed this book with my daughter. Not the most complex or decadent foods, but that’s the whole point so kids can help.
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What a beautiful way of embracing and celebrating global dishes and diversity in food. It’s a self contained cooking guide for any children starting out; the first chapter is dedicated to all of the basics. 
The book is arranged into meals for the times of the day; breakfast, snacks, lunch and evening meals. However, the book goes one step further and lists recipes geographically to ensure you can prepare a cultural feast easily.
The colourful step by step guide is perfect as an educational tool and cook book and one that could be used to keep your little ones entertained during school holidays.
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A great cook book for children. It starts with the basics of cooking and then has many world wide recipes with bright pictures and great instructions.
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Vibrant, exciting and packed with delicious recipes from the world over, Global Feast is a terrific (and tasty!) way to encourage children to learn about different cultures from all over the globe. 

Cook's passion for the rich and diverse world of global cookery is palpable and contagious, infusing each page with a childlike wonder, and the cast of young chefs introduced to the reader give a wonderful sense of comaraderie. My daughter loved reading about every child and seeing kids her age (younger and older too!) cooking up a storm empowered her to be brave in the kitchen herself.

This colourful book is a pleasure for children both to browse through and cook with - laid out simply so they can easily pick out ingredients and follow along with the illustrated recipe steps. Hints for customisation and a range of serving suggestions allows for readers to get creative in creating meals they're excited about, giving them control to choose to try something new or make something they know they'll enjoy.

The detailed introductory lessons are full of helpful advice and kitchen know-how, though my daughter was so excited to see the recipes we didn't quite make it all of the way through. I wasn't the biggest fan of the "gather the right tools" section, because I do think that most of the recipes in the book can be achieved with a minimalistic set up and tiny kitchen, without the need for purchasing or borrowing extra tools. 

A great purchase for an elementary school child of any skill level!
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This cookbook is simply beautiful. It's a treasure trove of fun international dishes alongside some really terrific basic cooking instruction. Perfect for any beginning cook. The bright images not only make the book engaging for kids, but also help augment the easy to follow instructions included with each recipe. I haven't had a chance to make anything from the book yet, but my kids are already busy planning our first global culinary weekend.
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