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I am no longer interested in the content of this book. So, I'm DNF'ing this book for now. I may circle back around to this book one day.
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Loved it. Being an empty nester myself this book really spoke to me at this point in my life. Finding love late in life after giving your all for the kids really feels amazing. This author draws it out and it just a beautiful story about two friends finding the one to complete them.

What did I like? I found this story just to be ideal because I'm in a similar like minded situation. Author does a good job of just making you feel for the characters and cheer for the HEA.

Would I buy this book? Any fans of this author will NOT be disappointed. I love this author. Her novels are amazing.

Thoughts for the author? Poignant book and straight to the heart! Five fun stars of entertainment!
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I’ve read many of Debbie Macomber’s stories and this one just wasn’t up to par. I was intrigued by the fact that they were two college friends now divorced struggling to find love in today’s world while coping with being empty nesters.  I found some of the characters boring and not believable and the story dragged on. The idea of them planning and never being able to get to Paris could have been left out of the story.
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Jenna is a divorced mom who just sent her youngest child to college.  She has spent her adult life sacrificing her dreams and plans to raise her children while working as an ICU nurse in Seattle.  Maureen is also a divorced mom who has a grown, married daughter.  They have been friends since college and have been planning a trip to Paris for that entire length of time.  Jenna takes a chance and develops a relationship with a Surgeon, which she SWORE she would never do again.  Maureen meets a construction worker who throws her prim, structured life totally for a loop.  Is it finally time for these women to find love again?

Let me say that I LOVE Debbie Macomber.  I love that she always throws knitting or crochet somewhere in her books.  I LOVE that she focuses so many stories in the pacific northwest.  Most of all I LOVE how she writes about relationships between female friends.  The bond that Jenna and Maureen have is something every woman should strive to find.  We all need that friend that will be there when we need a shoulder to cry on, but will also boot us in the rear when we need it.  Both Jenna and Maureen have grown daughters and I loved seeing how their relationship changed and developed as the girls became young women.  As with most of Macomber's books, things start great, then a problem comes up, then people overcome.  I'm good with that and I love her stories.  Four out of five stars for me!

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Window on the Bay deals with the lives of two college friends that have grown closer throughout their lives – as they navigated each of their divorces, child-rearing, and dating again as empty-nesters. As their children leave home for college, their roles as parents are forced to change. As they both start dating, they give each other support and unconditional friendship in good times and bad.  The characters are likable and make mistakes as well all do. Women with good friends will appreciate the story.  Thanks to NetGalley and Random House for allowing me to read and give an honest review.
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This book is such an enjoyable read . Debbie McComber does not let you down Unlike many romance novels this book is so easy to believe. it's about a lady who finds her self divorced with a kind of jerky ex. Working and raising two kids on her own. Everything she has to go trough just to provide for her family. OH OH now comes the empty nest what will Jenna now do with her free time. Time to get back in the dating game, however she seems to look for love in all the wrong places.  A fun and easy read , you will have a hard time putting it down.
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Debbie Macomber dazzles again in this gorgeous novel about second chances and grabbing life by moments. I was just smitten with the characters. Jenna is determined, witty, and full of love for her children. Rowan is sweet, sincere, and someone who you dream about meeting. This is a perfect story for those who love good clean writing with a bit of mystery thrown in for fun. Love her books!!!

**thanks to the publishers for the ARC**
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Jenna and Maureen have remained best friends since college, when their planned trip to Paris was upended by Maureen's surprise pregnancy. Over twenty years later, the pair may be able to finally make their dream trip come true, as the last chick is off to college and both are divorced empty nesters. Life gets in the way once again and happy endings aren't far off.
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I really enjoyed Window on the Bay.  It was refreshing to have a story concerning two middle age women (Maureen and Jenna) who are best friends and the trials they are facing with empty nests.  The romances in the story were realistic that people think who the perfect person is for them is not always who it should be.  Thanks for the great read!  You won’t regret if you purchase this.
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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber about a single mom who rediscovers herself. Debbie Macomber has done it again with this romance novel. She has showed us how love bloomed between Maureen and Logan as well as Jenna and Rowan. A heartwarming family style Novel. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you to Net Galley for providing an advanced reader’s copy for review.
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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber is a delightful read.  In her typical fashion this book is all about the characters.  Truth be told I really didn't like either one of them in the beginning. But there was a few qualities that Macomber decided to build into these women that I didn’t care for. Several times they were rude and immature in their ability to speak to men who are interested in them. Keep in mind both these women have grown children the youngest being in college.  One would think by that time in life one would be 'all grown up by now'.  I will say that the author, by the end of the book, had redeemed herself thoroughly.  This is definitely a quick read and very enjoyable.  This book is a standalone and I would consider it contemporary romance.    Window on the Bay does give us the happily ever after that we love but we have to go through a lot to get there. Enjoyable, feel good story.
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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber is a wonderful story about two best friends.  In college they planned to go to Paris, but life got in the way.  Now that their children are grown, and both women are single, they are finally going to take that trip.  Until one of their mother's breaks a hip.  I really enjoyed this story, that explores stages of life, and finding love again. Do they ever make it to Paris? Read it and find out.  This is my first book by Ms. Macomber, I know where have I been, but it won't be my last.  Highly recommend this book.    

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Jenna and Maureen are now empty nesters and looking forward to some changes.  They are looking to take a trip to Paris. These ladies have been planning since they were in college.  But like most things life throws a few curve balls their way.  They both are divorced and not seriously dating after their experiences with their exes.  Each lady finds a man that they think will fit into their lives.  These men have a lot to prove to these ladies.  

Enjoyed reading this book and how they each work out family situations.  Each character has things they need to fix before moving forward and trusting in relationships.
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Jenny Boltz has an empty nest now that her children have moved on with their lives and after a messy divorce, she is at a crossroads. Her best friend Maureen is thrilled for Jenny’s newfound freedom and insists it’s the perfect time to go to Paris like they always dreamed of. But with freedom, comes choices and Jenny is not to sure that dating is in her future even after the encouragement she gets from Maureen. But when her mother breaks her hip, Jenny finds herself drawn to the surgeon who helped her mother, Dr. Rowan Lancaster. With a future uncertain, Jenny needs to find the strength to embrace her present and take a leap to the future she wants before she can move forward.

WINDOW BY THE BAY is a typical Debbie Macomber story that at times is sweet ad funny and other times, so frustrating and annoying, it drove me bonkers. Normally I adore this author’s books with a passion but the last few books have been either a hot or miss with me. WINDOW BY THE BAY delves into two women, best friends, who raised their kids as single mothers and now must deal with empty nests. I initially loved the dynamics between Maureen and Jenny but as you get into the story, I found them at times to be quite irritating. It’s one thing to be on your own once again, no kids and lots of freedom to explore the world around you and its another to be condescending to those not in your age or career bracket. There were times I just wanted to smack these two characters for being so elitist and dismissive and yet I saw some glimmers that they were learning from their mistakes within the pages of WINDOW BY THE BAY. Regardless of how the characters first started out, by mid book, I finally saw some glimmers of positivity that gave me hope for these two women to find their happy ever after. 

WINDOW BY THE BAY moves slowly in the beginning as it sets up Jenny and Maureen’s journey and once it finally got to the meat of it all, I really liked it. This may put off some readers who dropped the book midway through but if you keep at it, it does get better. The story flows smoothly at the halfway point onward and the characters do start to redeem themselves. I really enjoyed the children of Maureen and Jenny a lot as they were sensible and had some great advice for the mother’s at times, I thought was great. 

Debbie Macomber pens a tale that will touch your heart at times and other times, make you want to scream. WINDOW BY THE BAY is not as good as past women’s fiction books she has written but it’s an okay read on a lazy afternoon. Now I am hoping this author gets back to what made me love her so long ago in her future books.

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A wonderful thought provoking story.  Debbie Macomber does an excellent job with this story.  This is a story about  Maureen and Jenna.  They are both divorced women and single mothers that have raised their children with no help from their former spouses.  Then when their children go away to college they find that they now have lots time to think about themselves and what they want to do with their futures.  This is a story of growth that two women find.  I enjoyed it and recommend it to others. 
I was given an early copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Jenna and Maureen have been friends since college.  They never made their trip to Paris.  Now that all of their kids are out of the house, they start to plan again only to have life pop up.  ARC.
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The characters in this book are middle age with children in college. Due to this I found it a little hard to connect with the characters since I’m in my late twenties. Overall I enjoyed reading about the women’s friendship and their relationships. I did find it strange that they talked so much about Paris and then the ending only spoke of it for about two sentences. This was not my favorite Debbie Macomber book but it was still enjoyable..
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It is so nice to read a book about older, more mature women finding love. Love is something that is not reserved for only the twenty somethings in life.

Debbie Macomber writes books that women love to read. They have characters we all can relate to, settings we can imagine ourselves in and situations we can empathize with.

If you are in the market for an emotional story with families you can relate to...this is the book for you. 


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Who wrote this book?
 This by far was the worst book of Debbie Macomber"s that I have ever read. 
  I was led to believe this was going to be about the friendship of two women and their dreams of going to Paris...instead I got a childish story that was drug out throughout a book which most likely could have been summed up in two chapters.
  I read almost all of Debbie's books and I just can't figure out how she actually came up with this one.  This is more of a teenage/young adult book.  Definitely not up to her usual standards.
  I hate to be critical but this was really a boring book that just dragged on.
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I completely enjoyed this story of a long-time friendship between two women, Jenna and Maureen, who met in college and are now becoming empty nesters. Jenna is having a very difficult time adjusting to a new life after her daughter moves away to college and her mother experiences a fall and a broken hip the same week. Jenna notices the handsome orthopedic surgeon treating her mother but she doesn't want to be interested in any doctors after ex husband and surgeon left her. Maureen is becoming interested in a man after a very long time but having a difficult time with the relationship aspect. The experiences of these two are very real and so are the family dynamics. As usual, life is full of unexpected surprises!<

Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for an ARC; all opinions are my own.
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