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Bravo!! Debbie Macomber does it again!  When two young ladies meet in college they hit it off.    Their lives take similar paths as life steps in and they are married with babies of their own..

Time passes and each one is divorced and their children have grown up and left home to start their own lives now with quiet houses they cautiously meet some men who might just fill that gap.

I had to laugh out loud as I had always wondered why my orthopedic surgeon was so snarky!!

Hop on board as the rollicking adventures of Jenna and Maureen will keep you entertained.

WAIT do they ever get to visit Paris?  The vacation dream of long ago?  Read this book for yourself, you deserve it!
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I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you NetGalley.
I am a huge fan of Debbie Macomber and have read all her books.  This one did not disappoint at all.  In true Debbie Macomber fashion, the book had well developed characters and plot with lots of family, friendships and love.  A truly great read!
Jenna and Maureen meet in college and form a life long friendship.  Each will be there for the other through all life's ups and downs.  Each woman graduates college, marries, has children, and within years is divorced.  Though their experiences with love were completely different, they both find themselves having a hard time trusting the new men in their lives and putting past hurts and insecurities behind them.  As with any good romance, there are many obstacles each family must face and find a way to overcome in order to find their happily ever after.  
This is a nice ,feel good, easy read that reminds you that while everyone may be different, love can always find a way to work.
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Two single women ready to open their hearts and minds to the thoughts of dating when life gets in the way and takes them on a soul searching journey.
Here we have Jenna and bestie Maureen who were college pals but now with their own kids in college life takes on a different feel .
Singlehood is quite the adventure in and of itself but who knew both women would find what they need in unsuspecting ways.
Jenna with another surgeon after divorcing one from 20 yrs earlier and Maureen with a contractor.
What I didn't care for was the feel that something was off and perhaps the discussion on men was a bit off key but I also felt that I wasn't sucked into the story as in prior works.
This one had the flavor but not the execution to deliver and while I wanted to indulge I felt confined.
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Another awesome book by Debbie
Jenna Boltz, when your life is at almost a standstill you have a messy divorce you have children to raise but when the children are raised things start to look up and change you and your bestie make a long road trip to Paris they've been dreaming of this since College days.. will Jenna find love again will she not find love again this was a fantastic read I have read the last five books of Debbie Macomber books and I have never been disappointed I also read Cedar Cove series I'm a big fan of Debbie you won't be sorry you picked up this book it is absolutely Divine well-written story... I love every story written by this author thank you Debbie Macomber for the early read I fell in love with your book from the very first page thank you once again...
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from Random house publishing through NetGalley! this book is so good I had trouble putting it down as always Debbie Macomber always Deliver's! this is a incredible Heartwarming story! you will not wan to put it down!
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Window on the Bay is a pretty good read. I liked this sweet and heartwarming story. I am giving it four stars. I recommend it.
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I never thought I would say this about two middle-aged women, but 'Window on the Bay' was a coming of age novel. The story was entirely believable and had characters that had realistic problems relating to relationships, work, health and family. As always with Debbie Macomber there was a tender touch in the writing and I was allowed to flow along and learn with Maureen and Jenna.  What a wonderful read that I can highly recommend to all.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Debbie Macomber is always a skillful and thoughtful storyteller and I always appreciate her character and integrity that pours out into her writing. 

And even though this particular story was not my preferred age group to read about, I genuinely enjoyed reading Jane and Maureen's stories as they walked through the "empty nest syndrome." I think many of her readers will identify and appreciate these stories as well. There was much heart and banter between the single parents and their young adult children. 

It was well written and will surely pull at the heartstrings of lots of empty nesters and single parents.
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I love the way that Debbie Macomber writes a book. It flows smoothly and is easy to read. You get invested in the characters. This one is no different in that manner. 

I loved this story of friendship that spans the ever changing cycles of life. The family that sticks together and helps one another. 
I especially loved "Marian the librarian"

Cant wait for the next Macomber read!
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Another enjoyable read by Debbie Macomber.  This book focuses on two women who are single mothers and now have become empty nesters.  As mothers often do, they put their own interests on the backburner to be there for their families.  I recommend this book for anyone looking for a light read.
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This book didn’t just showcase one couple in a romance and showcased two. Best friends. The angst that went on was so real and believable that it was easy to be swept away. What a treat to have double good classic Debbie Macomber. Book provided by NetGalley.
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I always love Debbie Macomber's wholesome, faithful stories.  This was a little heavier for me but only because it related to some of issues in my past.  Her book had a happy ending that was different than mine but I am happy where I am.  The story was so real as we're the characters and their feelings.  I could say this was not as light a read as her usual books yet that may be because of how I related to it.
A great book, as usual.
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I have always been a Debbie Macomber fan and was thrilled to be granted permission to read an early copy of this book.  I liked it, but did not love it.  She can pull at your heartstrings with her characters and her story, but I just found this one to be very slow and not very exciting.  I had a hard time keeping my mind from wandering while reading. Liked the two main characters and can relate as I am also an empty nester, but they seemed very old fashioned, shy, and reserved, I kind of wanted to push them and tell them to start living-be brave, which of course is what they finally did!
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Ahhh Debbie Macomber writes the best family and romance books! Good, clean fun! There are moments that pull at your heart just like you would expect from Macomber. Definitely worth reading!!
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Jenna and Maureen are single Mothers and long time friends.  Now that their children are grown and they are empty nesters they enter a new phase of their life.  It is time for both of them to step out of their comfort zones before life passes them by. 

I enjoyed the characters in this book, they were very relatable.  If you are looking for a light romance book you will enjoy this one.  Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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I really enjoyed Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber. I have been reading her books for years. This title did not disappoint me. The main characters take you through different seasons in their lives and how they intertwine yet some things always stay the same. Throughout the book the window on the Bay brings calm and reflection.
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Although this was another well written book the story was a bit..overdone. I love her books and i did like this one, just not as much.
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I have yet to find a Debbie Macomber book that I haven't absolutely loved! She has a way of touching my heart with each story and making sure it is whole and full when I turn the last page.

This book was so wonderful and moving I just didn't want it to end. I loved these characters and the journey they went through in this book. They felt so real. 

This story came alive for me. The writing was so vivid that I felt like I was right in the story. 

I highly recommend this book to anyone! Especially if you love clean reads.
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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber is about two college friends Jenna and Maureen.  Years after college they find themselves single and empty nesters. Jenna's mother falls and has to have emergency surgery where Jenna is employed as a nurse. When Jenna speaks to her mother's surgeon she finds a spark of attraction between them.  But she has sworn off surgeons due to her first husband.  Maureen is a librarian and finds herself attracted to one of the members.  He doesn't really seem her type.  But the attraction is there. Great contemporary storyline. Recommend Window on the Bay for contemporary fiction readers and Debbie Macomber fans.
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What a great book for this empty nest time in my life.  I enjoyed this book a lot but was a little disappointed about the whole Paris trip, it was talked about quite a bit in the book more than once and then I felt like it was wrapped up as an afterthought of they fit it in and went.
I also didn’t totally get the cover and how that fit in with the story.
But I definitely came to care about the characters.
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