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Window on the Bay

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Another great book by Debbie Macomber. Wonderful characters and storyline. Like always this book also deserves a re read. Just an amazing story. Definitely recommend.
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Having met in college and maintaining their friendship through the years, empty nesters, Jenna and Maureen are ready to spread their wings and pursue their passions.   Two sweet love stories and a sure hit for Debbie Macomber fans.  

Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.
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Thank you to Netgalley for an advanced copy for an honest review.   Jenna and Maureen are college friends who love Casablanca and dream of one day going to Paris. Life got in the way for them to go after forward twenty or so years both ladies are divorced and dealing with empty nests. Jenna a nurse meets her Mothers doctor after her Mom breaks her hip. Maureen a librarian has been helping a construction worker pick out books to read at the library.  As both of these women have new experiences, you can't help but laugh and smile with them.  Macomber once again grabs her readers at page 1 and you can't wait to see how things are going to turn out, will they ever get to Paris? Will Maureen be able to love outside her comfort zone and Jenna will she be able to let go of her mis trust issues brought on by her ex?  Great feel good book, totally recommend.
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Window by the Bay
By Debbie Macomber
Pub July 16, 2019

At the University of Washington in Seattle Jenna and Maureen became fast friends.  All through college they were pals but it all started in their French class.  They both had a great desire to see Paris in the spring.  They pledged that right after they graduated they would book a flight and fulfill their dream.  Getting ready for nursing clinicals Jenna ran into a very emotional Maureen.  She would have to skip the trip to Paris.  She was pregnant .  She and her fiance, Peter,  moved up the wedding plans.  The tickets went on hold. Maureen married Peter and began raising their daughter, Tori.  Jenna married her long-time boyfriend, Kyle and continued on with her nursing career.  Years later,  still close friends but divorced, now single mothers trying their best to support their kids in college.  
When Jenna sent her daughter, Allie off to the U of W in Seattle, she sat at her ‘thinking spot’ on the window bay of her Seattle home.  It was quiet and lonely without the noise and play of children.  No teens to feed, no games to attend; is work the only thing left?  Her phone rang. Of course it was Maureen asking if she got Allie moved into the dorm all right.  They chatted.   Talked again of plans for Paris.  They both thought it would be good to consider the next spring if vacation from their careers could be arranged.  The book continues with the life and times of these women;  lives changing as the days and weeks moved on.  
At first I felt the novel to be a bit predictable and humdrum.  As I continued, I became very involved with these women and the decisions they made. How these decisions affected the years to come.  Having read only a few of Ms. Macomber’s works, I was pleased to see that what I foresaw as an expected storyline became a very thought provoking, worthwhile account of her character’s lives.  I highly recommend her new book, Window by the Bay, due to be published on July 16, 2019.
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Window on the bay we meet Jenna and Maureen who are lifelong friends since college years. They are now divorce women living their life with empty nest. Jennie and Maureen have a system when dating men red ligh(means a no go)t green(go) and light yellow(maybe). Maureen is the more introvert between the two since her ex husband was her only love and it becomes a challenge for her when the construction worker Logan shows an interest in her. Maureen and Logan are totally opposite she's a librarian who loves her ballet and he constructor worker who loves his beer and football. Both of them go through a few fumbles before they realize they were meant for each other. Jennie has swear of dating anyone she works with especially a surgeon since her ex was one but then after her mother has emergency surgery Jennie finds herself attracted to the surgeon Rowan. They also go through some trust issue especially on Jennie's side and Jennie also dealing with some issues with both her children who are in college. Lovely read I love the realistic pace off both the relationship and the added bonus of Jennie's children especially getting feature in the novel. Review on goodreads and amazon.
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A story about two single mom's who are at the point in their life to focus on themselves.  Jenna and Maureen find themselves in unexpected romances.They will realize that they will have to have faith in love and to let down their walls or run the chance of losing there chance at love

Debbie Macomber is an amazing writer that touches your heart and whose stores give hope.  I enjoyed reading this book and it was over before I hoped.  Looking forward to more books from Debbie Macomber.  If you need a feel good wholesome story this is the one for you,
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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber is not one of her best books but not one of worst. I liked it but I felt like the story dragged a little.  Jenna and Maureen are best friends from college and find themselves divorced, middle aged and empty nesters. Let the games begin! Or not. The story in itself is interesting and entertaining but also repetitive. As they enter the dating world both women realize their expectations and interests may have changed a little since they were in college. Learning to open up and risk their hearts is scary. Jenna is content with her life and still wants to be immersed in the world of her two college-aged children. It’s hard to put herself first and even though she tries, she isn’t sure she’s ready. And she KNOWS she isn’t ready for a relationship with another surgeon. Between her children trying to “be adults “, her career as a nurse and her mother who has recently broken her hip, Jenna is sure she will never get to Paris. She has dreamed of a trip to Paris since those long ago college days.
Then there’s Maureen. She wants  to go to Paris with Jenna. She has made plans to go to Paris with Jenna and no one plans better than Maureen. So when a plumber from a construction site comes into the library where she works Maureen is not distracted from her plans. Well maybe a little. Actually, a LOT! This was my favorite storyline. Maureen deserves her own book. (Sequel maybe?)
Here’s the reason for a 3 star rating. Too much thought process. Macomber focuses a lot of the story on character thought and feelings. I understand those things are important but it became repetitive. I read over and over about first marriage problem, absentee dads, grieving mothers and fear of commitment. So many of Macomber’s books are best sellers because she puts the reader in the life of the characters. You go through each day and become invested in what happens in the story. It doesn’t take explaining the emotions because the reader seems to be part of the story. I just didn’t get this with Window on the Bay.
I voluntarily received a copy of this book from Netgalley.
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Debbie Macomber's books are always a light read and this one was no different. While I found it charming, it lacked depth and seemed a bit forced or stilted. I enjoyed reading about Maureen and Jenna and how their friendship evolved as they met new partners in their later years. I feel as though Macomber writes to a certain audience and will never really branch out. That's totally fine and I am glad I can pick up her books for a quick, light-hearted read in between books with more substance.
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Super cute fun beach read.  Debbie Macomber is always a great author to read and she does not disappoint on her latest book.  Characters are very engaging and entertaining from the very start and it will keep you reading from the first page.  Loved this one!
Thank you to NetGalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Once again Debbie Macomber did not disappoint. I picked this up and started reading and could not put it don't. Her characters are real and she can tell a love story without all the sex.  
This story about 2 life long friends is a delight.  Do not miss it.
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Debbie Macomber does it again!!! She never disappoints. Absolutely a great read!! 
A definite must read. Thank you Netgalley for this wonderful arc. Highly recommend!!
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Another great book by Debbie Macomber. I love her storylines and characters. Single mothers and empty nest snydromes is just the beginning. I like that she can tell a love story and not make it all about sex. Good book for all ages.
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Empty nesters needing and finding new adventures.
Living in Seattle, sitting in contemplation spot, looking out Window on the Bay
Daughter is settled in at college, Son is out of the house at college;
  She is completing the last 16 years as a single mom.
Her mom has a medical emergency, which sets her on a new path.
The best friend, a librarian, is also ready to make changes and tries to find a new man
Knowing that books are as unique as those who read them, she needs to take a chance
(As a librarian -I loved this)
As someone experiencing first NFL Game...  with the Seahawks..  GO HAWKS
The 12th WOman is invested!    ...and beating the patriots == SWEET sweet
(As a NFL fangirl -I loved this)

Another top-notch book by Debbie Macomber
Everyone needs a Window on the Bay!!
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This is a pleasant story of Maureen and Jenna, childhood friends, who are both facing empty nests, travel plans, and potential new love interests.  This was a warm read and quick little getaway into the lives of these two ladies.  It feels as if you're reading about friends, and have a great connection to the characters and their lives.
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Predictably adorable. Would be a great beach read. The main characters are engaging and REAL and flawed in normal ways for people who have been through the things they've been through. I received this from NetGalley as an ARC in return for an honest review.
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Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber 4 stars

Debbie Macomber has done it again!  This book was very enjoyable; it focuses on two lifelong friends - Maureen and Jenna.  It starts out with Jenna helping her daughter move to her college dorm room.  As a new empty nester she is a bit adrift and trying to plan things that she put off because she was a single mom.  Her ex-husband was a surgeon and a jerk and not much of a father to her two kids.  Maureen married right out of college because she was pregnant.  She and her ex-husband split early while they could still be cordial and friends.  Both women have a hard time having relationships with men.  

This is a romance featuring mature women in their mid life.  They are women that have fulfilling careers and families.   For them relationships aren't easy and filled with wounds from the past.  There are also conscious and unconscious bias that show up in their relationships with the men that they are attracted to.  Both women have to overcome and confront their pasts in order to reach for their future.  

Thank you Netgalley and Ballentine Books for this ARC
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Debbie Macomber's new novel follows best friends Jenna and Maureen as they rediscover themselves and search for love. Jenna has been a divorcee for the last 20 years, and finds herself with an empty nest as both of the children she raised as a single mother are now off at college. 

When Jenna's elderly mother falls and breaks her hip, she meets Dr. Rowan Lancaster, who instantly takes a linking to her. 

Maureen is a librarian with a not-so-secret admirer who jokingly calls her Marian the Librarian whenever stops by the library to see her on his lunch break. 

The two women, although maintaining their own lives, support each other the way a best friend should.

Macomber's fans won't be disappointed!
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Maureen and Jenna have been friends since college. They dreamed of traveling to Paris even to the point of creating an itinerary. Unfortunately, life happens. Marriage, kids, divorce, aging parents, all happened and now they are empty nesters who have yet to see the Eiffel tower. Ms Macomber weaves fairly predictable happily ever after story of love and second chances. A great read when you need to take a vacation from the stress of real life.
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Friends since college, Jenna and Maureen have shared a lot together - marriages, births of their children, divorce and now that Jenna's youngest is off to college they both seem to have lots of free time.  Can these two friends also find love a second time around at the same time?  Will simply interactions become bigger reactions?  In a typical Debbie Macomber fashion, the reader instantly falls in love with the characters and are taken on an emotional journey.  A great story that was a joy to read.
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This is the story about Jenna and Maureen who have been best friends since college.  Each of them have become empty-nesters and both have been divorced for years but neither of them have found a man that they can fall in love with until they both meet someone special. If you enjoy a story about middle-age romance with mature adults then this is the story for you. Debbie Macomber always bring her characters to life and gives you a great love story without sex.  I enjoyed reading this story very much and I think you will too.
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