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Oh, do I love a new Debbie Macomber! Unfortunately, the pacing in Window on the Bay is more than a bit slow and the plot, which even considering the Debbie Macomber formula, is more predictable than usual. I read Mrs. Macomber's books because they feel like a hug - warm and comforting. Window on the Bay is like a quick side-hug. The emotion isn't fully there and there's no depth to the characters.

Instead of Window on the Bay, I'd recommend 2017's Any Dream Will Do. The plot is stronger, the pacing is on point, the characters are more complex, and it feels a warm hug.
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I really enjoy Debbie Macomber's books.  I love the easy-to-read style of writing.  I love the setting and the characters.  Jenna and Maureen have been friends forever.  They have been there for each other through marriage, children, divorce, and new beginnings.  Each woman has a different set of issues she must come to grips with in order to move on with their lives and new loves.  My emotions ran the gamut from anxious, irritated, sad, and happy.  Wonderful book, again!
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Debbie Macomber has been writing women's fiction for many years.  She has a keen sense for what her fans want; this includes a family story, a romance, something heartwarming and nothing that is rated above PG...and she delivers.

In this story two single moms, Jenna and Maureen, have children who are growing up, leaving home and facing some adult, leaving college, having a baby.  The empty nest looms for both, especially Jenna who struggles as her daughter leaves home. 

Jenna, a nurse, and Maureen, a librarian become involved in romances with Rowan, a surgeon and Logan, a plumber/construction worker.  Each couple has their ups and downs but the ending of the novel is never in doubt.

If you are looking for a comfort read, nothing too taxing but a gentle escape, Debbie Macomber could be just the author you need.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Window By the Bay was a wonderful book. The characters struggle with defining who they are as life changes is very understandable to me since I am gearing up to send my baby to kindergarten. I adore Ms. Macomber's stories because they always ring true.
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Keep the tissues close by as you are reading WINDOW ON THE BAY by Debbie Macomber. She will have your emotions all over the place. Once I started reading, it was very hard to stop! The twists and turns made it impossible to put down, as I had to know what was going to happen to Maureen and Jenna after so much heartache! What an awesome story. All of Debbie’s characters feel genuine and relatable and put your emotions on one heck of a roller coaster ride. As you are reading, you will find yourself cheering for all of them, praying they can work out their problems and be happy once again. You will also wonder how much heartbreak a person can stand before they completely break down and shatter.

WINDOW ON THE BAY is all about family and the past and the secrets that come out are heart tugging. It had me flipping through the pages like a woman on a mission. Jenna is a single mom to two after a nasty divorce. She has turned into a complete helicopter mom and is driving her kids crazy! Maureen is the single mom of one daughter and they are both empty nesters now. They decide to finally plan their trip to Paris that they have wanted to go to since they were in college. But life has other plans for them. Neither one of them is looking for love, but doesn’t it always seem to find you when you aren’t looking? WINDOW ON THE BAY is a heart tugging story that will hold you hostage until the very last page. Once you start reading, it will be very hard to put down!

WINDOW ON THE BAY is without a doubt one of the most memorable books I’ve read in 2019 so far. I was instantly emotionally invested in all of the characters. Debbie Macomber really knows how to write about family drama, heartbreak, and forgiveness. I will admit that Maureen drove me crazy with her silly way of thinking. I loved Logan and felt bad for him when Maureen kept pushing him away for the stupidest reasons. I mean, come on, these are grown women not teenagers! I can not wait to read more by this wonderful and heart tugging author. I have many of her older books to read and that brings me so much joy and happiness to know they are waiting for me!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Ballantine Books through Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I just wanna say I love Debbie Macomber but I just couldn’t get into this book. I tried 2 times to read this book. It was just so slow going and was about two women that made it to middle age and wanted to find love. Took forever to get to the plot and seemed like I would never get to the end. I’m sorry this one wasn’t for me. She has done better.
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I’ve always loved the light and cozy books by Debbie Macomber, and I was excited to read Window on the Bay for this very reason. It was a sweet story of friendship between best friends Jenna and Maureen. It’s also a story of love and overcoming relationships of the past, and the changing of their lives from when they were young.

It was a cute story just as I hope, if not a bit over the top at times. 

*Thank you to publisher and netgalley for the advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own
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I didn’t find this book to be as good as other Debbie Macomber’s books.  There was just something lacking in the way the story unfolded.  I found myself getting bored with the story line.  I think it was the hot/cold and fast/slow aspect the characters had.  
Overall, I didn’t dislike the book but it wasn’t a favorite Debbie Macomber book.  I did not like the ending....
Thank you to NetGallery, the publisher and author for the opportunity to read and give my honest review/opinions of “Window on the Bay.”
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I love this author and this is another winner by her. This book follows the experience of empty-nesters Jenna and Maureen. They have to adapt to having an empty nest as they both plan the trip of a lifetime to Paris. But before they get there, romance has other ideas. In this book, the characters are deep, real people with fully developed backgrounds and emotional lives. A great key to drawing the reader in and keeping them reading.
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Although I tend to like my reads with a little more steam, I have read some of Debbie Macomber books that I liked and had enough real romance and a good storyline to keep my interest.  However, this one was just boring.  Both female characters had issues from previous marriages but were unbelievably quick to judge the men in their lives with very little provocation.  They waffled back and forth, back and forth.  The storyline was superficial with no depth.  The characters were so poorly developed that it was impossible to identify, in any way, with any of them.  The dialogue read as if a teen had written it.  There was no real plot, just a bunch of short subplots that the author tried to tie together but failed.  I was disappointed.
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Two best friends, Jenna and Maureen are at a crossroads. They are now empty nesters and even though it may sound good, finding what will fill your life is not always as easy at it appears.

One of the friends has a good relationship with her ex and the other, not so much.

This book is geared towards possible love connections and issue with raising children once they are no longer under your roof. Having the freedom to make choices does not always mean you make the right decisions. 

There are some laugh out loud moments in this, and some heartbreaking moments. I think one of my favorite things was the Red Light, Green Light discussions.

It was nice to read a book that didn't solely focus on younger adults at a crossroad, but dealing with a more mature approach with older women.

Macomber hit a home run with this book for me.

5 stars
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I can't think of a better author to take to the beach or enjoy on a rainy day.  Debbie Macomber has written an outstanding story with two romances for the price of one.  Both are great stories.  Jenna is a divorced  ICU nurse and has just sent her 2nd child off to college.  She's thinking of all she has planned to do when her mother falls and breaks her hip.  Maureen is a librarian and is Jenna's best friend and in a very similar situation. They have wanted to go to Paris since they were in college and now seemed like the time.  Now they both have a new man in their lives and they are helping each other navigate the unfamiliar territory of dating.  Great story for any age reader who loves romance and friendship books.  I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Debbie has done it again. Every Debbie fan knows how he or she feels reading one of her novels. She doesn't disappoint. This novel will have you wanting to know what happens next. Window on the Bay is a 5 star novel. One of her best. I highly recommend this novel. What a fun summer beach read.
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First and foremost, I must start by saying that this book was entirely not what I had expected after reading the back cover copy. That is not to say that it was a bad thing, it was just that I had gotten the impression that the story would be strictly focused on Jenna's story and romance... and that the Paris trip would be much more a point of focus in the story. The reality was a bit different. The Paris trip was certainly mentioned throughout the book, but it was more a side note than anything else. We didn't get to enjoy that journey with these two best friends as I had thought we might from the title. In addition, we got to not only see Jenna's story, but the romance of Maureen as well as the story went back and forth between their two points of view. I actually loved that we got not one, but TWO interesting love stories in one. Their experiences though different, often seemed to mirror each other in many ways. To be honest, I actually really enjoyed the story of Maureen and Logan even more than that of Jenna and Rowan. I think this is perhaps because I could see the personalities of myself (bookish and reserved) and my husband (social and a little rougher around the edges) reflected in these characters. 

I must say that this story takes place in a stage of life that I- as a mom with still young children- am not familiar with, and one that I don't tend to find myself drawn to in books for this reason. I enjoyed the characters and the story regardless, though I could certainly see how this book would hold more appeal for someone who is in that stage themselves. 

Overall, it was a really nice story of friendships and second chances on love and one that I would certainly recommend. If you are already a Debbie Macomber fan, this will be a welcome addition to your collection. If you're new to the author, I think you too will find yourself drawn into her heartwarming storytelling as so many others have through the years. 

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for consideration. All thoughts are 100% my own.
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The love of family and friends make life bearable.  An adventure is just what Debbie Macomber writes about is such beautiful way in all of her books. Second chances have a way of uniting and teaching us that life is special..
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This was an enjoyable book for summer with a foundation of friendship and the relationships that enter and exit people’s lives.
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This book was just okay for me. I do not think the characters were likeable.  The women seemed very, very hung up on their previous relationships. The book was very formulaic. There are always the lives of the characters, an event in which people stop talking, and then they are brought back together again. I was confused at the portrayal of the daughter, Allie, as a spoiled brat and then suddenly a hero. Obviously, what I say does not really matter because it is Debbie Macomber and she will sell thousands anyway. But I'm hoping there is a bit less triviality and more substance in the next one.
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The ending of this book was obvious almost from the very beginning, so if you like suspense, please do not look for it here. In this book, two older women, whose children have “left the nest” are looking for a new direction in life. In their case, this means a new love interest.  Both women, friends from college, have been burned by divorce, so they each carry baggage. Jenna is a nurse, who works at the local hospital. Maureen is a librarian and the local library. During their daily routines, they each discover a love interest, though they each approach it differently. The grown children of these two women make periodic appearances, each offering advice and opinions, almost far beyond their years. The two main characters, Jenna and Maureen, come across as not very world-wise, despite having each raised children. Love interests blossom for both women, but can they finally push former events/episodes aside and let it grow?

This book was okay, but not great. I have always enjoyed the author’s books and found them refreshing as well as insightful.  This one just did not seem to be of the same caliber writing as the others.  Still, it was interesting to watch Jenna and Maureen emerge from their cocoons, so to speak, and find happiness in true love. I enjoyed the way their children were the ones with words of wisdom for their respective moms. This makes for an easy summer read to while away time on the beach or while traveling, especially if you enjoy Debbie Macomber’s books. I received this from NetGalley to read and review.
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this is a very good book i just love her books i cant wait for her next book i know it well be very good.
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This is another solid Debbie Macomber novel.  Obviously if you've read anything by Debbie, you know you can't go wrong with anything she writes! This story follows the two best friends Maureen and Jenna as they navigate obstacles of being empty nesters and finding love post children and divorce.  I really enjoyed the characters! I found them likable and engaging.  The story flowed really well and kept my interest with several twists and turns along the way.  This would be a great novel to curl up with on rainy day or pull out while on a beach vacation. It is an enjoyable read that sped by quickly for me.  I listened to the audiobook and enjoyed the narrator a lot!

Also, thanks to Random House Publishing Group for the advanced reader copy I received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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