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Window on the Bay is a warm, emotionally charged story of two long time friends facing a new stage in life.  Both Jenna and Maureen have craved the time where they could enjoy life without all the responsibility of family.  Since college they have planned a trip to Paris.  Since the last child is off to college, now is surely the time they can make it happen.  Will they be able to get to Paris or will events have them postponing again?  Grab a copy of this one to find out.  I highly recommend it.
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First, thanks to #NetGalley for the opportunity to read an e-galley of this book.

Jenna and Maureen have been best friends since college.  They have both gone through marriages, divorces and now, they are both empty nesters.  Perfect time to pick up the idea of traveling to Paris that they had to set aside so many years ago. 

Until, Jenna's mom falls and breaks her hip. Dr. Rowan Lancaster performs surgery on her mom's hip, and makes his way into Jenna's heart, all while Maureen has met and started seeing a new man in her life. 

Will they ever get to Paris?
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Great read. The author wrote a story that was interesting and moved at a pace that kept me engaged. The characters were easy to invest in.
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Another wonderful story by Debbie Macomber who has been writing great stories for years!  This story revolves around Jenna and Maureen, lifelong best friends, both divorced with grown children and learning to navigate the “Empty Nest” and trying to find the courage to love! I so enjoyed this book and of course glad they got their HEA.  As all good stories do, this one weaves you in and out of both their lives, the pitfalls of letting adult children go,nand trying to find love and trust in another person again.  A truly lovely story.
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Jenna's is trying to figure out how to deal with the changes that have entered her life.  She has been divorced for a lo g time but her two children have always been her main priority.  Now that her youngest is off to college she has become an empty nester and wants to make some changes.  The problem is she doesn't know where to begin, her dating life has been non-existent and while raising her children she hasn't had time for much else.  Her best friend Maureen is happy for her friend a d looks forward to planning a trip that they never got to take in college.  They both have always dreamed of going to Paris and it looks like it might actually happen.  When Jenna's mother breaks her hip the trip gets pushed back but the two still both want to put themselves out there.  They both end up meeting new people but life has A way of mucking things up.  Will the two ladies find love with the men they have met or will they have to continue to look for their special someone?  Will they ever make that trip to Paris or will something always get in the way?  Follow along as these women look for love and manage the minefield that shows you that love might not be easy but it's worth it in the end.
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If you are a fan of well written stories with relatable characters that will tug at your heartstrings then Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber is definately the book for you.

Maureen and Jenna have been through thick and thin together as best friends. They are now facing a new chapter of their lives together. Will they both be able to embrace this stage of life and find their green light in love?
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This is the story of two women who are starting over in life as middle age approaches.

Jenna is an intensive care nurse who divorced her surgeon husband decades earlier. She has spent her life, since then, focusing on raising her two children, Paul and Allie. Now, both children are off to college, though her ties to both are still deep.

Maureen is a librarian and married while still in college when she she became pregnant with her daughter, Tori. The marriage didn’t work out and she has been single ever since.

The women dreamed of going to Paris when they were in college but life got in the way and so it got postponed. They are thinking of going again but life reared its head once again.

The women haven’t dated that much but developed a code for dates called green light/red light. This is exactly what it sounds like, green go, red stop, and even yellow, proceed with caution.

Both women meet new men whom they would never have expected to date. They have to decide whether it is time for a green light even though the new men in their lives are completely different from what they expected to find at this point in their lives.

Life, by way of their grown children, steps in to divert their attention either from or to these new men (depending on which Jenna or Maureen is involved.)

The two confront new facets of themselves during this journey. The window on the bay is a place where Jenna goes to seek comfort and solace and to unwind.

Debbie Macomber has written another lovely tale. It speaks of life with its ups and downs. Her books are always a lovely adventure and one that is believable and uplifting.

I was provided a digital advance reader copy of this book by the publisher via Netgalley.
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Another great read from Debbie Macomber! I really loved Jenna and Rowan's story. It was very heartwarming and engaging. I just didn't want to stop reading! Highly recommended!
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I look forward to books by this author, and this one sure didn’t disappoint.
Two young women meet in college and form a bond and lifelong friendship, they also have plans to travel to Paris in spring time, but life’s challenges seem to have gotten in the way.
Fast forward twenty plus years and our girls are now empty nesters and both have been long divorced. They have dated through the years, but have been scared and so far, neither have found the right guy, and they have a traffic light signal for their appraisals of these possible romances.
Now with plans to finally go to Paris, we get to see how things work out, and there are possible romances in these woman’s lives.
I also love that we are given an epilogue, although I wish I could continue in their lives!

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Random House, and was not required to give a positive review.
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Frustration ... That's what I'm feeling after finishing this book. I'm a fan of Debbie Macomber's writing but this time I'm wondering what happened to the writer.
I started the book super excited to meet Jenna's story and find out a bit about Maureen as well. I liked the friendship of them two. For the first time, I was not anxious about a romance, but about waiting their travel to Paris.
Gradually I was connecting to them and their pains, insecurities and searches. The way each one reacted to a new possibility of love. The way each one had to face the new stage of life.
I fell in love with Rowan, he is a very well built character and perfectly inserted into the story however Logan in no time made me cheer for him. Prejudiced, selfish, he did nothing to really demonstrate that he was willing to step out of his comfort zone to conquer the woman he supposedly loved. He spoiled the book and, along with it, Jenna and her petty and stubborn attitude at the crucial moment of the story, spoiling everything with another character. 
Anyway, I was devastated by the ending chosen, I waited too long for the friends to go to Paris even if they were with their respective loves and I did not like Logan's behavior at all, he is the one who needed to change and not Maureen, at the very most, he need to apologize for being a fool when it was expected of him a firmer attitude with his friends.
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A lovely story of the lives of two best friends and their journeys through the seasons of life. 
Jenna and Maureen have been besties since college and have supported each other through divorces and raising children. Now both are empty nesters and ready to take on changes. First step, Paris... But life gets in the way yet again. 
And what an unexpected interruption in the form of one Dr. Rowen Lancaster and Logan. Dating seems like a good idea, yet neither Jenna or Maureen have ever had much luck in that department. Maybe it's time to try a new tactic, someone completely unexpected for both of them.
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Excellent just like Debbie's style. Captured your attention from beginning to end. I couldn't put it down. This book had depth, Characters were relatable. It touched on growing up, children growing up, and adults starting over. Such a sweet story. All types of readers will enjoy this book, probably more enjoyable for the ladies, but so many stories in one.
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A tale of 2 best friends and the opportunities for them as they become empty nesters.  A sweet book that doesn’t disappoint!
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An empty nest and a messy divorce have given Seattle intensive care nurse, Jenna Boltz, independence and a wide open second chapter! She and her best friend, Maureen, finally book their dream trip to France, but life happens and has other plans. Jenna’s mother falls and breaks her hip. The trip gets put on hold and unplanned romance ensues for Jenna (with surgeon, Rowan) and Maureen (with plumber, Logan).  I love characters who I can relate to and connect with and this book delivers. Told with a warmth and understanding that is singular to Debbie Macomber, the reader takes a familiar and comfortable reading stroll through the Pacific Northwest with Jenna and Maureen and a charming cast of secondary characters.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House-Ballantine Books for the advance copy of this novel.
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This book was told from multiple points of view, which I really enjoyed.  It started out with Jenna and her life.  She is a single mom of two college aged children.  She has dated since the divorce years ago, but has tried to keep any prospective men from her children until it was a green light.  Her ex ended up being a jerk who had no time for his children, only paying what was required and nothing else, after the divorce.  She is extremely happy and content with her life.  When her mother falls and gets injured, the doctor that operates is attractive and even asks her out, which she declines.
  Another point of view is Maureen, Jenna's best friend since college.  They have been planning a trip to Paris for years, but when she found herself pregnant in college, the plans changed.  She is also a single mom to a girl who she is extremely close to.  When Logan comes into the library, where she works, she is attracted but pushes him away.
  Allie is the third point of view in this book, and while she doesn't have too many chapters, they are very important to the story,
  Throughout the couse of the book, you see both Jenna and Maureen trying to navigate the dating world as adults who have an empty nest.  Rowan is probably one of the sweetest men, and appears to good to be true. He is extremely patient and understanding with Jenna.  He doesn't suffer fools, but he has a hard time talking about himself.  She opens up and tell him about her and her children, yet he is very closed off.  When his daughter is finally seen in the book it changed their relationship.
  This is where Allie ended up being important.  Her connection to Rowan's daughter is evident early on, but the reader doesn't know all of the details and neither does Jenna.  She is so scared of being let down again, that she shuts Rowan out.  Allie has noticed a difference in her mom since Rowan came into her life and won't let the situation drop until she finds out the truth-and it is a doozy.
  Maureen also pushes Logan away, time and again.  He is also a patient man, because I don't think I would have given her as many chances as he did.  But then, love does strange things to people.  Some of the things he did were definite head scratchers and I understood why she was upset, but I didn't like how she closed down and wouldn't talk to him.  I also enjoyed how her daughter and his daughter were the voices of reason for Maureen.
  A great book about two women finding themselves and how to trust in men after heartbreak.  Some issues with the main female characters acting younger than what they were and not communicating with the men in their life.  Overall, I would recommend this book to others.
  I recieved an ARC in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Debbie Macomber never fails to bring tears to my eyes - whether they be happy or sad OR both. This is a fabulous story of renewal of one's life and love. Continue to dream......
Enjoy! 📚
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I received this book from ARC  Net Galley in exchange for and honest review.    This is another winner from Debbie Macomber.  Maureen and her friend Jenna are both approaching middle age, and both being divorcées they seem to have no luck in the dating pool.  The friends have  both been burned often when they looked for Mr Right   Meanwhile on the back burner is a promise they made to each other in high school to visit Paris together.  Jenna faces the empty nest as both children have left home for college, and Maureen is one of town’s librarians.   When a local construction worker comes in for recommendations for books to read, Maureen doubts his intentions.  Meanwhile nurse Jenna meets a surgeon from the hospital when her mother falls and breaks her hip.  Will Jenna remain steadfast to her rule not to date anyone from the hospital?
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I have been reading Debbie's books a long time.  Seeing a pattern. The women jump to conclusions and no one communicates.  I can't believe that neither woman introduced her new man to her friend, her best friend!  Plus, the stereotypical librarian was a bit much.  Loosen these women up. Make them fun!
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HJ Recommends!

In Window on the Bay by Debbie Macomber, ICU nurse Jenna and librarian Maureen have been best friends since their college days. Through all of the ups and downs of life: marriage, raising children, their unfortunate divorces, and the normal day to day drudgery, they’ve had each other’s back. And one thing remains on their horizon as a reward for all they’ve endured. Now that Jenna’s two children are adults, both in college, and Maureen’s daughter is married and contemplating starting a family, it’s time for them to fulfill their dream of a trip to Paris. But life has other plans–as is typically the case.

First, Jenna’s mother has a bad fall and breaks her hip. While her mom begins healing nicely after having surgery, it’s Jenna that is thrown for a loop when she can’t stop thinking about surgeon Dr. Rowan Lancaster. Something that is very much unlike her. But she can’t deny their chemistry. As she falls more and more for the talented doctor, Jenna’s kids begin to worry her with their choices while at college. To top it all off, Maureen finds herself smitten with a man who should be her polar opposite but who charms her with their every interaction. And she figures out she’s not so great at the whole dating scene. It’s a good thing Jenna and Maureen have each other to get them through the tough times. Because it will take them both to sort through the mess their lives become before they can find their silver lining.

A novel filled with warmth and the charming characters you expect from Debbie Macomber, Window on the the Bay was all about change, friendship, and our heroines stretching out their wings as they opened their hearts up to love once again.

First of all, how lovely is that cover? It makes me want to pull up a chair and bask in the sun on that porch with its picturesque view! And it really fits this story well. One of our heroines, Jenna, spent quite a few contemplative moments snuggled up on her window seat that overlooked the water, while trying to wade through emotions and tough situations. I so love how Macomber always gets right to heart of the matter in her books and this time we had three main POVs to enjoy: Jenna, her daughter Allie, and Jenna’s best friend since college, Maureen. They were all going through some big changes in their lives and it felt like their feelings were so well described, whether good or bad, that I was right there with them in each scene.

Now I will admit that the way Maureen and Jenna treated their love interests, Logan and Rowan, respectively, gave me pause. The ladies were a bit too quick in my opinion to judge and didn’t let their guys explain where they were coming from or what the truth was about certain situations. I can say that it was certainly a learning experience for Jenna and Maureen. Although, Macomber did show them the err of their ways and made them earn back their guys’ good graces, thankfully.

It was also fun, for me at least, being close to their age, to read about two women who were in their mid-forties, as well as the fact that they were empty-nesters. I haven’t read a whole lot of books with this age bracket or premise so it was interesting to see how different it was for Maureen and Jenna to get back into the dating world. There was more maturity (for the most part). They had a good idea what they did and didn’t want in a relationship. And the guys they fell for? Rowan and Logan were two great choices, albeit very different from each other. But then again Jenna and Maureen had different personalities as well, so it worked.

Window on the Bay was the type of novel to sit down and savor. Between its heartfelt messages of family, sisterhood, and the joy of newfound love, not to mention sweet HEAs all around, you can’t go wrong picking this book up right away–as with anything by Debbie Macomber.
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Debbie Macomber is a wonderful storyteller!  Her fans- and I'm one of them- know that each novel brings a fresh set of relatable, well written characters and a plot line that takes you through life ups and downs.  Here, Jenna and Maureen met and became friends in college.  Both have struggled with love and heartbreak but they both have jobs they love and kids and in Jenna's case, her mom Carol.  Their long planned trip to Paris is derailed when Carol breaks her hip.  She's a nurse (and her ex was a surgeon) but she's wary of Rowan, her mom's physician because (and I actually thought this was a silly reason but go with it) she doesn't want to get involved with another surgeon.  Maureen, a librarian, meets Logan, a plumber, when he comes in to check out a book.  This romance was, to be honest, more fun than Jenna (although I know Jenna is meant to be the feature character).  Jenna's kids aren't happy but hey, Jenna's a gown up and she needs to be herself.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  There are no steamy scenes, the romance is gentle, and the people fun.  I'm looking forward to her next one!
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