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This was such a fun book for Meryl Streep fans!!  Filled with many stories and lots of information about Streep's life.
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I requested an e-arc of this title because I really liked I'll Have What She's Having, Carlson's book about Nora Ephron and When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail, and Sleepless in Seattle. That book was a great behind-the-scenes look at the films, and it was so cool to hear from so many of the people who'd been involved in the movies (as Carlson conducted tons of interviews for the book).

Queen Meryl was different. Rather than a tight look at pivotal moment's in the actress' career, Carlson takes a sweeping look at her life. Yes, that means that if you haven't seen every Streep movie, spoilers abound, as Carlson often gives a quick plot overview. (There's also a sidebar on all the movies in which Meryl's character dies.) 

And yet, I don't feel like I know anything more about Meryl than I did prior to reading. I'm not sure what this title offers beyond what one can already find on IMDB or with a quick google of "Meryl Streep." I can't help but feel that the scope of the book did Carlson's hard work a disservice; that, had she focused on 3-4 of Meryl's movies, the book overall would have had much more to offer the reader. 

If what you're looking for is a brief overview of Streep's career, you'll find that here.
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Meryl Streep is the most celebrated actress of our time. She's a chameleon who disappears fully into each character she plays. She never tackles the same role twice. Instead, she leverages her rarified platform to channel a range of dynamic, complicated women--Joanna Kramer, Karen Silkwood, Julia Child, Margaret Thatcher, Katharine Graham--rather than limit herself to marginal roles for which other actresses must settle: Supportive Wife. Supportive Mother. Supportive Yet Utterly Disposable Love Interest. Streep will have none of that.
The once-awkward, frizzy-haired suburban teen blossomed into a rising ingénue on the stage at Vassar College and the Yale School of Drama. She came of age during the women's movement of the '60s and '70s, and has worn her activism on her sleeve even when it was unfashionable. When she reached 40, the age when many leading ladies fade away, Streep plunged forward, taking her pick of parts that interested her and winning a pile of awards along the way. Meanwhile, she remained an unlikely box-office draw, her clout even managing to grow with age: The Devil Wears Prada, starring Streep as the Anna Wintour avatar Miranda Priestly, scored $326 million worldwide.
Journalist and author Erin Carlson documents all of Streep's Oscars, accents, causes, memes, friendships, and feuds; also exploring the "off-brand" forays into action-adventure (The River Wild) and musicals (Mamma Mia!), and how Streep managed to sneak her feminism into each character. In the spirit of nontraditional bestsellers like Notorious RBG and The Tao of Bill Murray, Queen Meryl is illustrated by artist Justin Teodoro and filled with fascinating lists and sidebars, delivering joy in homage to its unique and brilliant subject.

My Thoughts: 
No-one can't deny that Meryl Streep is an icon to the entertainment business. She's magnificently talented and it just oozes out of her in all of her roles. I loved this book so much, especially the artistic portion of it. The drawings at the end of the chapters were absolutely beautiful. This book was special as the author outlined all of Streep's accomplishments, and friendships, and feuds. 
What I love about her is her movies, especially 'The Devil Wears Prada', which is one of my absolute faves of hers. An iconic movie that revolves around the world of fashion. Streep killed that role and I can see if people would easily hate her in real life. The book also has amazing information of the treatment of women in hollywood and the workforce in general. Feminism was always a part of Streep's roles in her movies.

Thank You to Netgalley and Hachette Books for providing me with a copy in a exchange for an honest review.
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I think I would have enjoyed this more had I been a big Meryl fan. I haven't seen too many of her movies, but parts of the book were interesting.
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This is a great book about the life of an iconic actress, way ahead of her time. It was nice to learn so much about the start of her career and how she made family and a career work. Her personal life, like meeting her husband, as well as her Ivy League education are covered, before we get an in depth look at her movies in chronological order. I really enjoyed learning about her activism and how she wants to make the world a better place for her kids. I would highly recommend it to fans of Meryl Streep. Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced review copy.
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I'm a long time admirer of actress Meryl Streep and, because I enjoyed an earlier bio entitled, Her Again, I decided to try Queen Meryl as well.

This bio is all about her iconic career as well as her interactions with other performers along the way, like her run-ins with Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman. The bio brought back fond memories of Streep in roles I adored. In addition to her 40+ year brilliant career in movies like: Silkwood, Julia Child, Sophie's Choice, the Deer Hunter, Bridges of Madison County, Kramer vs Kramer, Out of Africa etc., Streep has managed to maintain a no-drama persona and juggle marriage (40+ years) and motherhood (4 grown children) as well as her lending her voice of behalf of women's rights. 

There were some interesting illustrations, lists and other tidbits that I enjoyed. I thought the author did a decent job covering Streep's career, but, some parts were slow and caused me to skip forward.  Readers interested in a nice review of the Meryl's successful career should give this one a try.
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FINALLY. Why did it take so long for a book like this to come onto my bookshelf? Recognizing the greatest actress of all time this book is sincere, witty and fascinating. As a Streeper who thought she knew it all even I walked away with some new facts. An extremely lovable book and portrayal of Meryl there is room for everyone to find a new appreciation.
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Queen Meryl by Erin Carlson, as you have guessed , is a biography of actor Meryl Streep. The author is known for her entertainment reporting and the book does read like a journal of Streep’s film career, one film at a time. The writing style is refreshing: while informing the reader about each film, the author describes what is happening in the actor’s life at that period in time. Because Streep’s body of work is so extensive, there are plenty of opportunities  to glimpse her personal life throughout. Wife, mother, activist, actor, she devotes herself to all. She has been nominated for dozens of awards and has portrayed numerous famous women by meticulously studying her subjects. She has adopted any number of accents convincingly. Her activism has been fearless.: she speaks freely without fear of repercussion even from the likes of a certain president and others. Queen Meryl will appeal to movie buffs and biography enthusiasts alike. Thank you to Hachette Books and NetGalley for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I’ve always loved Meryl Streep. 
Erin Carlson does a spectacular job of not only showing Meryl Streep - the actress-, but also Meryl Streep - the human being -. You get a look at both professional and personal aspects of her life. Understanding the full story of this legendary star. This book only made my love for this woman grow.
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Such a well written and researched memoir, on one of the biggest Superstars in the world "The Devil Wears Prada" Meryl Streep. 

It's always fun to get a glimpse inside the life of a famous celebrity, just to see how "normal" they really are. 

I absolutely loved this book, and the cover is so fun and colorful.
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I have loved Meryl Streep since I saw The Music of the Heart and the love continued from there. I enjoyed reading Queen Meryl for the backstage glimpse into her life and acting career. There were so many things that I didn’t know about Meryl, and the amount of decision making and effort that goes into choosing appropriate roles. I started a list of all the Meryl movies that I haven’t seen and can’t wait to get started! Also, the illustrations for each chapter added a little fun into the book.
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Queen Meryl by Erin Carlson is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early September.

Nippingly witty and smartly adoring chapters of 18 different roles that Meryl Streep has played that are studded with really pretty digital watercolor sketches. These stories inspire you to emulate Meryl by staying focused, tenacious, and in character, have mutual adoration toward your co-stars, and keeping your chin up during both biopics and B-roles. Its insets labeled as Intermissions contain mainly trivia, as well as what could have been’s, aftermaths, and what landed on the cutting room floor.
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4 stars

Everyone knows Meryl Streep is Queen, so this was immediately a book I wanted to pick up. If you are a fan, I 100% recommend this book.

First of all, the author definitely did their research. One of the coolest things was how the author outlined all of Meryl Streep’s roles-from the beginning process, to the inspiration for the characters she portrays, to the final product. It’s amazing to get that insider view and was one of my favorite things.

The best part though, is the subject of this book-Meryl Streep. Everything about her is absolutely phenomenal, from her beginnings as a student, to receiving her first major role, to how she fought (and continues to fight) for women in Hollywood, all while maintaining a regular home life. She really is a legendary icon in our generation and this book showcases that perfectly.

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review**
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Written and researched well, this book is great for fans of Queen Meryl. I am a fan but didn't know much about her before reading this, and now I want to go back and watch allll her movies.
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I’ve always been a fan of Meryl Streep and this book only solidified that. As a fan, I had seen most of her movies and new of almost all of them. I knew of her political stances and admired her for showing them. As a GenXer/possible Millennial, depending on who you ask, I was THRILLED to see her in A Devil Wears Prada and loved her in Death Becomes Her. She was amazing in Bridges of Madison County and I adored her in Julie and Julia. I also now have a list of her older movies to watch as well (No, I have not seen Kramer vs Kramer. I’m SORRY OK?!) That being said, reading this book opened my eyes to a celebrity I thought I knew a lot about. And now I only admire her more. A lot more. 

Queen Meryl by Erin Carlson is an ode to a national treasure. Carlson opened doors normally kept closed by this private superstar and shares with us everything from her teenage personality, to her insane ambition in college and theater training. We follow her throughout her career—the ups, the downs, and the incredible successes that have brought us the star we know today. 

Queen Meryl: The Iconic Roles, Heroic Deeds, and Legendary Life of Meryl Streep is an amazing read that is impossible to put down. This work by Erin Carlson reads like fiction and you will binge this in one sitting. So get ready. Gird Your Loins. Meryl’s life will transfix you from beginning to now.
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Meryl Streep is an actress we all know and love. From Mamma Mia to Kramer vs Kramer, and The Devil Wears Prada to Death Becomes Her— all beloved roles and cult favorites. She is the greatest living actress of our decade, an icon playing icons from Margaret Thatcher, to Juila Child, and Emmeline Pankhurst; she has continually transformed herself into iconic, complex and strong women, blazing a trail for actresses to come.

In this book, thanks to the meticulous research done by the author and her team, we get a behind the scenes look into Meryl throughout her years of acting, her activism, and her personal life. With accounts from co-workers, and celebrity friends of Meryl we begin to learn who she truly is as a person.

I was worried going into this book that I may not like it enough to want to go back and pick it up and read. I’m nowhere near a Meryl super fan, I’ve seen a fair few of her movies and always loved watching her on-screen. With that being said, I still very much enjoyed this book, it’s incredibly entertaining and interesting. I’ve learned many cool things about Meryl and am now even more captivated by her, which makes her even more of an icon in my eyes.

The book is so well researched and written, makes it all the more fun to be accompanied by wonderful illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. 

This was a wonderful palette cleanser of a read.
Highly recommend if you're a huge Meryl fan.
3.5 stars

** ARC provided by Hachette Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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This book is strictly for people interested in the career of Meryl Streep.   Like many books about well-known people, the author takes a position on it the person he/she write about.   By the title of the book, you can see the author admires Meryl Streep.   Also like many books of this type, the book largely consists of an examination of the subject of the book's work; the author describes the different movies in which Meryl Streep performed.

However, this book did not provide much personal information about Meryl Streep.   After reading the book, I came to feel that Meryl Streep as a person reminds me a lot of Hilary Clinton.   Both are smart and well credentialed feminists that came of age at about the same time.   However, they are both hard to understand as human beings.
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Fascinating and complex insight on one of the biggest icons of our time. Worth the read. Everything readers have wanted and more. Great for anyone who’s curious to come face to face with this magnificent woman on the deepest levels. 5/5 stars
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On the surface, QUEEN MERYL by Erin Carlson seems to be a book designed to outline her career, film by film, punctuated by a little bit of stage work. It is only through the reading that you begin to get a picture of the complex human that is Meryl Streep. Reading about her life and the transition from student to actor to mega-star, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the fact that she owes some of her initial success to being in the right place at the right time. If you read about her childhood, even a brief summary, it becomes apparent that she was destined to be a performer.
From that point, Carlson begins to outline each film as Streep moves from role to role, explaining her reasoning for taking the role, some of what she did to prepare for the role, and the finished product. All this is set against a backdrop that shows mere peeks of her home life; a happy marriage, four well adjusted children, and an individual who seems to have unflagging energy. In addition, when her behavior with younger, lesser known and experienced talent is discussed, she comes across almost like a zen earth mother who senses what the person needs in order to give the best performance both for themselves and for Streep, and then sets about pulling that out of them.
Woven throughout the book is the information that is now becoming more available about how women are treated in Hollywood and in the performing world in general. There is information regarding the money, where women make a fraction of their male counterparts. In addition, you get an insight into what Streep thinks about why the movies that are made are chosen, and why she chooses the movies she does. It all swirls around her belief, which is supported by a good look around the industry, that movies are critiqued by men, therefore made for men. Men dominate the executive offices throughout the industry, and look at production from that point of view.
In contrast, Streep has often chosen movies that are about women, for women, and which will have an appeal to a female audience. She has frequently created her character in a way that has astounded those watching, both for depth and insight, and the result has been richer, fuller performances all the way around. Even when she was in movies that were less than stellar, there are precious few negative things said about Streep’s performance.
At its essence, this book is both an homage to Meryl Streep and an explanation of how she has worked tirelessly to improve the status of women in the acting world. She comes across as an avowed feminist in terms of demanding equal opportunity and equal pay for equal work. If the films discussed in this book are any indication, she has had a profound and lasting effect on how movie executives see the viewing public. She has flexed considerable muscle, in part because she has had considerable talent to back it up. All this she has done while maintaining a home life that sounds like something many women would envy including a solid relationship, children who have grown into responsible adults, and a reputation that is unique within her chosen field.
This is an interesting book, on many levels, particularly for anyone who is interested in how the world is changing in its views of women. Meryl Streep has had a huge impact on that within the entertainment industry, and that is highlighted in the book. It is a fascinating look at a complex human being who, when all is said and done, seems to have succeeded because she chose to do the “right thing” rather than the “politically correct” thing. Put another way, she has lead by showing you can be successful and follow your principles at the same time instead of sacrificing them in order to get ahead.
My thanks to Hachette Books and NetGalley for providing me with an advanced digital reader copy in exchange for an unbiased review. The opinions here are completely my own.
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As a die-hard fan of Meryl Streep, I had to read this book. It was like having a nice long conversation with an old friend who shares the same views and ideas. I felt like I got to know more about Meryl Streep than what was in Wikipedia. Carlson has done an incredible job in getting to know the legend and put it out so beautifully in words for us. There is a perfect balance between early life and her career. It talks about her iconic roles, her hits, and flops, roles that evaded her and relationships with her colleagues in the show business. 

Favorite Quote: "She was born to be bold. She was born to be brave. She was born to be a light in the darkness."

Also, I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher, Hachette Books for the advanced eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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