A Course in Meditation

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Thanks to the publisher for an ARC to read and give my honest opinion.

There is nothing quite like an Osho reading experience as he takes us on a 21 day journey in meditation. So many quotes and scriptures in this book just speak to you. It’s just unbelievable how the book tugs on your psyche and heart strings. I like how this book can really be for anyone. Meditation is a step in mindfulness as they feed each other.

What did I like? The mindfulness part of meditation will always be my favorite since it seems like no one communicates well any more. We spend so much time on our phones trying to not make eye contact hurrying to our next place. Book centers on a lot of things that should garner our attention like how not to judge others.

Would I buy this book? This guy has been coined the most dangerous man since Jesus... his books, his writings, just make sense. Yes, I have bought and will continue to buy.

Thanks for the copy...amazing writing.
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I received a complimentary ARC copy of A Course in Meditation:
A 21-Day Workout for Your Consciousness by Osho from NetGalley and Crown Publishing/Harmony in order to read and give an honest review.

"...well-written, user-friendly and Osho's experience and wisdom shines through..."

Whether you're experienced in meditation or new to the practice, A Course in Meditation: A 21-Day Workout for Your Consciousness by Osho is a great book for everyone.

I gravitated towards meditation when I was facing health issues and found it so beneficial but sadly over the spring, I hadn't been as consistent. I have to admit "A Course in Meditation", a twenty-one-day course, really helped me get back on track and I am happy to say I am now back to a daily practice.

Each day the book tackles a subject whether it is relating, balance, anger or maturity, just to name a few, you get Osho's insights, meditations and techniques to help you put the concepts into practice, and each day finishes with a quote to keep you inspired all day.

This is a book I would highly recommend, it's well-written, user-friendly and Osho's experience and wisdom shines through! A must-have for all those who would like to have more balance in their lives and enhance their well-being.
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Very deep and very interesting.  This meditation book makes me sit and actually think or rather not think for a few minutes each day.

LOVELY book with a heartwarming message.
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I requested this book not knowing the author, but, rather as someone with an on again, off again meditation practice.  I have read several meditation books both practical and more philosophical.  This book is a bit of both, giving the reader a bit of philosophy then a practice that applies the reading.  The information and exercises are fine.  However, there are other books on the wide market that I found worked better for me.  This one was very meta, with the author referring to him/herself in the third person and constantly referencing other works.  As a 21-day practice, I didn't feel that it built on teachings in a way that worked for me and, finally, the author's meditations on meditation (I warned you it was meta), were not as clear or focused as other authors for me.
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A Course in Meditation is a good book on meditation and a introduction to Osho.Good meditation exercises and written in simple terms.
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I really enjoy Osho and was excited to see this book on meditation. This is a 21 day course to help you meditate. It covers a variety of meditation topics and is filled with wonderful exercises. I would recommend it to fans of Osho and meditation. 

I would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy free of charge. This is my honest and unbiased opinion of it.
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I haven't read or heard a lot of Osho's work, but respect most of his messages. This book provides some fairly concise messages from him (which is good since he's so prolific). I didn't like the meditation exercises as much as other author's meditations, but his messages were quite good. If you're new to OSHO, this may be a decent intro.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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