The Family Upstairs

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I received a copy of this book in return for my independent honest review.
I am a fan of Lisa Jewell's books, however this was not one of my favourites.
I enjoyed it but didn't love it. 
The premise is fantastic. A girl inherits an eight bedroom house in the most expensive area of Chelsea, London on her twenty fifth Birthday and finds out that her whole life has been one big secret.
The house  has been boarded up for years and not inhabited as a nasty crime took place there.
This book is narrated by siblings who once lived in this house of  horror.
I easily related to these characters and the difficult childhood they had to endure was very well covered. The emotion was definitely felt through the writing.
We get to know them also in present day. 
The first half of the book is interesting as we start to find out what the mystery is all about and the extent of the physical and mental abuse.
However for me this felt like a book of two halves. The second became somewhat mundane and I felt far less interested in it as the mystery began to unravel. I was disappointed in the reveal and for me it Just fizzled out to the end.
The writing is very good as is usual for this author unfortunately the plot for me could have been so much better.
This was still an enjoyable read but not one of her best in my opinion.
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The family upstairs, downstairs and in the basement too! A view from the victims and members of a cult. Charismatic David and his clan move in and tear the heart from a family from right under their noses. How the different family members cope throughout his evil reign over them and the consequences of his and their actions are played out in this psychological drama. 
Well worth a read.
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This is a little different from other books I have read by Lisa Jewell, a little darker and creepier. It is told in three POV, Libby, Lucy and Henry  and the storylines flip between Henry in the past as a ten year old and as he grows up, in the present, Lucy a homeless mum of two and Libby who was adopted as a baby.  When Libby she is 25 she is finally allowed the letter that has been in trust for her, she is about to find out where she came from. In that letter, she finds about her birth parents but even more astonishing is she has inherited a house, nothing strange there as many people inherit houses, but this is a house is actually a mansion in Chelsea and worth millions. This is where the three characters lives intertwine and secrets are revealed. 
This was an absolutely brilliant book to read, it was gripping and kept me on the edge of my seat.
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I am a huge Lisa Jewell fan and even more so since she moved into the psychological suspense genre and I loved her last few books. However... this one left me a little bit cold. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it but it didn't feel up to the same standard as her previous ones. A good read, just not a great one for me.
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This was a strange book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is told from three POV some of which was in the past and the present, and starts us meeting Libby who has just inherited a house in Chelsea from her biological parents. The other POV's come from other family members, and as the story goes on the three begin to intertwine and eventually connect at the end.

I wasn't sure how this was all going to play out, I knew that when Birdie moved into the house that it wouldn't end well, but just how things turned I hadn't predicted in the slightest.

This story had me hooked, I just had to find out from all the POV what actually went on and was going on in the present day. This book was right up street and I really enjoyed the twisted tale and how it came together at the end.
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Brilliant, creepy story. 
When Libby Jones turns 25 she is given an inheritance she didn’t know she had. Growing up as a adopted child knowing both her parents were dead, killed in a car crash when she was just 10 months old. She is only just finding out this is a lie and her parents died in a suicide pact as part of a cult. Libby visits the multi million pubs house she has inherited that hasn’t been lived in for 25 years and wonders what happened to the brother and sister she has that went missing when her parents died. 

A really creepy tale that I have thoroughly enjoyed.
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I was totally gripped with this book, I just had to find out what happened so more of less read it in one sitting. Maybe it was a tad far fetched but I didn't care, I had to find out what had happened. I loved it. I devoured it.
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Little confusing to start with. But once you got into the story things became clearer. Liked the book
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I'm an avid fan of Jewell, and will read anything she writes knowing I'll enjoy it, although is not my favourite - something annoyed me about the conclusion / likely unseen future of the characters which I can't explain. However, it's still absolutely fantastic writing, with a cast of believable characters and changes in perspective both in time and between people. Jewell's narratives are constructed meticulously to leave no holes and layered beautifully to make the scenarios and people feel real and relevant. However this one also feels accessible to those who are not regular readers and are dipping into mainstream popular thrillers (think anything with 'The Girl' in the title).
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I am a huge fan of Lisa Jewell who always writes stories populated by characters who you know. 

In The Family Upstairs the plot is as intricate as always although I have to confess I wasn't quite as convinced as I have been by her previous books, this was still a stonkingly good read.
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The Family Upstairs is a creepy, compelling psychological thriller.  A tale of obsession, murder and hidden secrets.  Lisa Jewell's best novel yet.
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Thanks to #netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. Years ago 3 bodies are found dead in a house with a baby crying upstairs, the baby's siblings have disappeared. The baby is all grown up now and about to inherit the house the bodies were found in when she turns 25. A mesmerising read that held my attention from the very first chapter. The story is told from various perspectives and wraps up into a conclusion that I didn't anticipate. #netgalley #lisajewell #thefamilyupstairs #litsy #amazon#kindle #goodreads #tea_sipping_bookworm #bookstagram
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A story of an inheritance, scattered siblings and the infiltration of a cult-like group of people with alternative lifestyles make this a sinister story set in the early 1990s and present day.
1990s teenage narrator, Henry, develops into a character that one feels less and less empathy for as time goes on.
The present day is told in the third person, following the story arcs of Libby/Serenity, the baby and now adult who has inherited, and Lucy, broke, broken and homeless who makes her way back to England to meet ‘the baby.’ 
The story builds into an anticipated, though limper than expected climax.
A decent enough holiday, escapist, read but not one I’ll return to.
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Amazing book that proves you just never know what I'd going on behind closed doors.  Brilliantly written
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A compelling, creepy and riveting read from start to finish.

When Libby hits her 25th birthday, she inherits a house in Chelsea with a very dark past.  Gradually, you begin to learn of that past with the use of different time periods and different character viewpoints.  I admit that at first this took a while to get my head around but it does fall into place and works extremely well.

The story is gripping and dark; the characters are well developed, interesting and authentically flawed; the writing is easy to read and set at a good pace and the mystery elements are perfectly formed.

I would most definitely recommend this to people who love a good psychological thriller and want to thank Random House UK, Cornerstone and NetGalley for my copy in return for an honest review.
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Lisa Jewell is one of my favourite authors so a new novel by her is always such a treat. This book follows Libby who receives a letter and hopes it’s going to tell her more about her birth parents but instead she finds out that she’s inherited a house in Chelsea! It turns out that around the time Libby was born three people were found dead in the house! This sets Libby on a part to discover more about the past. The novel is told in multiple perspectives so we get to slowly fill in the blanks of the story as it builds towards its final conclusion! There are a lot of unlikeable characters in this book, which I loved. I really felt for Libby as she tried to find out her history and to make connections, but was also on the edge of my seat as I began to piece things together from the other timelines and knew things that Libby as yet did not know. This was such a good read, I loved it and definitely recommend it!
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Libby is astonished to discover she's inherited a multi-million pound home in fashionable Chelsea, the wealthiest and most desirable part of London. It transpires she was found abandoned inside the house 25 years ago and adopted as a baby. Now a well adjusted and independent young woman, Libby delves into her birth family's past and can hardly believe what she unearths.

What a fantastic read! I felt every emotion possible as the story gradually gave up its secrets and drew me in. The book's beginning was a little confusing as the main characters were introduced; their backgrounds seemingly unconnected. But stick with it and you won't be disappointed. The strings are cleverly pulled together revealing how these peoples' lives are interconnected. Oh, and get ready for plenty of red herrings and shocks along the way!

Told from various viewpoints, the main themes are ones of betrayal, tragedy, murder and reinvention. It was a compelling read and I couldn't put it down until I'd devoured the entire book. Lisa Jewell has written yet another winner.
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In a large house in Londons fashionable Chelsea a baby is awake in her cot. She is well cared for and happy. Three bodies are decomposing on the kitchen floor. They have been dead for several days. Who has been looking after the baby. 

Thank you very much to Century publishers for this book which I was given prior to publication in return for an honest review. 

Oh my goodness...this book. I dont even know where to start. I devoured it. 

I was given this book by the lovely people over at Century and choose it as my holiday poolside read this year so I'm reviewing it now (a few weeks after publication). And I can honestly say it is the best book I have read for review this year. 

Set in Londons most elite postcode this book focuses on two families living in one house. It almost has a sinister side and literally had me on the edge of my sun lounger. 

The main characters from past and present day are fantastic and as it flips between the 20 years you really get to know them individually. Their traits and their quirks. Some you love...and some you hate. 

The book is written in such a way that despite the many characters and story lines it is very easy to follow and keep up with. It is heartbreaking and poignant but from the first word to the last it is gripping, immersive and intricate in detail. 

Lisa Jewell has never let her fans down and this book is no exception. A must read if you enjoyed her last two thrillers. It is simply unputdownable.
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The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell was one of my favorites so far this year. I've read several of her other books, and for me, this one is the best yet.
The Family Upstairs is a mesmerising,enthralling domestic drama/thriller about brother and sister Henry and Lucy Lamb and how swiftly their young lives descended into a living nightmare after two strangers moved into the opulent home in Chelsea that Henry and Lucy shared with their socialite mother and father. A nightmare that culminated with the death of three people and the discovery of a abandoned ten month old baby in the almost empty shell of a once loving family home.
Another great book from this author.
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Very original interesting plot line.  Well written and the characters are well thought out. A highly recommended read, more a drama than a thriller.
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