Hattie's Home for Broken Hearts

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After reading several books by Tilly Tennant, I can honestly say that they're becoming my "happy place". "Hattie's home for broken hearts" was like a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy cold day. So comforting. It's filled with a set of charming characters, a lovely village (you want to live there just reading about it), and donkeys. OMG, those donkeys! I cried my eyes out with Norbert! 

It's a story of love, hope and being true to yourself. You'll laugh and you'll cry, and although you could see the ending a mile coming, it was such a joy the way to get there, because... who doesn't like a happy ending?

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This was a DNF at 24%-- I just couldn't get into it. I liked another book by Tenant that was funny and cute, but this one is very repetitive during the exposition. I have so many other books to read!
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Tilly Tennant doesn’t fail. Another good story. Enjoyable. Get caught into the story fast and keeps you interested.
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Tilly Tennant ia another new to me author that I wish I had discovered sooner. Hattie's Home for Broken Hearts was such a loverly, heart warming book. I couldn't put it down. It had me hooked from the start, it was nice to escape my reality and enter the world of Hatties.
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What a delightful read this has been, it was thoroughly enjoyable story from start to finish. 

I loved the setting of the story and really enjoyed getting to know all of the characters especially Hattie and Seth. 

I'm not a big fan of donkeys but even I found it difficult not to fall in love with the rescue donkeys featured throughout the story, loved the unique names too.

So if your after a light-hearted easy read then be sure to give this a go. I can also highly recommend it if you are a fan of Jill Mansell, Holly Martin or Carole Matthews books.
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Absolutely loved this book. Really enjoyed Hattie’s ups and downs and took a real liking to her. Not sure I’d describe it as a romantic comedy. Not much comedy in it but there is romance. 
Did make me think about my children and how we try to control their  lives and their choices. I have made a mental note to take a step back. Mistakes are a sign that you’re learning and trying.  Eeeek!
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'Hattie's Home for Broken Hearts' will be one of the most memorable books of 2019 for me and let me give you a brief reason why...

After leaving Paris, Hattie returns to her hometown, Gillypuddle, in a desperate attempt to find something new and hopefully make amends with her parents. She begins to work with an unbearable lady, Jo (Hattie's friends love to call 'Medusa') at her Donkey Sanctuary, on Sweet Briar Farm. Hattie, being the caring woman she is, makes it her mission to try to break down Jo's walls and get her to open up, however, she doesn't want anybody knowing her and has no problem with putting a barrier up between her and Hattie. 

I never knew that I would enjoy reading and learning about a Donkey Sanctuary, but now I am in desperate need of seeing a Donkey! The Donkey's had such a massive part to play in Hattie's story and I adored getting to know all of their personalities - I wouldn't even be able to pick a favourite though, if I could have them all, I sure would. 

Hattie's love triangle with Canadian Vet, Seth, and newspaper reporter, Owen, was also a wonderful roller-coaster to read about, I just wish we got to dive a bit further in to the relationship of Hattie and Seth more, they're such a gorgeous pairing!

Jo was a very tricky character to get along with, however, the more that is revealed, the more heartbroken you will be for her and it got to a certain scene where I got so emotional and welled up. Hattie was just the person she needed to walk in to her life and show her that no matter how hard you believe it won't, life does get better, just as long as she allows people in. Hattie is completely speaking from experience, ever since the loss of a family member and the two of these meeting was meant to be, in order to help heal one another.

I can't say enough how much of a stunning read this is, I can't wait to read more of Tilly's stories, if this beautiful one is anything to go by and would advise everyone I meet to pick up this book.

*Full review coming to my blog.*
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Hattie comes home after some disasterous events whilst living in Paris. Once at home with her parents though, she finds herself restless and at a loose end. She ends up living with Jo, a taciturn woman who has a donkey sanctuary. 

I am not sure how to describe this book exactly. The title sounds like Hattie has a house that accommodates lost souls, somehow, but that isn't really how it goes. Hattie looks after the donkeys at the sanctuary with Jo, and the donkeys are very sweet and tug at the heart strings. Hattie tries to get some fundraising happening, to support the sanctuary, which doesn't thrill Jo, who is a woman who doesn't seem to like humans all that much. 

All in all, this was a slightly unsatisfying story (other than the descriptions of the donkeys), because it doesn't go far enough in exploring what happened to make Jo the way she was. I also thought that Hattie came across as a bit spoilt, a bit shallow, kind of thing? I know that wasn't the intent, but I guess because I have children who are around her age, I kind of sided with her parents a little bit. Hattie's lovelife was a bit on the messy side too, and the ending was a bit too neat, and tied up with a bow?

I am sorry, but this book had good bones but didn't quite hit the mark for me. 

4 stars from me.

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This book had a lot of glowing reviews and I wanted to give it a shot but was unable to completely read it. Hattie was not someone I sympathized or even empathized with. There were emotional moments , but it was not the book for me.
Since I was unable to read it completely, I cannot review it on other sites but I would recommend it to those who like a little bit of uplit.
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Hattie was once thrilled to call the beautiful city of Paris her home. But when her heart is broken by her boyfriend and she loses her dream job, she bids farewell to the city of love and hurries home to Gillypuddle, a sleepy village on the Dorset coast. But as she returns home she finds her parents struggling to cope with a terrible family tragedy. 

In a desperate search for a new start, Hattie takes a job at the donkey sanctuary nearby on Sweet Briar Farm where Jo, the taciturn owner, certainly loves her animals far more than humans. Hattie can’t help but fall in love with the donkeys (and the opportunity to get close to dreamy Canadian vet Seth) but Jo is harder to get to know and when she finds her boss sobbing in her sleep one stormy night, she knows that her new friend is hiding a dark secret. 

And when handsome newspaper reporter Owen does some digging into Jo’s past he finds something that connects her to Hattie on a whole new level. Can Hattie trust what Owen says, especially when he seems intent on standing in the way of her blossoming romance with Seth? And can Hattie help Jo to start healing and the donkeys of Sweet Briar Farm? 

This was a sweet and beautiful story!
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I thought this was going to be typical British rom com/chick lit - and I was looking forward to it - but this book had more substance than I expected.  Hattie doesn’t have a clear direction in life and so comes “home” to move in with mum and dad until she figures out next steps. I loved that her next steps were connected with the new lady up on the hill - the lady that keeps to herself and no one likes. And it wasn’t unexpected, because Hattie is that kind of gal who treats people well.... even when they don’t deserve it (ahem, reporter boy). Hattie’s immaturity at some points did annoy me, but her big heart redeemed her.  This book showed that connections with others are the key to making the world go round. 
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I'm a sucker for a donkey story and these gorgeous animals were the stars of the show, in my opinion - so much so, that I actually cried at one point (warning - you might want to have some tissues ready).

To be honest, my sympathies for most of the book lay with Hattie's parents. Hattie seemed to lurch from one job opportunity to another, not seeming to settle on anything. I can see why they despaired of her. I can also see where Hattie was coming from, too, as she tried to find her way in the world. It's not often someone discovers what they want to do with their life straight off the bat. Hattie, however, does seem rather more fickle and flighty than most. I did like her, though, and was glad she found her calling. 

There were two love interests in Hattie's life, and I felt that one of them (the wrong one) was focussed on to the detriment of the other, which made the final get-together with Seth (hey, that's hardly a spoiler, now is it?) rather rushed. The story goes from a crisis which has nothing to do with the relationship between the pair, to a kind of epilogue where they are suddenly together and everything is rosy. I felt as though someone had fast-forwarded it to the last scene, and I'd missed a few vital ones along the way.

Nevertheless, it's a gentle, heartwarming read with a suitable ahhh at the end.
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Hattie lived in  Paris but had her heart broken and decides to return to Dorset. She ends up working in a donkey sanctuary.
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I love Tilly Tennant. I have read every one of her books and she never fails to deliver.
This is a really feel good and sweet story. But it also deals with grief and the effects of loss. I would highly recommend it.
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Lovely feel good story. It was well written and flowed well. Easy to read and hard to put down. Perfect on these summer nights
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Hattie is in her mid twenties and still hasn’t found a career or partner to settle down with. After her sister’s death over 10 years ago she feels she is a let down to her parents. Moving from one disaster job to another, her latest job working on a donkey sanctuary doesn’t seem much better. Throw into the mix an abrupt boss, an interesting vet and a smooth talking journalist and it makes for an entertaining read. Tilly Tennant always manages to write plenty of depth into her characters and stories. There is a great mix of easy reading, emotional scenes and a few laugh out loud moments.
Thanks to Tilly Tennant and Netgalley for the e book copy.
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The story begins with Hattie, who is living in Paris, but everything in her life is just not going to plan after the loss of her dream job compiled with a broken heart.. After constantly thinking about her home, Hattie decides it’s time to leave Paris and books a flight to get back to her parents’ home in Gillypuddle.

When Hattie returns home, her father was a less than inviting (the result of a tragedy that has left her relationship with her parents strained), which definitely dampened the mood of her homecoming. Nevertheless, in desperate search of a job, Hattie learns that the local donkey sanctuary Sweet Briar Farm has an opening. Even though Hattie is inexperienced and Jo is essentially a hermit, she takes on the position aware that she’s definitely got her work cut out for her.

Prior to reading this book, I never ever considered the idea of wanting a donkey, but I have to admit that it is definitely on my mind. I loved the donkeys in this book! Each one of them had their own relationship with Hattie as well as personality. It was pretty incredible to see.

I really enjoyed watching Hattie take on life at Sweet Briar Farm even though everyone (including myself at times) didn’t think that it would be worth the stress. I definitely admired Hattie for rising to the task when no one else would, especially when it came to getting Jo to finally come out of her shell.

Overall, this is a wonderful story that really focuses on the hardships that people endure in life and the necessary (even if they are painful) steps to take in order to strive for a life of growth afterwards.

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A cute story of opposites attracting and all of the fun people who come into our lives.  Fun story, fun characters.
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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book. 

Hattie returns from Paris after ruining her dream job. 
She returns home to her parents and lives in the shadows of her sisters memory convinced that her parents think she is a disappointment. 
Hattie stumbles upon a donkey sanctuary whilst out for a walk, she  accepts a job with Jo Flint the owner who keeps herself to herself. 
She finds out both her and Jo are suffering from broken hearts, how can Hattie help them both.
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A truly and gorgeous fun read that left me smiling. I fell in love with this book instantly and loved my visit to Gillypuddle.....I mean even the name warmed my heart and the story did not disappoint.

Hattie is a loveable character who hasn't travelled the easiest of roads that life could bring. I felt she was an instant success as far as leading ladies go and I was immersed in the journey we were travelling on. This journey took in donkeys, a rat bag boyfriend, a smouldering Canadian vet, a cantankerous sanctuary owner and a heartbreaking history and I loved every minute of it.

The writing was warm and inviting as I have come to expect from a Tilly Tennant book. The narrative ebbed and flowed with writing filled with heart and love and I was hooked from start to finish. Hattie's Home for Broken Hearts is an entertaining and heart warming mix that is not to be missed.
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