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For Your Consideration: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

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Sometimes you just want a quick pick me up. That is exactly what this book is.

For Your Consideration: The Rock is a very brief look at how The Rock is one of the most loved, honest, and hard working stars there is. Somehow he does it all, from being a movie and Instagram star, to having his own under armor clothing line, to being a family man. There is also a discussion about how he manages to be an action star while still tackling tough subject like masculinity and depression. This feels more like a couple of super biased essays written about his rise and struggles than a book. That being said, I can't blame Tres Dean for the bias... Everyone loves The Rock.

I do feel like they missed the opportunity to use the classic fannypack image for the cover though.
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I received For Your Consideration, Dwayne The Rick Johnson, free, from NetGallery in exchange for an honest review.
We all know The Rock,, first as a wrestler, then  as a movie star
This book delves into his life and tells us so many things we didn’t know about him.
He is a fascinating personality , and I for one, wish he would go into politics
A fun read.
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A book for fans of The Rock, movie stars and why certain actors work in action movies. Interesting although i had thought it was about the life of Dwayne Johnson which i would have preferred to read. I suspect the fan base will love it though!
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This is a biographical look at Dwayne the Rock Johnson.  He is a major player in Hollywood and this collection of essays and writings gives a wonderful look at his life and family.  The book is divided into 5 sections that cover different eras in his career. The illustrations and pictures are well done and I'm sure the finished hardcover book will be beautiful and fun to read. I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Really not my cup of tea. The author is someone who has a great understanding of Dwayne Johnson. However, this is no an autobiographical version more a series of essays
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Listen there's something awesome about reading a book about the People's Champion written by someone who clearly fanboys Dwayne Johnson. It was funny and I appreciated the look at masculinity throughout the years. Fast read, fun read, great.
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'For Your Consideration' reads like extended 'fanboy worship lit' but to be fair, it reads much better than that. As extended homily to The Rock/Dwayne Johnson it starts with a decent history of the action hero and shows where Johnson fits in; it then goes on to extensively catalogue his character and achievements. I was enjoying the book until it started arguing for Johnson to win academy awards etc. I think, like all desserts, you enjoy them until you've either had too much or someone adds so many extra sprinkles.

I've only admiration for Mr Johnson - how can you not like The Rock? As the book points out he is a proponent of a form of manliness that seems strivable for, great fathering and respect for women. I can't say I found much to disagree with either. He really is as great (or perceived to be as great) as the book describes.

Like eating all desserts - if you like them you will go back for more at another time. I stopped reading this book when the syrup got too thick, but when my system has recovered I will definitely pick around the plate for more.
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I really enjoyed this book! I read it as an e-arc but given the illustrations and sidebars I imagine the finished print copy will have the feel of a browsable coffee table type book. If you're a fan of Dwayne The Rock Johnson (and who isn't), this is just the perfect blend of biography and analysis of what makes him SUCH a delightful celebrity figure.
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I loved this book. I mean, I was excited about the idea from the get-go, a series of essays on a singular pop culture topic that I enjoy? This book was an easy sell for me.

That being said, I've been burned by this kind of book before. Dean's writing is so personable and witty that there's no way this book doesn't work. He treats his subject with great reverence, is totally serious, yet you feel as if he's smirking the whole time. Wonderful. Fun and informative. Like a good pop culture text, it makes you want to rush out and revisit the things referenced in the book.

As a teacher, this will be a great source of mentor texts. This is how you talk about the work of an artist, this is how you discuss moments and pieces of media, this is how you present, and reflect upon a career. The variety of forms make it a valuable mentor text source, as Dean includes numerous ways to write analysis that brim with life, instead of coughing dust.
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