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Okay, so even though I enjoyed reading this book I'm only giving it a 3*.

It can get a bit confusing as it wrote in different peoples perspectives. Although does all make sense in the end. Although I'm still not totally sure why one of the ladies whole life was basically in this book it didn't seem all that significant... I guess in a way toward the end it was though...

Was a good easy read though and it was quite interesting too. I would recommend if you can keep up with it and the different point of views.
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Really enjoyed this book. It was interesting to see things through Lily and Yvonne's eyes and slowly uncover their secrets. Good twist at the end too. Looking forward to reading more from Charlotte Duckworth!
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Unbeknownst to single mother Lily and photographer Yvonne they have something in common with each other and millions of other internet users, an obsession with the vlogs that journalist - turned - mummy - influencer posts on YouTube. Watching her everyday life unfold online is the highlight of their lives. But then, one day Violet disappears from the online world, her entire social media presence deleted overnight, with no explanation.

Conjecture and suspicion spreads across social media faster than a online virus. Where is Violet?.Has she simply decided that sharing her life online is no longer a good idea or has something terrible happened to her?

Violet's fans are obsessed with finding out the truth but in this enthralling tale of secrets, lies and deceptions, some characters are not who they appear to be and discover that sometimes actions have serious consequences.I

The chapters of this thriller alternated between Lily and Yvonne and there was a few chapters that were voiced by Violet's husband Henry. I can't honestly say that I thought any of them was very likeable for various reasons but I did feel a lot of sympathy for Lily's young son Archie and Yvonne's husband Simon. Interspersed throughout the story there was snippets from the online conversations between a group of women on the GoMums social media site. They spent their time speculating on what had happened to Violet and passing judgement on who they thought was involved. Only to swiftly change their tune when the truth was revealed. This is one of the disadvantages of modern day society, people are far too quick to judge people and jump to conclusions without knowing the full facts. They can pass judgement whilst hiding behind their computer screens without fear of recriminations.

Unfollow Me is a well written,scarily realistic debut tale of obsession, secrets, deception, judgement and the dangers of living your life in the public eye. The gripping story is very addictive, keeps the reader guessing and holds your attention throughout. I really enjoyed this enthralling thriller and look forward to reading more books by this author in the future.
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I don't remember ever requesting this book last year but it's affecting my review rating which is preventing me from getting new ARC books now. I'm no longer able to download the book to read so i can't write a review. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Five stars because i must give a rating and i don't want to hurt the average of a book I haven't read.
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A cautionary tale into the world of social media and the people you can encounter. Great feeling of suspense built up throughout, unfolding as the characters developed.
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I would firstly like to thank Netgalley and the publishers for allowing me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I really enjoyed this one. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time! The story itself may be a little over the top and a tad unrealistic but it sure did have all the makings of a great unravelling, twisty read! 
Can't wait for this author's next!
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Loved this! It kept me guessing as to how the characters were all linked and what had happened to Violet. It was very clever how it was plotted and nothing was quite as it seemed. Would love to read more from this author. Thank you to Netgalley, the author and Quercus for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Violet Young, ‘yummy mummy vlogger’ lives a perfect life online. With her three beautiful children, a supportive husband and a huge house in London, she videos their daily lives to millions of followers. Until one day, everything stops. No social media accounts can be found, and Violet seems to have vanished completely. With reports of screaming from their family home, could the supposed perfect family be unravelling? And where is Violet? 

This starts with alternating chapters between two Violet supposed ‘superfans’, Lily and Yvonne, questioning what has happened to Violet and why she would take down her social media accounts. Rumours spear amongst the mum forums over what could have happened, leading Lily to undertake her own investigation. We determine almost straight away that neither woman is a reliable narrator, twisting the truth to suit their needs, and both seem to have an uncomfortable connect to Violet they’d rather forget. The story itself is fast paced and well written with enough twists to pull me into the story straight away and keep me hooked until the end. Although the two main characters never meet, their stories weave together well to give contrasting looks into Violet’s world. 

Deeply flawed and at times unlikeable, there’s a level of desperation with Yvonne that filters through her chapters that at least gives a reason behind her actions. As we see more of her backstory, although she’s never particularly likeable, at least I came understand her behaviour. Lily I struggled to understand. She’s selfish, obsessive and dangerous without even realising it. A formula that can only spell trouble. My dislike of her meant I really struggled at times to connect with her emotions and storyline, finding her too self centred for me to care. 

Part way through the narrative we are also introduced to Violet’s husband Henry. Always respectable and charming on camera, he slowly begins to unravel in the wake of what happened that night. His voice is a welcome change from the two women, as he tries to explain his selfish actions away by blaming his wife, his lifestyle and his past. Still manipulative to the end. I liked that throughout,  Violet remains an almost enigmatic character - mentioned by all, but rarely seen or spoken. It added to the overall atmosphere of the book. 

I’m enjoying this rise in ‘techno thrillers’. They offer a new and creative look into the negative sides of the digital age, and have a lot of scope to run for a while yet. Interesting premise, flawed characters (although I could have done without Lily) and decent writing make this a good addition to the pack.
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This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I really enjoyed it.   Good characters and an excellent storyline.   However there were times I was getting a little confused about the characters and there part in the story.  Overall though an excellent read..
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I thought I was going to struggle with this book as I find women who live their lives vicariously through someone else's, lacking in any sense. Fortunately the story did grow on me and although not a favourite, it was interesting a lot of the time.
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Unfollow Me by Charlotte Duckworth was one of those books that I picked up without knowing anything about the author, or even much about the book. And it GRIPPED me from beginning to end.

Thanks to Quercus Books for giving me for giving me a copy of this book for review consideration. As always, no matter what the source of the book, you get my honest, unbiased opinion.


* The complex characters – they reminded me of the old rhyme ‘There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, it doesn’t behoove any of us to speak evil of the rest of us’. I loved how complicated and contradictory they were.

* The toxic Social Media influencer setting – so realistic and recognisable 

* The slow burner plotline – keep me guessing and guessing and guessing. I don’t know if I was being extremely slow or what, but it took me forever to grasp what was really happening, and that kept me reading as fast as I could.

* Online friendships – a bit unnerving as they show how little you know about them, but I loved this aspect

* The ending. It gave me chills, as it hinted that everything was not tied up perfectly.

Overall I loved this dark page-turner, and highly recommend it for a fast and furious read.


I’d suggest you read this if you love reading about the toxic side of social media, and like realistically flawed characters. Also recommended to fans of Lucy Dawson, Lucy Clarke and Andrea Marr.
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Wow!!! My second Ducksworth book did not disappoint!  Original and scary, but so realistic!! Tense, shocking, chilling, and thrilling!  This book is so much better than even the rival!  Highly recommend to my fellow thriller lovers looking for originality!
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Compulsive reading, this is an addictive suspenseful psychological thriller like no other.

The plot is unpredictable with lots of twists and turns along with solid engaging characters.
There is also a sense of dread as the story deals with the deep and dark corners of the human psych.

I very much enjoyed this and would recommend it to anyone!
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really liked the subject of this book!!

So fresh and keeping up with all the nowdays subjects and trends!!

Very clever story and the way it was unfolded made the book so easy to read!! I devoured it in 2 sittings!!

5* from me, definitely recommend!!
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I found this a little confusing when I first started reading, after some time, the storylines for the different characters came together and things made sense!
The author captures how everyday people can become obsessed with the social media associated with a famous person, the obsession shown was quite intense. The obsessed characters clearly used this following to help forget about their own sorry lives and to avoid confronting how to address their own issues.
I enjoyed this read and its moral message, the author writes honestly and brutally at times but has delivered an excellent story which most people can relate to, especially if they follow celebrities online.
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First of al a huge thank you to, Netgalley, Quercus Books and the author for granting me the ARC in exchange for my honest review. Through her website and social media accounts, mummy vlogger Violet Young almost reached a celebrity status among her followers. She entertains and inspires numerous of women by posting regular updates on her seemingly perfect family. That is untill all of het accounts suddenly go blank. Without warning and explanation for her absence, some of Violet's most devoted followers decide to take matters into their own hands in finding out what happened... What comes next is a very clever story about two women each dealing with issues like envy, loss and how to cope as a single mother. I truly loved this character driven story and the way it's told from two perspectives, Lilly and Yvonne. Charlotte Duckworth paints a very vivid picture of our present day obsession following other people's life online. She came up with an amazing plot and is a great story teller. I highly recommend this book if you like gripping, twisty and addictive reads! 
PS: Charlotte I can't wait for book 3 to come out!
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Thank you to NetGalley, Charlotte Duckworth and the publishers for an advance copy. I really enjoyed Charlotte's first book The Rival and had been hearing about Unfollow Me for a little while before I had the opportunity to request it. The concept captured my imagination immediately. As a lover of Instagram, I could totally relate to becoming engrossed in the life of someone that you are never likely to meet. Charlotte has a fantastic ability to pinpoint a fear and draw you in. Her characters are extremely believable and the premise of both of her books have meant that you can put yourself in the protagonist's position easily.

Unfollow Me was a great read, I was absorbed within a few pages and I really couldn't put the book down. I would recommend this book if your heading off on a journey as it will make it pass by in a flash.
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Nothing is as it seems, neither Violet's life published in detail on her famous vlog, nor the lives of her followers. Lies and deceit wherever you look.

What starts like a crime thriller evolves in surprising revelations of past lies that have consequences and the separate stories are coming together in the end. Everybody is seeking love, but love needs honestly, and that's hard to find, but guilt is following whatever you do.
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Unfollow Me is a thriller with a difference, that had me galloping through to the end but falling for some of the red herrings that this book has.
Violet is a vlogger and has an abundance of followers but suddenly disappears, shutting down her on line accounts including her popular YouTube account. The book is told from the perspective of Lily and Yvonne, these are two women that follow Violet intensely but for very different reasons. 
This was a solid read with a lot of twists and turns along the way that made it hard to put this down. I loved the way the story of the two women seamlessly came together with no gaps and although the characters weren’t really likeable there were parts of their lives that were relatable and I think that was down to the great writing. I’m not going to go into the storyline as I think this is best read with little knowledge to fully enjoy the reveals.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Quercus Books for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved this book. A great story it drew me in almost immediately. Highlighting our love/hate relationship with social media and how we hide behind it. Great characters. Would recommend for an easy read.
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