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Dark Spiral Down

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Thank you NET GALLEY for my copy

Cole and Butch are an interesting pair and the back in time back and forth to China is somewhat reminiscent of the old "Kung Fu" show from television.  I enjoyed this one
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Dark Spiral Down kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end with wondering how else Cole Haufner was going to battle through and try to save his brother.  

You introduced to Cole as he finished off a major MMA fighter with the skill of a natural.   But quickly overnight he goes from being a father celebrity in the fighting world to being a broken man alone and wondering what happened to his brother.  

Without thinking Cole makes a decision that finds him in land far from home, completely out of his area of expertise, while fighting against multiple fronts to stay alive and possibly save his brother.   

Michael Houtz does a great job pulling you into the world of the Special Forces and covert espionage where you dont know who can be trusted.
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