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I was so grateful to be with Sadie once again.  For me 'The Candy Cane Caper' was near perfect.  The only issue I had was wondering how I could get away with making a candy cane cake in July! The pace of the mystery was expert, with so many reveals and twists and turns that kept me guessing until the resolution.  The love that permeates this story moved me regularly to tears.  I had to stop and get tissue, clean the drops off my glasses and start reading again -- it was just lovely.  I sincerely hope to hear more from Sadie and Pete.  It would be nice to have them in my world.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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I enjoyed the mystery in this book. I loved the Christmas theme surrounding the story but my most favorite part was the relationship that Mary had with her loved ones. It touched my heart as I was reminded of my little neighbor who passed away about a year ago. She was 102. The circumstances were completely different from the book but I felt the same tenderness for an elderly neighbor. 

The mystery was good. There were enough red herrings that I didn't figure out who did it until Sadie did. The recipes through out the book will add a little something for anyone who enjoys time in the kitchen. And the ending was a sweet surprise. 

No sex, language or violence
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It's the first book I read by this author and really appreciated this nice and entertaining cozy mystery.
I liked the well written cast of characters, the setting and the plot full of twists and turns.
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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I really enjoyed this book, even though I haven't read the others in the series. It made me hungy (expected) and cry (unexpected). While this is a cosy Christmas mystery, it can be read anytime of the year you want some of that Christmas magic. Unlike other mysteries with murder, this one focused on the theft of expensive and unique items, and had me guessing until the end. I recommend this book and will definately be seeking out more from this author.
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Let me start by staying I don’t typically read crime mystery novels because I don’t like violence/gore and the suspense gives me anxiety while I’m reading. But I LOVE this author - one of my absolute favs - so I decided to step outside of my comfort zone.

As someone late to the Sadie scene, I can say this book stands alone well. I loved all the recipes mixed in, and the contrast of Sadie’s homey personal life gave me some relief when the intensity was building in the mystery. I thought the story was great, the layers to the characters as well as the plot, were so well done. And I really loved the faith and relationship aspects. These were delicate subjects and I felt they were dealt with beautifully.

I enjoyed this book so much that I’m eager to start at the beginning and read the rest of the series!
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Warning:  This book will make you hungry

Josi Kilpack's Sadie Cunningham series are cozy mysteries with recipes interspersed between the chapters.  The cover alone has me wanting hot chocolate with a candy cane stirrer.  

This particular episode is a sentimental, cozy Christmas mystery that centers around the ornament collection of Sadie's elderly friend, Mary.  I've looked at designer ornaments before and the variety is fascinating - beautiful and fun..  The prices can be impressive, too, lol.  If you've time, I encourage you to google the subject.

The story's characters are fully dimensional, relationships are carefully built, and the mystery is deftly constructed.  It was very believable - including the critical whodunnit and how it happened.  

While there are some sad elements in the story, overall it's light and fun.  The ending in particular was so sweet and happy - this is a great piece of Christmas cheer and family love, no matter what time of year you happen to be reading it.
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The Caper Cane Caper is part of A Culinary Mystery series. What a fun read. I give it four and a half stars. Recommended.
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This is one of the coziest cozies I've ever read. It was sweet and charming, filled to the brim with some delicious-sounding recipes that I can't wait to try. I will definitely look for more from this author in the future.
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Sadie is back with another delightful culinary mystery! Sadie, a former PI, is now an author and happily married to Pete a police detective. In this fun Christmas tale Sadie is tasked with putting her sleuthing cap back on and helping find a dear friends set of special family ornaments. Wonderfully written with a fun list of suspects and full of delicious holiday recipes! Josi had me guessing whodunit up until the very end!
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This was the first  Sadie Cunningham book I've read, but it definitely stands alone. I love Christmas mysteries and this is a wonderful story.  Sadie's dear friend Mary is facing her last Christmas in a nursing home and has Sadie set up her tree with a large collection of valuable vintage ornaments. When some of the most valuable ones disappear, Sadie is determined to recover them before the blind Mary can learn they are missing. Both touching and sad. Fans of Joanne Fluke will love the recipes scattered among the chapters.
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I received this ARC via Netgalley and the publisher in return for an honest review. This is not the first book in this series but can be read as a stand-alone.  It's the story of a former PI, Sadie Hoffmiller, now married to a police detective, Pete Cunningham.  It's the second marriage for them both and, with Christmas coming, Sadie's feeling lots of stress about a blended family holiday, particularly with Pete out of town on a case and a major snow storm coming toward their home in Fort Collins, CO.   This is a very gentle mystery, with a focus on solving the robbery of her friend, Mary.  Mary is approaching the end of her long life and planning for one more Christmas in her assisted living facility. Sally comes to help decorate her tree, including with special ornaments that Mary's father brought back at the end of WWI.  Sally realizes that the ornaments are worth lots and lots of money, so she's concerned about having them 'just hanging' in Mary's room, particularly since Mary has become blind.  By the next morning, Sally's concerns are realized and several ornaments are missing.  So - snow storm, blended family challenges, spouse out of town, Mary's local family with issues - Sally steps in to make Christmas magic happen as best she can for all of her loved ones.  This is a gentle story, of love and hope and faith and redemption.
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The theft of a friend’s priceless, family-legacy Christmas ornaments brings amateur detective and culinary expert, Sadie Hoffmiller, back on the case in a new standalone cozy mystery.

In the latest chapter to the Culinary Mystery series, amateur detective Sadie Hoffmiller continues combining her sleuthing with her cooking and baking to connect with people and gain information she might otherwise not have access to. Moreover, now that Sadie is married to Detective Pete Cunningham, she has a street-savvy husband to test out her crime-solving theories.

Thank you to net galley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read this book
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SADIE IS BACK and I could not stop reading!
The story setting is wonderful-
The crime is perfect-- until Sadie solves it :)
The recipes are calling my name-
And the ending is heart-melting.
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Kindle Copy for Review from NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing.

I received a free, advance copy of this book and this is my unbiased and voluntary review.

Stolen family heirloom ornaments leads amateur detective Sadie Hoffmiller, a culinary expert on solving another case.

As Christmas is approaching a nearly blind 94 year old woman wants to decorate her Christmas tree with her family ornaments one more time before she gives them to her great great granddaughter.  But she becomes a victim of a robbery as the ornaments were valued to be worth $40,000.

Sadie will find time to work her crime solving into her busy holiday preparations.  Lots of yummy recipes included in this tasty cozy that will have you yearning for Christmas goodies.
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The Candy Cane Caper is the 13th book in the A Culinary Mystery Series by Josi S. Kipack.  I have not read any of the previous books, but I found that I was able to pick up and enjoy this book without the benefit of the knowing all the backstory of the family and the town.  Sadie is a former private detective and a baker, who is preparing for the holiday season.  As part of her preparations, she is visiting a friend in a nursing home, who happens to own a very rare collection of ornaments.  When some of the ornaments go missing, Sadie puts herself on the case to retrieve them to give her friend one final joyous holiday.  An unusual mystery in that the central crime is theft, not murder.  There are plenty of suspects and clues and it is an intriguing case.  Well paced cozy mystery with a fun holiday theme.
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Sadie Hoffmiller’s friend and neighbor, Mary Hallmark, is in Hospice care and Sadie is committed to making her friend’s last Christmas as special as she can.  Mary has asked that her family heirloom Christmas ornaments be set up on a tree in her room and Sadie obliges.  But over night several of the highly collectible and pricey ornaments disappear.  Sadie vows to get them back in time for Christmas, hoping to spare having to tell Mary that they have been stolen and keeping the Christmas celebration one the entire family can cherish.

While this is the first book I have read in this series that ended in 2014, it is certainly a solid stand alone.  Filled with recipes throughout the book you can enjoy the culinary delights that Sadie is making right along with her friends and family.  Even better, I found a new (to me) series that will allow me to binge on a dozen books without having to wait for a new one to be released.  Truly cozy, not even a murder in this one!
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I happened to find this series at my library. It was a pleasant surprise to find such a great cozy mystery series right at my fingertips.
I was very happy to read and review The Candy Cane Caper.

I enjoyed every bit of it and it was interesting to read about the collection of Christmas ornaments.
I would recommend this book and the entire series.
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