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This book is so beautiful. It is so heart warming. It is so inspiring. 

I loved this book so much. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this piece of art is. This book *sighs* has to be one of my all time favorites. 

The characters were amazing and to die for. Every single one of them I loved. I want them to be real so I can become friends with them. 

The feelings were authentic, real, and so heart breaking at times. I literally nearly started sobbing at a few parts. 

I loved the portrayal of handicaps. I am the older sister of an amputee. My younger brother, who we adopted from China, is missing one of his legs from his knee down. He lost it due to health problems. The portal of handicaps made my heart cry out. It made me nearly start to cry. It made me cheer, "yes, finally someone says it!" You are not the handicap. Your handicap does not define who you are. This is why I loved this book so much. 

The romance was so adorable and so realistic. I highly enjoyed reading how Tessa and Weston fell in love. 

Y'all this book was amazing and deserves so much recognition. This beauty comes out in September. Y'all really need to go check it out and pre-order it. It is worth the money!!
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A poignant and heartfelt novel by Abbie Emmons. It is all about hope, healing, getting back up when life knocks you down. I love how it dealt with themes like strong family relations,mental illness and disability , sweet romance.

Plot :
Tessa Dickinson, 16yrs old home schooled teen blogger recently met with an accident and lost her sight temporarily. She felt trapped in the darkness and helpless. Being a poetic blogger she has friends in her blogging community only. So her grandparents decided to hire a person who can help her in posting her poems and blogs with the help of  newspaper advertisement. There Weston enters into our story. Weston, is a teen boy who was amputated but he has an optimistic way of looking into his life. However,he came to know about Tessa and decided to help her . He wanted to help her because he was in her position once and he knows how it feels like. 

Tessa is so relatable to every bloggers. At first, we see Tessa as a cold, complex, miserable and pessimistic person. But with the story progresses we see how she grows with her emotional stability. This book actually describes 100 days if Tessa's life where she is temporarily blind and how her pessimistic life changes over these days. 
Weston, is so optimistic. Totally opposite to Tessa's character. I really loved the way how Weston treats his life. How he treats his disability in a positive attitude. I am in love with Weston. 

This story is a beautiful presentation of how people treats their disability. Both the characters are really lovely and their feelings were so real. The romance in this book is so sweet and adorable and realistic. What I love about this book is the writing style. How Abbie divided the book into five sections with five senses that is smell, hearing, taste, vision and touch. I will say very brilliant way of writing and this is what I love this novel the most.
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This was an interesting and entertaining read. I always like to support books featuring characters with a disability, and with blind Tessa and legless Weston, this definitely hit the mark. How would you react if you were rendered temporarily blind? I think Tessa's reaction was pretty realistic. It did make her annoying at times, but as an adult reading YA that's par for the course now and again.

Apart from the slightly unbelievable set-up that throws Weston into Tessa's path, I found the characters and story believable and realistic. The dialogue flowed well, and the plot was well-paced. Weston was a really great character, Tessa only slightly less-so, and the supporting cast of family and friends were all very well-written. I don't read YA that often these days, but this one grabbed me on Netgalley and I'm so glad I decided to give it a go. I look forward to reading more by Abbie Emmons.
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This book is a split POV about a girl who loses her sight after a car accident and a boy who offers to help her update her blog. I enjoyed the concept of this story, but felt it could have been refined a bit more. The author does a lot of explaining how the characters are feeling rather than showing it which negatively impacted the reading experience. Also, I found the female POV to be very unlikable possibly because most of her chapters were spent complaining about her feelings while the male POV was more focused with interacting with other characters. Overall, I did not enjoy this book, but it was a pretty quick read.
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100 Days of Sunlight is a YA contemporary romance about the power of positivity and seeing beauty in unexpected places. A car accident leaves Tessa temporarily blinded and feeling defeated. When Weston comes to help her write her poetry, he makes it his mission to help Tessa experience life through all her senses…but he doesn’t want her to know what he has overcome to keep his optimism. 

I found this to be a delightful and sweet summer read, reminiscent of The Fault in Our Stars and other stories like that. The book switches between Tessa’s and Weston’s points of view, and I definitely enjoyed Weston’s POV more. His story and his voice were moving, and I loved hearing about his brothers and best friend. I was not as big a fan of Tessa’s character. I didn’t like how she treated her grandparents and Weston, even though she was struggling with the emotional effects of her accident. I guess the introverted book worm cliché should have appealed to me, but I couldn’t connect with her character. After my initial disbelief at Weston just showing at Tessa’s house uninvited, his backstory and the things he does to help Tessa experience beauty redeemed the book for me. I recommend this to YA romance readers who want a wholesome and heartwarming read. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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When I first received a copy of this from Net Galley, I thought it was an eBook only, and was disappointed that I wouldn't be able to stock it.  I have just seen that we can get it from the US, in actual book form, so that's great news.

I loved both characters, and felt they were believable.  Tessa's anger came through strongly at the start of the book, and this was exactly how I would expect a teenager to feel, if something like this happened to them.  I love books that make me ask myself how I would feel/react in a similar situation...and that's what I did with Tessa.

And wow, Weston!  Can I say that I really cringed when reading about his accident, and I wanted to shake him when he just ignored the pain and soldiered on....especially knowing what the outcome was.  I also loved his relationship with his brothers...
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OH MY WORD. I have been waiting to read this book before I knew what it was. I've been excited for this book ever since I started following Abbiee's blog and instagram, and it's finally out!!! I'm SO excited, and it's an AMAZING BOOK. (If you haven't seen the post I did for her blog tour, including a guest post from Abbie herself you can find it here)

I had all the intentions to write a twitter live-reaction thread while doing it buuuut it was too good and I finished it before I remembered. #oops. I ended up going back and writing down my thoughts though, so if you want to read initial reactions: it's here

People always say to not judge a book by its cover, but in this case, THE COVER IS GORGEOUS AND EVERYTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD AND IT ALSO MAKES SENSE IN THE BOOK AND CAN I JUST HUG IT. (There's 100 Days of Sunlight merch out and it's THE BEST THING EVER (if anyone is thinking about buying me something . . . .😉))

Fangirling aside, I really enjoyed this book! Although it was written on the simplistic side and it was kiiiiiiinda cheesy, it was SO sweet and it was so similar to my life right now. It also definitely made me cry (who'd've thunk).

My favorite part about this book was how it was divided up into the different senses and the different focus each section was on. Tessa and Weston are absolutely adorable and are the sweetest. Weston's relationship with his friend Rudy, as well as Tessa's relationship with her blogging friends (!!!!!) are also the sweetest and was really nice to see (as opposed to a lot of other YA contemps which are only focused on the MCs and no one else).

My only issue with the book is that I'm not certain of what age demographic this is meant for? On one hand, I'm inclined to say that it's for a younger audience, because of the simplified love story and the cliche-ness of it all, but also there was a bit of language used. I personally didn't mind it, but I know that younger (more judgmental) me would have been appalled at it. Readers of all ages will loVe this story, but I'm just,,not certain exactly if that's an issue for anyone else.

Overall? I'm SO HYPED ABOUT THIS book and it doesn't disappoint. I've already begun rereading it and I'm super excited. This is my summer of reading contemps that make me cry and 100 DOS is no exception.

My Rating-

Things liked-
    and it made me cry loL
    Tessa and Weston are the cutest and remind me of my own story
    That cover is goRgeous??!

Things disliked-
    kiiiinda simplistic and also there was some language
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Tessa is a blogger and when she loses her eyesight,even if the doctor says its for 100 days, she loses her will. She thinks it's the end of her life as a blogger and she is disheartened. But guess what her life changes when Weston the optimistic guy,(that's the only word which comes to mind for him). Their relations is very shaky at the start. But till the end of the book everything changes. 
The character in the book are well developed.Tessa and Weston are both insecure about something, but their take to those are so different from each other. Also the book is so cutesy. There is song writing, Polaroid camera, and waffle!!! Who doesn't like all this in a book. 
I will suggest this book for the summer, as it gives all those vibes. And it's such a good story. It's fuzzy and warm, and will give you all the feels. And at the end you will wish you had someone like Weston in your life. So pick up your copy of the book its out already . And give this warm story a try, I promise you will like this book!
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The book follows teenage blogger and poet Tessa Dickenson. After an accident leaves her temporarily blind, Tessa falls into a state of helplessness. When amputee, Weston, meets Tessa, he becomes determined to help her recognize the beauty there is in life, even if she isn't able to physically see it. 

I don't read young adult contemporary novels very often, so picking up 100 Days of Sunlight was something out of my comfort zone. I wanted to love it because I love Abbie and her writing, but as a reviewer I knew I also needed to analyze the book honestly. It's a hard thing to do sometimes, but luckily Abbie did not disappoint! 

The first half was harder for me to get into, I found Tessa to be a little dramatic and inconsiderate at times, but when people are in difficult situations you never know how it might make them act. If the whole book was in her perspective, I probably would have had a harder time really enjoying her journey. But this is a story told in two perspectives, from the minds of both Tessa and Weston.

This is definitely a character driven book, and Weston's character worked well to contrast and balance Tessa's character. I loved his backstory and what he did to bring Tessa out of her slump. I would have been happy if the book was told entirely in his voice.

By the second half, as the relationships are established and the plot really gets going, I found myself reading so fast and happy sighed when it was finally over. 

I love books like this one that can focus on heavier, deeper topics like disabilities and depression while also being light-hearted. While terrible things do happen to people and it's very difficult, life does move on, and there are light-hearted moments between everything else. I feel like Abbie did a great job at balancing those themes of trial and redemption in this book.

I'm so happy that other people are finally able to read and enjoy this beautiful book.
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100 Days of Sunlight
By Abbie Emmons 

I loved this young adult story even though I rarely read this genre.  I loved the bright yellow cover in its brilliant, bold Ray's of sunshine.  Now, without further ado I must get to my review.

Adults, teens, people of any age would adore this book for the promises of seeing the positive aspects of life are always, always so much worth looking for when we are delivered life's unexpected blows.  Tessa is temporarily blinded by a car accident she was in.  She is not used to her loss of eyesight even though the doctors assure her it is only temporary.

Weston is a boy who has a more permanent disability as he has had both of his legs amputated at the knee.  Weston answers an ad for a typist to assist Tessa in continuing to write her blog made by her loving grandfather.  The only caveat that Weston insists upon is that nobody tell Tessa about his condition.

This book is so full of hope for people who have suffered loss as it explores both physical and mental disabilities.  Weston shows Tessa that in life there is always many things to be grateful for even in our darkest moments.  This book brings the characters to three dimensional development and they all feel very, very real.

This is a novel that is self published and has a universal message to all walks of life.  This was a very easy read that I devoured in under just three hours.  I will be adding the physical hard copy to my bnb own personal library.

Thank you to Net Galley and Abbie Emmons for providing me with my digital copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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I wanted this book because of the cover and man the love didn't stop there.  I almost DNFed this one because Tessa was being a whiny and it was really getting to me.  But then I really took a second to think about how I would feel if I was in an accident and lost my sight and now I had to wait for 100 days to see if your going to get it back.  So I kept my loathing for her to a minimum and tried to really feel where she was coming from.  And I am happy that I did.  This was one kick butt indie title that I could not put down!!  It had everything that I was looking for in a contemporary novel and I will be back for more!! 

The pacing was great as was the writing.  I never felt lost or confused.  The characters were all there and present and everyone had a job to do.  I really loved the mystery surrounding the POV being from two different characters.  It gave the title a well rounded storyline to follow!  

I can't wait to see what book Emmons comes out with next.  And I will really need to get a finished copy of this one soon!! 

Last but not least OMG that cover!!!!  Ive seen some good indie covers but this one looks like its from the major publishers!!
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This book was an enjoyable read, though it was slow in places. The characters were enjoyable and I liked how Weston was so determined to get through to Tessa. The concept was interesting as well and it was great to see a diverse range of disabilities even if one was temporary. All in all a good read :)
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100 Days of Sunlight was a great summer read! Although the main character is dealing with sudden blindness it was actually quite cheerful and happy. I loved the journey Tessa was on throughout the book and her relationship with Weston was very well written. I'd recommend this to young adults!
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I loved this book. As a librarian for Middle and High, I think this book would be a hit with all the girls. 
The book is predictable, but wonderfully written. The main theme of attitude is applicable in so many way in our lives and those of teens. The love story is an added plus in attracting readers. 
I recommend it highly.
I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley but the opinions stated are all my own.
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I recieved an eARC of this on NEtGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I adored this story. I read through it in a single sitting, in a couple of hours and found myself completely captivated by the story. I was initially drawn to the story because of the aspect of a main character who is temporarily blind and how that might affect the story telling, but aside from her needing help with the writing and the outburst, especially in the beginning, I didn't really notice it in the writing and I still can't make my mind up if that is good or bad. What I will say is that I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two main characters and how they slowly get closer.

I think this book has so much potential, it's a sweet story without much surprise, you know where it's going and that's okay, because the characters make the journey worth it. I was pleasantly surprised with the sibling relationship, which is something that is always important to me.

I know that I would love to add this book to my physical collection.
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First off, let me just say that I ADORED this book and all of my emotions are a jumble of "OHMYWORDTHISBOOKWASAWESOME," but I'll do my best to write a coherent review anyway. XD

The characters were spectacular. Tessa was relatable enough and so well-written and realistic that I almost felt like I could put myself in her shoes and experience what she was experiencing. Which doesn't happen very frequently at all for me, so I'm SUPER impressed. Top marks to Abbie for that alone. Tessa was a really enjoyable character, but I'm struggling to think up any specific things I loved about her (though I know they were there) because WESTON.

Weston... Where do I even start... This boi brazenly stole my heart, filled it with sunshine, and walked off with it. I think he wins the award for biggest book crush ever. He's so sweet and stubborn and strong and courageous and HE PLAYS UKULELE AND SINGS, ON TOP OF EVERYTHING ELSE. And he's funny and sarcastic and WONDERFUL. He does so. much. to overcome everything, and it's so, so cool to read. It's super inspiring. OH. And his relationships with his brothers are so sweet and so much fun to read (I LOVE to read about older brothers with their younger siblings) and so relatable.

And their relationship! They're so fun together, and so adorable, and I CALLED THAT ONE THING FROM CHAPTERS AHEAD AND I'M SO HAPPY IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. I have no words for how absolutely wonderful their relationship is.

And then there's the writing. Everything in this book was brilliantly described. It wasn't flowery or anything, but it was enough for me to conjure up some of the clearest images I think I've ever imagined while reading a book. AND EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL. This book is SO. AESTHETIC. Even the less upbeat scenes manage to be beautiful. They don't lose their potency--in fact, the beauty of the tone deepens the emotion and makes it all the more impactful. And the description isn't all. There's also a TRAINING MONTAGE. I don't think I've ever seen one of those in a book, at least not done well, but this one was PERFECT and SO. COOL. Plus, the characters' internal dialogue felt so natural and emotional and... *sighs* I could go on and on.

My only complaints about this book are about the consistent minor swears from Weston and Rudy and occasional inappropriate humor from Weston when the two of them are talking. But personally it was small and infrequent enough to not detract from the rest of the book.

To sum up, I squealed through the majority of this book and grinned like a maniac through the whole thing. It's just a beautiful, bright, sunshiny, inspiring, adorable, wonderful, heartwarming... I could never think of enough positive adjectives to describe this book, y'all. Just go read it.
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I’ll admit it.  I was drawn to 100 DAYS OF SUNLIGHT by Abbie Emmons for two reasons.  The first was the bright yellow cover that I thought would look amazing in any library and the second was that I’d never heard of the author before which always intrigues me.  Then when I read the plot description, I thought it was unique and might give me insight into the teenage mind a bit when facing hardship.  At the end of the day, I read this book in 3 hours and love how it was laid out.  It was so hopeful, often funny, and Tessa and Weston were very well developed in my opinion.  I liked the dual narrator and the photographs and the connection to all the senses. I also loved Rudy.  While some of the poetry was a bit much for me, I remember being a teenage poet where everything is so dramatic so that didn’t bother me by the end.  I think this is a good YA book for seeing past the surface and realizing people are so much more than how they appear.  Enjoyed it and there is a killer Spotify list at the end that I really loved too.
I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
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Let's be honest: the broad strokes of this plot are pretty predictable. An accident leaves the protagonist resentful of most everyone, especially of the endlessly positive boy she meets. There is a central message that negativity is useless, that through intentional positivity you can make significant changes in your life. While this is true it's also incredibly difficult. Depression and anxiety are nearly impossible to defeat through sheer force of will. It's something of a naive concept. It's easy to understand, digestible. Pleasant enough.
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This was a very interesting read and I loved the representation, both main characters had me falling for them too, and it was slightly heartbreaking to see the ending and how disabilities affected one of them. Would love to read more books 📚
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I ADORE this book! I love reading YA when I'm in a reading slump because they're so easy for me to get excited about, and this definitely did the job. It was so cute and there were many moments where I squealed from how adorable the two main characters were. 

If you're interested in YA romance with depth and tons of character development, this book is for you! The ended was a wonderful close, but left me wanting more. 

Love, love, love this book and can't wait to see what else I can read of hers!
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