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This pulled you along in the plot of family trying to find safety and overcome. I’d definitly recommend to my older students as an example of how we can survive if we persevere.
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i received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review. 

This book is a tale of twins, Torr and Cassidy, who are the Star Children.  There is a prophecy that they will save the world.  The alien Tegs have invaded Earth, and control a large portion of it.  

Torr is a warrior, Cassidy is a Shaman.   They need to figure out a way to escape Earth and find their Star People, so they can live up to the prophecy. 

The pace is quick and exciting, the ending leaves you wanting to pick up the next book in the series
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I'm sorry but unfortunately this book just wasn't for me. I really struggled to get into the world and the characters. After 100 pages I found myself completely skipping big blocks of text and ultimately decided to put it down around the half way mark.
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Anything dealing with the moon is almost immediately mystical and magical. Throw in a heart racing adventure and characters that will leave a mark on your heart and you have a masterpiece!
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Inventive world building reminiscent of Poul Anderson.

The late Grandmaster knew how to combine science fiction with fantasy into an entertaining whole and writer Palmer Pickering has done just that in this 2019 publication, beginning her Star Children Saga.

Some fans could call this YA because of the teenage protagonists, but I would not as there are mature subjects explored and plenty of violence.

Pickering describes a future world where aliens have visited and changed everything about global economics and politics. Similar to Ursual K. LeGuin’s Hain Cycle of stories, these aliens may be distant cousins and interbreeding is possible and has further confused the scene.

Our two young protagonists, Cassidy and Torr, are Star Children and here is where the author introduces fantasy elements into the SF template to add to the action / adventure.

The real hero here is Pickering herself who has created an impressive and exhaustively detailed universe.

Good speculative fiction.
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A very entertaining ride!  This is the first book in a space opera saga about a set of human twins Cassidy and Torr. They are put through their paces  while trying to leave earth for their inherited land on the moon. But Life has a different plan for them. As they learn of their heritage  and themselves  they are tasked with using their shaman magic to help save earth from aliens and corrupt earthlings as well. Story is very well written with a good understanding of world building. found myself captivated by the interactions of the twins and those around them. looking forward to reading more from this series.
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Moon Deeds by Palmer Pickering, an interesting premise, Twins destined for greatness, the star children are the only ones who can save the world. I had a hard time with the book, just a tad too much bad language for me to really enjoy it. Thank you for giving me a chance with this book.
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