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One of the things that I love best about Dorothy Koomson's books is the way her characters are so full of life that I am instantly within their story, and therefore the emotional aspects of the book hit hard.

Within Tell Me Your Secret we have two fabulous characters, Pieta, a mother and journalist with a massive secert in her past, and Jody a Detective Inspector looking for a killer. The killer is named the blindfolder because of his trademark need for the women he kidnaps to keep their eyes closed. It is all tense stuff but perhaps a tad over the touch for my tastes. I felt that the introduction of a couple of the strands of the plotting didn't sit quite right with me and so although I read to the end, I didn't feel as invested in this book as I have in many of the author's others.

The author has once again taken us to Brighton as a setting and the weaving of this arty community against the grim storyline provides a great contrast.
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I normally love Dorothy Koomson's books but this one was a little flat. I didn't really buy any of the characters. The killer and their weird incest-y motive seemed comic book-y. I finished it but it was a bit of a struggle. A shame because the idea--a victim being drawn into a case as a reporter--was good but the details were bad. I didn't get the point of the bully from her past coming back. Why would she give him the time of day? He was awful to her for decades then suddenly they are in love?? What??
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Dorothy Koomson is my favourite author and this was a highly anticipated read for me. 
I found the first one third of this book to be slower paced than her usual books, it didn’t quite grasp me in her normal way. But wow, suddenly everything changed and it is full of the usual twists, turns and massive surprises! 
I really enjoyed it. Thank you for another amazing read!
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I have read Dorothy Koomson since My Best Friend's Girl and her genre has evolved into something different. This is one of her best thrillers with emotional turmoil, horrendous crime and a chilling premise. I loved it.
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I am a huge fan of Dorothy Koomson’s books and her newest release, Tell Me Your Secret, has such a great premise that I couldn’t wait to get started on it. The plot is intricate and really engaging, but I did feel like some of it was a bit too far fetched, and I don’t usually feel this way with her books – usually I don’t feel like you have to suspend your disbelief too much, but some of the characters’ actions in this one felt a bit too far from reality, as did the conclusion to the ‘whodunnit’.

Saying all this, I definitely still enjoyed this read. It’s really intriguing and, although it’s pretty long at 480 pages, I raced through it. The multiple narratives – mainly told from Pieta and DCI Foster – work well together and allows the reader to slowly unravel more and more about the serial killer who seems to be kidnapping young women, holding and torturing them for 24 hours, and then either releasing or killing them. It is odd that the detective is called Jody Foster (but spelled -dy, not -die) and that this is mentioned quite a few times… why? Still, she’s a likeable and interesting character, as is Pieta. They both make decisions I don’t agree with, or at times that I feel are a bit stupid, but the story moves along at a good pace.

This book will definitely entertain you, I just don’t think it lives up to the high standard of Dorothy Koomson’s other novels. It’s an original and interesting premise, but perhaps some of the plot is just a little too far-fetched for me… It is still well worth a read, though!
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Wow, what a thrilling read!!! Imagine being kidnapped and then told you can survive, only if you don't open your eyes..... This sets the tone for a very entertaining, gripping read to holds your attention until the very end.
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I'm a pretty big Dorothy Koomson fan but for some reason after finishing this book I just felt a little bit disappointed. Pieta and Jody are the two focal points of this story and I must say the story of Peta was quite gruesome. I won't repeat what other people have said as the synopsis can be found above and I don't want to spoil he plot. Although the story was engaging and the writing was impeccable as ever I just didn't feel like I connected with this book for some reason and I can't even explain why.  Maybe because I felt it reached a little in terms of believably? I'm really not sure. What I will say is that I seem to be in the minority as most people absolutely loved this read so I am sure most people will enjoy, but sadly for me it lacked the normal magic DK sprinkles on her books
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What a wonderfully page turning book. It grips you right from the first few pages, whilst we are following the Blindfolders reign of terror over his victims. He has kidnapped women and released them but seems to be hunting them down again. The crimes are truly awful and you are desperate to see where the story leads next. I couldn't put the book down- as always with a new Dorothy Koomson.
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Pieta (reporter) and Jody (detective) both have secrets connected to “The Blindfolder”, who has returned to finish what was started years ago.  Well this was an unexpected story from this author!  Loved it and the two leading ladies, both heroic and ever so slightly mad, doing stuff they should never have done, at times bordering on the idiotic, but they can be forgiven.  Several loose ends are left, so hopefully there’ll be a sequel and it would make a fantastic TV series too.  A definite holiday read, a great way to pass the time, wherever you are.
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10 years ago, Pieta was kidnapped by a man calling himself 'the Blindfolder' who promised to release her if she could keep her eyes closed for 48 hours while he did whatever he liked to her. This came with so many twists and turns, I couldn't put it down! Fantastic book that keeps you guessing right to the end.
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I am a fan of Dorothy Koomson’s books so I was really looking forward to reading Tell Me Your Secret.

The story is written from two perspectives, Jody the detective in charge of the case and Pieta the journalist assigned to cover the story. However, both women have a bizarre link to the case, a decade of guilt, torment, and secrecy.

The serial killer or ‘The Blindfolder’ is about to strike again. It’s a race against the clock to catch him before he targets another victim. The women he kidnaps are told to keep there eyes shut for forty-eight hours, whilst he tortures them. If they can complete the sadistic challenge, they will be released alive. However, that is not the last they will hear from him.

I found this book very different from other Dorothy Koomson books I have read. It sent goose pimples up my spine and I found myself checking the locks on the doors. The writing is excellent as always, the characters mesmerising and the plot is twisty, chilling and full of secrets. A real page-turner, but not for the faint-hearted!
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DI Foster has been looking for The Blindfolder for years, building her case and seeking him out, when he starts to kill his past victims the investigation needs to move quickly. Callie one of the blindfolders victims wants to speak to the press and the journalist interviewing her is also a victim of the blindfolder but wants no one to know. 

Another brilliant book by Dorothy Koomson. I can’t wait for the next one.
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I have read several Dorothy Koomson books previously and they have been edge of the seat stuff, this one, for me sadly wasn't. 
I liked the main character of Jody and Pieta, 2 fabulously strong women very much, their stories were interesting.  
I was disappointed with the reasoning behind the crime and how the books direction went towards the end. 
I expected more depth from this author.
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I am a big fan of Dorothy Koomsons books and I loved this one. I was gripped the whole way through. I thought the story and the twists were brilliant.  Very well thought out and very well written.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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Have you read that blurb? Like seriously can a blurb suck you in more than this one? As soon as I read the blurb I couldn’t wait to read this. As I’ve read a few books previously by this author my expectations were high. She blew my expectations out of the water. I absolutely loved this story.

The Blindfolder is a very sick individual. He kidnaps women, keeps them for 48 hrs and then lets them go. He tells them he will find and kill them if they say anything to anyone. 
Jody and Pieta are two strong courageous characters that I really liked. 

Tell Me Your Secret is a fast paced gripping read that I couldn’t put down.  Definitely going to be one of my top reads this year.
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DI Jody Foster is investigating a serial killer who keeps women 48 hours and if they keep
Their eyes closed for the whole time he lets them go after mutilating them. Pieta is a journalist getting a scoop on one of the survivors of this madman, but she has her own story on surviving it. 

Wow this book was sensational. A very easy five stars! Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for this arc in exchange for my honest review.
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Dorothy Koomson is a fantastic author who had me gripped from the very first page right to the end.  So many twists and turns and just when you think you know what’s going to happen the opposite does and had me guessing right to the end.  Jody Foster is a great character who is determined to find the blindfolder and has dedicated her career to correcting a mistake she made as a young policewoman.  She needs to find him at all costs.  I neglected my husband terribly on holiday as I couldn’t put this down u timid finished it.
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I chose this book because I love Dorothy Koomson. The way she blends family drama and crime thriller ('emotional thrillers', the publisher calls them) is utterly brilliant!

Ten years ago Pieta (pronounced 'Peter') was kidnapped by someone calling himself The Blindfolder. If Pieta didn't keep her eyes closed for 48 hours, despite what he did to her, she'd be killed. Pieta survived, although she never told anyone what happened to her. But now The Blindfolder is killing off his past victims she may not have a choice.

Tell Me Your Secret is told from both Pieta's point of view and that of the police detective inspector (Jody) in charge of investigating the murders. There are also flashbacks to Pieta's experiences at the hands of The Blindfolder. Jody's chapters are told in a 'Dear Reader' kind of way, which I really liked. It gave a poignant edge to what could have been another 'flawed detective' character.

I loved the relationship between Pieta and her son, and I thought Pieta's monster boss was hugely entertaining. There's a couple of potential love interests too. Tell Me Your Secret has some great twists - they come thick and fast at the end, so pay attention! The book also makes a good point about how victims of crime are perceived - as 'victims' or 'fighters'.

Great cover, clever title, twisty emotional plot, terrific characters, edge-of-your-seat thrills, brilliant writing - have I missed anything out? Tell Me Your Secret is one of my favourite reads this year!

Thank you to Dorothy Koomson and Headline Review for my copy of this book, which I requested from NetGalley and reviewed voluntarily.
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Wow, this is pure genius. I am going to make this my 2nd favourite book for 2019. 

Ok so there is a detective in the story working the case over the past 13 years of the Blindfolder. Black women injected with a drug to paralyse them so as not to struggle. Abducted for 48 hours and they must keep their eyes shut or they will be ended. This story has an unusual storyline of a police detective inspector being seriously and personally involved with no progress being shown on who the blindfolded is. There is never any evidence left on the women to pinpoint who the abductor is. There are 2 aspects in this book Detective inspector Jody Foster and Pieta Rawlings, a journalist who gets to interview one of the survivors. All the women being held by the blindfolder are seriously damaged mentally and physically so are continuously wary of men in particular. 

Very well written with some positive outcomes for some of the characters and maybe a possible follow on? Thoroughly enjoyable.
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It's been a while since I read one of Dorothy Koomson's books and I had forgotten how addictive they are! I was hooked from the first page and finished the book in one day. The twists and turns kept me guessing until the end. A really enjoyable read.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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