The Fire Keeper (A Storm Runner Novel, Book 2)

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This is yet another great middle grade novel from the Rick Riordan presents line. Such a great sequel to The Storm Runner.
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I am so grateful to Disney Book Group and Rick Riordan Presents for the eARC of The Fire Keeper! I absolutely love this series!
The Fire Keeper picks up where The Storm Runner left off - with Zane and his family being hidden from the gods, but when he gets a message that might help him save his father he has to decide whether to risk safety to save him. 
Zane, along with his friends and family, set off on a dangerous quest, never knowing quite who to trust. 
Zane is full of heart and really tries to do what is best for his friends and family.  He has to make difficult choices, but he listens to his gut and always tries to do what is right. 
I just love this series, it has everything - magic books, a loyal hound, great friends, and a loving family — they just look a little different that you might expect! I’d recommend this series for kids( or adults!) who love mythology or fun action and adventure.
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You know that feeling when you just finish a book and you want to open it and read it all over again, just to experience it over? Times that by a billion and you might get a fraction of how I feel about The Fire Keeper. Going into this book I had a lot of expectations, and I was pretty much a mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement. I couldn't wait to start but I also didn't want to finish for fear of what might happen to the characters I loved so much. Needless to say, all of my expectations were met and then some. There were twists and turns around every corner and there was never a dull moment. Tons of did action-packed adventures, high stakes, and plenty of monster fighting. Pretty much everything you expect from a Rick Riordan Presents book. 

I love Cervantes's writing style. It's got just the right mixture of comic relief along with darkness and suspense. In The Fire Keeper, the writing style kind of bounced back and forth between humorous and a bit darker, which I loved. It does the same here, but Cervantes also settles into a kind of consistency that he didn't have in The Storm Runner, which made this an even better read, if possible. 

As for the character development, they all changed so much and I think each character shines through, even the ones who aren't my favorite and they're all really coming into their own.  They each have a lot of twists and turns as far as their personalities go.

The plot was very well-done. The drama, action, and humor, along with character friendships and relationships really balanced each other out. Yay for friendship! The action was very well-written. There were a lot of emotional scenes in this book as well, which gave me feels galore. I can't say much more than that without spoiling something and since a lot of people I know don't have this book yet, I don't want to spoil anything. 

Fans of Rick Riordan should read this book. (Like you have a choice.)
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The Fire Keeper by J.C. Cervantes is the second installment in the Storm Runner series, from the Rick Riordan Presents imprint. This second book is even better than the first.

Zane Obispo is desperate to leave his island paradise to save his father, Maya god Hurakan, from a tortuous imprisonment. As he and his secret crush and shapeshifter, Brooks, plot their escape, a mysterious girl in a trance drifts to the island in a boat with no oars or motor. 

Zane learns that other god-borns who read his account with the Maya gods (the first book, The Storm Runner) have been summoned. Eventually, Zane learns that he has two crucial tasks: save his father from execution and save the god-borns who were called by his book. Choosing one quest over the other comes with great risk of failing at both.

Twists, turns, dangers, humor, questions that need answered are on every page.

This is why my tutoring students love this series. We stop every few pages to make predictions. As usual, the kids learn the Maya gods' names quickly, remember the action-packed plot, and laugh in all the write places.

I've pre-ordered one copy and will probably have to buy a few more because my students want them right when they come out.

Thank you to NetGalley, J.C. Cervantes, and Rick Riordan Presents for sharing this eArc.
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Zane Obispo has made an error. His first story, The Storm Runner, was written on magical paper and when he sent the book out into the world, it called out to the other godborn children. Now they are in danger and he must save them to correct his mistake, but his father, the Mayan God, Hurakan, has also been imprisoned and Zane only has three days to save them all. Read “The Fire Keeper” to follow Zane on this epic journey to the Mayan World where he meets up with old enemies, like Ah Puch, faces death, and finds new friends. 
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Sneaky Mayan Gods, a tropical island paradise, and fire skills that are inherited? Oh my gosh if that sentence didn't draw you in then I don't know what will. This imprint by Rick Riordian is on fire (pun intended) and I am loving the talent that is coming with it! If incredible adventure and tropical paradises are your thing than give this book a try :)
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With The Fire Keeper, author J.C. Cervantes continues her Storm Runner series that centers around gods from Maya mythology. It populates an exciting and suspenseful adventure with characters that I came to care about.
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Zane and his friend are back in this fast paced sequel to the The Storm Runner.  This time Zane has created havoc among the Mayan world.  His call to the other godborns has not gone unheeded, but as they are a threat to some gods they are also a blessing to a certain god,  Zane will need all his friends, and new friends as well, to help try a save the godborns and his father  from certain death but he must remember that there is a traitor among them.  

This book is just as wonderful as the first, so full of action, suspense, Mayan lore, as well as some Mexican heritage. Very refreshing but nail biting at the same time.  It is the type of book that will have you reading late into the night under the covers by flashlight just to see what happens next to Zane and Rosie (oh yes, I love Rosie the hell hound that is so much more than a hell hound). 

This review will be posted on my blog on Sept 3rd
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I think I enjoyed this sequel even more than the first book. Zane continues to be a good kid who is just trying his best to do the right thing. Brooks remains a bit of an enigma but is a stalwart friend. I'm glad we got to see quite a bit of Hondo in this book, as well. I just really like him as a character. I enjoyed Ren's character and all that she added to the story. Mixing Ah Puch in was an interesting choice.

Lots of humor, adventure, fighting, monsters...everything that made the first story a lot of fun, but something about this book was just a little more enjoyable for me.

I had not purchased Storm Runner for my library because I had thought it was a little mature for elementary, but after reading some professional reviews, I think I will add it and Fire Keeper to my collection at my next opportunity.
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Danger. Adventure. Finding your way. Friends, family. This novel has it all! Quick paced and engaging, this second novel in the Storm Runner series is a must read!
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This is a very fun addition to the Storm Runner series.  The story picks up where it left off, with the main character, Zane, trying to figure out where is dad (Hurakan, the Aztec god) is and how he can connect with him. He and his family and friends have been exiled to an island paradise, which is all good, until they decide they have to go and rescue the other god-born kids as well as Zane's dad.  The story is very fast paced with lots of gory details (a river of pus!) to keep kids interested.  It also has a lovely connection to Aztec and Mexican folklore and language.
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This was a humorous addition to the Mayan mythology series, but not a conclusion...there will definitely be a third one!  The narrator is writing these books to appease the gods, and there is a lot of mythology tucked into the story line.  My middle school reviewer - who loves the Rick Riordan books - really enjoyed reading this one, and I think that most kids will, too!
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The second volume of the Storm Runner series is a huge improvement on the first. While the author continues to struggle with timing (early on the book feels like it's primary purpose it to prepare for a third book and by the end it seems unlikely this will be restricted to a trilogy at all), the pacing overall is improved and the story is action packed. Less time is spent introducing characters which means there is more space for Zane and Co to actually DO things. An expanded cast of godly characters also helps make the world seem more full. YA audiences who enjoyed or at least sort of liked the last book should find this one engaging, funny, and fun. Those new to the series, however, should probably backtrack to book one and read the series in order.
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