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When Mary return to her Amish community unmarried and pregnant, her mother shuts the door in her face. She turns to the only friendly face she thinks might welcome her and shelter her for the night. I enjoyed the eight-year-old twins antics  to get Andrew their brother to meet Mary. Why? Well, because she is their perfect pick for his wife. Bee's, trees, peanut butter and rescues. Always a wonderfully entertaining story with author Jennifer Beckstrand!
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I am a huge fan of Amish fiction .  I love this story, the plot is great, the characters of Andrew and Mary are well developed but give me more of the sweet twins.  I have twin boys of my own now 27 years old. I love the sweetness if the story and laughed at the twins along the way.  Andrew is a book worth reading.  Thank you netgalley for the gift of the arc, the review is my  personal opinion.
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Mary has come back to her home with child and is turned away at the door.  She goes to the only person she is sure will let her stay.  Bitsy Weaver will take her in and make sure she and her child are ok.  Andrew is from a family with nothing but boys and a mom who know their every move.  Their grandmother and grandfather are staying with them because their grandfather has had a stroke.  The youngest of the boy Alfie and Benji are trying to find a way to get out of the basement now known as their bedroom.  The solution they find is to marry one of the older brothers off.  After meeting Mary they decide she is a great pick for a wife for Andrew.  Because they are Amish they are not really suppose to associate with Mary.  After she left and came back obviously with child.  Andrew keeps his distance but cant help but be nice to her.  He is a talented carpenter but his mom wants his to work in the family business of peanut butter.   Alfie and Benji work their hearts out to make all this happen.  They set a wonderful example of how people should be treated.  Forgiveness and understanding.
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Andrew is the oldest of five children in the Petersheim's family.  Their family's business in Wisconsin Amish community has earned them the nickname The Peanut Butter Brothers.  But could the younger two brothers' matchmaking soon earn the older brothers new titles of ... husband.

After two years of "jumping the fence", Mary Coblenz has returned from the Englisch world unmarried and pregnant.  Instead of hiding like the community expects, she's staying at the Honeybee Farm.  She's even caught the eyes of eight-year-old twin brothers of Andrew's.

Can Mary -and the unknown help of Petersheim's twins- get Andrew to see Mary's courage and grace while she's changing his notions about forgiveness and love?
Is Mary willing to start over with Andrew?

Jennifer Beckstrand had every emotion come to life off the pages through her characters.  I was laughing at the twins and Aunt Bitsy at the Honeybee Farm.  I could feel Andrew's anger at his younger twin brothers because of their mischief.  The not-so-kind words that deep down hurt Mary but yet she was still kind to her community members.

I loved the book "Andrew".  I can't wait to read if Aunt Bitsy make anymore appearances or not.  I really can't wait to read what the twins have up their sleeves for Abraham and Austin in the future books to the series.

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I laughed my way through this book.  How can you not love twin eight-year-old boys who have a strong streak of Tom Sawyer in them; dislike baths; are loyal to their older brothers; will not lie to get out of trouble ( they may just not voluntarily tell everything they know);  and love their mother fiercely even when they don’t understand her?  For me, Alfie and Benji were the heart and soul of this book.  Alfie is the planner and chief instigator of most of their plots, but Beni has an insight into people that’s well beyond his years, plus a strong desire to help those who are troubled. Their plot to marry off Andrew to Mary so that they can get their room back and stop sleeping in the cellar starts out as a selfish motive, but turns into a determination (at least on Benji’s part) to see that Mary’s well cared for and Andrew is happy.  

However, not all is sweetness and light in this book. Mary left the Amish and has returned home an unwed mother.  Although she’s confessed her sin to God and is truly repentant, many among the Amish community reject her and think she needs to suffer for a time to make her aware of her sins.  This is a good commentary for all of us on compassion and forgiveness.  Because of  Benji’s kind heart towards Mary, Andrew begins to put aside his self-righteousness and see Mary for the treasure she truly is. All does not run smoothly for Mary and Andrew, and it takes the twins, plus some fireworks, a cat in a tree, and the fire department to make sure all turns out as it should.

I am so hoping there’s another book or two with Alfie and Benji, as Andrew has two more brothers that need to be married. 

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Andrew is a beautifully written Amish romance.  The plot is well written and characters well developed.  Throughly enjoyed this book.  Fans of Amish fiction will enjoy this book.  My thanks to the publisher for my advance ebook.  This is my unbiased review.
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This was a cute story with a unique plot, however I think the author spent far too much time focusing on the two younger brothers. Yes, they were the minds behind the grand plan to find their brother a wife, but I think the focus was on them for too much of the book rather than on Andrew and Mary.

I will say that I enjoyed watching Andrew come to terms with his feelings and beliefs toward Mary.

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Judgment, forgiveness, new beginnings, new ways of thinking play heavily in this book.

Mary Coblenz who left the Amish two years ago, come back to the community, unmarried and now pregnant.  Her parents, and others in the community refuse to have anything to do with her.

When Andrew Petersheim’s grandfather has a stroke and his grandfather and grandmother move in with the family, his 8-year old twin brothers, Benji and Alfie, decide it is time that Andrew get married so they can get their room back and not have to sleep in the basement.   Mary has come to the community and is staying with a friend, Bitsy, who runs the Honeybee Farm and with the innocence of a child’s mind, the boys befriend Mary and decide she should be the one for Andrew.  Andrew is very upset that they have befriended Mary, feeling she will be a bad influence on them and teach them to go against the Amish teachings.   

However, as Andrew gets to know Mary, he sees that perhaps he has been over-judgmental towards her and soon realizes that God is to be the judge, not him.

This is such a delightful book as the boys’ antics are very amusing, and the life changes that occur make the book one you don’t want to put down until you have completed it.

I highly recommend this book.  I received a copy of this book from Kensington Books through Netgalley.  The opinions expressed are my own.
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My thoughts:
This was such a fun book!  I really enjoyed reading it.  It’s been a bit since I’ve read a good Amish fiction novel and I loved getting to read this one.  Jennifer Beckstrand is a new author to me and now I’m wanting to read her Honey Bee sister series as well.  I’m looking forward to reading about the other brothers. 

Hands down favorite characters were the twins.  So full of fun and life.  Also, who doesn’t love an eight-year-old who doesn’t change his shirt for months!  I can see my kiddos doing that, in fact, I think they might have tried it before.  I’m actually sure of it because I have had to tell my 11-year-old to go change his shirt after several days of wearing it!

I felt so bad for Mary with the way she was treated by her community.  But then as I thought of it I realized that this is so common.  We as a society think that we should punish or ostracize people with behaviors we don’t agree with.  That’s not going to help them want to change now, is it?!

Andrew, well, he got quite an awakening!  I laughed quite a bit at him.  He has to come to some serious realizations not only about Mary and her sin but also about himself and all the sin he has done through his life too.

And then there is the peanut butter business.  Andrew hates being known as the Peanut Butter Brothers, he doesn’t like peanut butter, he doesn’t want to make it.  His love is woodworking.  But he only does that in secret so that he doesn’t hurt his mother. 

So much going on in this one novel!

Andrew is a fun fast-paced novel.  I read it quickly.  It was such a fun read too.  I loved it.  The characters grabbed my heart and my attention and I can’t wait to go back and visit them.  I have a feeling that they’re some of my new best friends now.  And guys.  I cannot wait to hear more about those ornery twins.  They definitely remind me of my own boys and make me a little weary for the future of my three-year-old boy who could be both of the twins in one!

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This book is filled with love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. Jennifer Beckstrand has written an exciting book about how love conquers all, even the adversity that everyday life brings.

This book is about a girl and boy who are on different paths but love brings them together to face the world and all that comes their way.  

I could not put this book down! It filled my thoughts with questions about my own life and how I need to start reacting and stop judging. This book also shows us the true meaning of the phrases, "Never judge a book by it's cover!", and "Sometimes you don't see what's right in front of you!"

All in all Jennifer Beckstrand has written a riveting book that will keep you wondering what will happen next!

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A great book to show what true forgiveness of one's sins means. There is only one true judge and He is in the heavens above. I also think it shows us bravery. It takes a strong woman to decide to walk through pregnancy on her own without the man she thought was her forever. It takes bravery to leave a bad situation.

I enjoy Beckstrand's creative license with some of her Amish characters. Fans of Beckstrand all know the quirky grandma, Anna, from her Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series and now we have Bitsy, who definitely marches to her drummer. These characters make her books fun and entertaining.

I am looking forward to reading book two, Abraham, releasing November 2019.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Kensington Books, through NetGalley. Any and all opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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Jennifer Beckstrand is one of my favorite authors of Amish Fiction! She is a master storyteller who is able to make you giggle at her quirky characters as well as think deeply , all within the same chapter! That is a very special talent!

 "Andrew" is filled with characters who are all so realistically and richly described that you feel that they are your best friends within minutes of beginning to read this fabulous story. I loved Bitsy who certainly is far from your stereotypical Amish woman!! The Peanut Butter Brothers, in reality,  Benji and Alfie Petersheim, make you laugh out loud with their antics,  great comic relief in the midst of some serious situations. Their desire to matchmake is sweet , funny and yes, somewhat frustrating , at least to Mary and Andrew!  Mary is a sweet young lady, brought up Amish, who made a big mistake by " jumping the fence", however is now trying her best to make amends and gain the approval of the community once again. As difficult as it is, she is determined to begin a new life, even when suffering the results of living the Englisch life. Andrew gains one's love and approval immediately with his kindness and willingness to help Mary. I loved revisiting Honeybee Farm, feeling that I was back in familiar territory. 

 The plot moves quickly filled with unexpected twists and turns! As Mary struggles to show that she has learned some hard lessons, the sometimes undesired approval from Andrew, helps her along the way. It takes a long time and many lessons learned before Mary can accept forgiveness of herself and others. The underlying message of this tale comes through loud and clear. Andrew exemplifies what we all should be striving for, faith, patience and honesty. Everyone deserves a second chance and he helps Mary realise this.  

 This is a five star book!!! It will leave you thinking how important forgiveness is and how judging hurts oneself as well as many others. I can hardly wait for the next book from this fantastic author!
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Author Jennifer Beckstrand brought her characters to life. Those twins!!! You’ll love them. A fun, matchmaking story, it still contains some heavy subjects that keep it from being “fluff”. I did read through it quickly as I wanted to see how things would turn out. 

With wonderful Christian values, Beckstrand shows us that we all sin yet God loves us and accepts us unconditionally. So should we do this with others. Things are not always what they seem and we don’t know what’s going on in someone’s heart. 

There were plenty of chuckles while reading. With charming characters who don’t fit the norm you’ll enjoy this book if you like Amish fiction. Plus you’ll learn about making peanut butter. Bonus! So make a peanut butter sandwich, grab a copy of Andrew, and enjoy.

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Andrew is a great older brother.  He is handsome and smart.  But he has a tendency to not think before he speaks.  This can cost him big time.  Will he learn from his mistakes?

Mary has made some mistakes.    It has cost her dearly.  Can she forgive herself?  Can she be forgiven by others?

I absolutely adored Andrew's younger twin brothers, Alfi and Benji as well as a returning favorite- Aunt Bitsy.  The story was funny and entertaining.  It was enjoyable.  I couldn't wait to read it when I got home from work.  What would the twins get up to next?

I am excited that this tale will continue on with Andrew's two single brothers, Abraham and Austin.  Jennifer Beckstrand knows how to pull your heart strings, make you laugh and cry and teach you a valuable lesson all at the same time.

I received her book for free to review from Celebrate Lit.
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A very nice book by Jennifer Beckstrand. I’ve never read a book by this author before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and the characters.
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I loved the twin boys., always getting into mischief. The boys were always in everybody’s business. Bitsy had several cats, has such cute names. 

Mary had left her Amish home and then came back. Her parents don’t want her back. Bitsy invites Mary to live with her. 

Andrew is the brother of the twin boys. At first, he doesn’t want anything to do with Mary, but then they become friends. 

This is an excellent Amish book. I enjoyed all the children, and they were so cute. The adults had so much to learn in life. Especially how to treat each other. 

This is the first book in the series. I am looking forward to reading the next book. 
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This book angered me a lot as I read it. I understand that Mary has sinned when she became pregnant before marriage. Wasn’t it enough that her family shunned her, the father of her child deserted her and the community whispers about her? Just how much punishment does she deserve to make Andrew feel like has  she has paid for her sins? They have some heated conversations and I admired Mary for not backing down. She realizes what she has done was wrong, but at some point forgiveness needs to come. God has forgiven her, so why can’t others? I’m not quite sure why Andrew is so bitter when it comes to Mary, but this scripture kept coming to my mind. “He without sin cast the first stone.”

Bitsy and Yost are a breath of  fresh air as they welcome Mary into their home. They are there to help her and not judge her.  Bitsy is a character with different colored hair, cats named Farrah Fawcett and honeybees swarming everywhere. She is carefree and welcoming to Mary in a sincere way. What a wonderful example they are to those who whisper and set in judgment. I wonder how many times the church has turned their back on someone who has sinned? We should  lead them to repentance and show them unconditional love. The community sure wasn’t doing that for Mary. Mary lets Andrew know just how much she has suffered for her sin, but reminds him that God has forgiven her.

What I really liked about the story was how Andrew took a good look at himself and realized he was a sinner as well. His high and mighty attitude towards Mary was wrong and he knew he needed to change. It was so nice to watch his transformation and reach out to Mary for forgiveness. It is not an easy road for either of them, but it’s a road they must travel to rid themselves of pride, judgmental attitude and learn how to truly forgive.

Benji and Alfie are the comic relief in this book. They get into everything possible and it amazes me how they survive. I loved their childlike innocence and how they became friends with Mary without blinking an eye. Children can sure teach us a few things about accepting others. They have such big hearts and see people the way God does. We can sure learn a lesson from them. I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for Mary for the way she was being treated by others. There are so many quick to judge Mary, but the perfect words came from Benji. " Are you in charge of her soul?" I laughed and then I had to repent. I have done the same thing as others. I have judged and talked about someone who was in sin. It was like I was happy they had got caught so no one would focus on my sins.

The book is a great lesson in forgiveness and judging others. I am glad I read this book and it made me angry. Why, you ask? Because it made me look at myself and examine my heart. How many times have I ignored someone because they were in sin? Why didn't I extend a hand and lead them to Jesus? I have read many books about judging others but this one really opened my eyes. The author addressed a subject we are all guilty of. Now it's time to ask forgiveness and start seeing people like Jesus does.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit. The review is my own opinion.
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Returning to the Honeybee Farm is always delightful especially when the first person who greets you is Bitsy Weaver.  We met the unconventional, sassy but sweet Bitsy in the Honeybee Sisters series and I absolutely adored her and I still do. However, there are two new equally adorable characters who stole my heart in this book, Alfie and Benji, 8 year old twin boys who had me laughing at their antics throughout.
They are extremely busy little boys, they help as much as they can in the family peanut butter business, they are devising a plan to get their room back after having to sleep in the cellar to make room for their grandparents which leads them to try their hand at matchmaking so they can get their room back.  Because cellars are apparently quite frightening with the darkness and spiders, so obviously they cannot possibly stay down there for very long.

So, they decide to set up their older brother, Andrew with Mary who happens to be staying with Bitsy, what could possibly go wrong?  Pretty much everything including but not limited to encounters with Bitsy,her cats, confusion as to why Mary isn't welcomed with open arms by some members in their community and their desire for everything to be secret, when things really aren't such a secret.  They are such comical little boys with pure hearts.  Mary is a wonderful young lady who made a mistake by leaving her community for the English world but when she comes back (as an unwed expectant mother) she is treated poorly by several people.  There are a few times when Andrew came to her defense that made me love him but then there were times when I wanted to shake him and tell him to stop being so judgmental.

As much as I loved the humor in this book, I loved the message of family, faith and forgiveness even more. I am looking forward to the next book in the series  because I have a feeling if the twins are successful at marrying off their older brothers, they will each have their own rooms and can sleep soundly far away from the cellar.

Overall,  this highly entertaining and well crafted novel is one that I absolutely loved.  The characters are well developed, the pace is perfect and this is what I consider quality Amish reading. I suggest settling in your comfiest seat with a cold beverage and a snack because once you start reading this book you wont want to stop. You will laugh, you will get a little teary but you will be glad you chose to spend time with The Petersheim Brothers and their friends. 

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This Amish family story offers an entertaining read, including some laugh-out-loud moments. Some elements included may not be accepted by most Amish, but it does add interest to the story. What might happen if twin eight-year-old brothers try to get their older brothers married off? This can lead to some hilarious incidents along with some awkward situations. The boys are endearing, and you can’t help but like them and care about what happens to them and their family. This novel also deals with a serious issue—a pregnant, unmarried young woman who returns to her Amish community. She faces much rejection by those who think she needs to be more remorseful for her sins. Can she ever find acceptance? What will her future hold? Perhaps children can lead the way. I enjoyed the book and look forward to more in this series about the Petersheim brothers. What will the twins come up with next? I received a copy from Celebrate Lit. All opinions are my own.
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I’ve read many of Jennifer Beckstrand’s books, and this like most of her books make me smile.
This one highlights forgiveness, and she brings us a wayward Amish girl, who has returned home for a visit, stay or permanently if she decides to raise her unborn child in the community.
We are back with Bitsy, now married and baptized, but still as spunky as ever, and remember don’t feed “boys”!
Then we are introduced to a new family the Petersheim’s or Peanut Butter Brothers, and I’ll have to tell you that I cringed when the eight-year-old twins had to sleep in the cellar, yuck, but this is what causes these imps to try and marry off a brother, namely Andrew!
Now there are at least two more books here, and I for one enjoyed this read that at times had me laughing out loud!

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