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What a fantastic book.  I've read some really good ones recently but this one overtakes them all.  I've not read any books by Lisa Jackson before and I'll definitely be checking out her others, and if they are as good as this one, I've got a lot to look forward to.  I also hope this gets made into a movie as the plot is excellent and there are so many twists and turns that keep you guessing. 

Twenty years ago, a group of high school kids  played a game with pretend guns in an abandoned cannery. in Edgewater, Oregon.  Someone had a real gun and Rachel's half brother Luke was shot and killed. Rachel was accused of the killing but acquitted from the crime. Several of her friends testified that the shot came from behind her, but not even Rachel knows for sure. Now it's time for the 20 year class reunion and the local newspaper is dredging up the details of that fateful night.. The story starts from here  when things start to happen on the 20 year anniversary of his death.

Rachel’s nightmares about that night in question continue. Her anxiety contributed to her divorce from Detective Cade Ryder. As the school reunion nears, she feels her imagination playing tricks, and that someone is tailing her car. Watching her home.  

She’s right to be scared. As connections between a new string of murders and Luke’s death come to light, Rachel's life gets turned upside down once again.  Who is to blame and are they trying to get revenge?  

If you only read one book this year - make it this one!!
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I couldn’t put this down! I love Lisa Jackson’s book and I think because I’ve read so many I kind of guessed this book 50% in. So I enjoyed it but it was predictable. But I’ll always recommend her books because she’s a great writer!
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This book is hard to review because it took me a while to really enjoy it, and I found moments predicable. Despite that, the mystery, suspense, and tinges of romance are well paced. The characters themselves are hard to like - but they're kids and that could be my own bias. If you like thrillers with throwback events this one is a solid choice.
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Paranoid is another recent thriller that I was excited to read, but was kind of let down in the end.  The premise of the book was promising...someone is killing classmates of Rachel Gaston's just in time for their class reunion.  Each of them were involved in a nighttime game in an abandoned factory when the game turned deadly.  Now as her friends are dying, someone is stalking her.

On the one hand,, I did enjoy the mystery part of the book.  I didn't call the killer or any of the twists in the end.  There were some very creepy scenes.  The big lesson to learn here? Don't meet your lover in an abandoned school at midnight.  The pacing was good and I wasn't bored.

What I didn't like were some of the characters.  They weren't memorable and most of them were horrible people.  Rachel's kids needed to have their attitudes majorly readjusted.  As an aside, why do authors keep writing teens like this?  I have two and I would never put up with attitudes like theirs.  I was also disappointed with the way Rachel and Cade both kept having inner dialogue with themselves about how much they missed the other, but it was never followed through with.  I would have loved a bit more romance in that area.  Ultimately, I would recommend it, it just wasn't as good as I was hoping.
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In all honesty I expected a lot more from this book. Loved the title, the story line was a little slow and hard to get into. I did think a lot of passages were unnecessary, but a good read nonetheless. Recommended.
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Paranoid is an intriguing, fast-paced thriller that's not only about paranoia  but also about secrets, lies and revenge. It was engaging from start to finish. I was fully absorbed by both the past and present stories. Who really killed Luke and who's out there to get revenge 20 years after? Aside from Rachel, there's few equally interesting characters to follow. And though I didn't have a hard time figuring out who's out for revenge, there are some twists and turns that caught me by surprise. Overall, a solid read.
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This was my second book by this author and this one wasn't my favorite BUT I did enjoy it. There were some weak points to it however, I thought it did keep up the suspense and intrigue. Plot twists were pretty spot on. Although, it wasn't a favorite I would still recommend this one to most. It definitely won't be my last book by her and look forward to more from her.
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Thanks to Netgalley, Kensington books and Lisa Jackson for this ARC. This starts off with a murder that happens 20 years earlier and the present. The author goes between the two very effortlessly. This is a suspenseful mystery type thriller that has you guessing all the way to the end. Just when you thought you had it figured it out, another plot twist is introduced. Great read by an Author who has easily made a spot on my list of Authors to follow.
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Oh no, wow this was pretty bad!
Terrible story (weak, predictable) and the dialogues? The author tells us these are adults but makes tem sound like pre teens? Who speaks like that?
And why would ***Attention- Spoilers ahead-the bad woman whose name I've already forgotten, go to a hypnotherapist if she had all those terrible secrets? She knows them all, doesn't need help remembering, why risk it? Ugh, terrible book.

I'd still like to thank the Publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an Arc in exchange for my honest review.
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Paranoid is one of the better Jackson books that I’ve read. I have to admit that I did not guess who the killer was from the crime 20 years ago. I did guess the culprit of the more recent crimes, and have to say it ruined the story for me. For me, it was as bad as reading a book and finding out “the Butler did it.” 

The romance seemed almost secondary to the events of the story, so if you pick this book, pick it for the mystery elements. Truth be told, I would rather our heroine have found someone else, but it was fairly satisfactory.
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Excellent psychological thriller!  It moved at a fast pace with twists and turns throughout!  Well-developed characters and plot.  Highly recommend!
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📚📚📚📚 out of 5
This book was a fantastic mystery/thriller and it kept me on the edge of my seat slowly building up the tension to the point you wonder is she imagining it or not? Paranoid was the perfect title for the book. However on the romance scale I would say 1 out of 5 because it was practically non existent (which is fine, but please don’t market it as a romance).
20 years ago a tragedy happened and our heroine was blamed for killing her step brother. It doesn’t matter that she was acquitted- a small town has a short memory and then there is the fact that she blames herself. On the anniversary of his death one of the girls that cast doubt on our heroine committing the crime is killed and everything is bought back up to the surface.
What happened in this book is the reason why I don’t like second chance romances- second time around they still have feelings for each other and ok let’s maybe give it another go. WHY? Nothing got resolved, there is no communication about the breakdown of their relationship in the first place, so I’m left scratching my head a little. The heroine has two teenage kids and this again reminds me why I dislike YA- so much goddamn angst! I experienced enough of it myself, I so don’t want to experience it again!
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Is Rachael paranoid or is she right to be afraid? This book kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat. A great read for all psychological thriller lovers
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"Paranoid" by Lisa Jackson is a psychological thriller and one of the best I have read in a very long time. It definitely keeps you guessing throughout the entire book. 

I absolutely LOVE how each chapter, and sometimes sections of the same chapter, were told from different characters' viewpoints. It really lets you get a better understanding of each of the characters and to me, made the book just that much richer.

The only thing I did not like about this book was the fact that it was over! A lot of times I find myself wanting to rush to the ending of a book because I'm excited to read the next one in my TBR. Just NOT the case with this book. I did not want it to end. But end, it did - and boy.. that ending! 

I highly recommend this book to fans of psychological thrillers - it is definitely not to be missed!!
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Lisa Jackson is a brilliant writer! Not all of her books are for me, but a brilliant thing about her writing is it's very diverse. PARANOID was a book where she shines! I loved this book, it's definitely one to read with your doors locked.
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Lisa Jackson is one of my favorite authors, so she does no wrong in my eyes! The main character, Rachel, has lived with the guilt of accidentally shooting her half brother, Luke, 20 years ago. Although cleared by the police with a help of a few witnesses, she hasn't been cleared in the public eye and almost everyone in her town blames her solely for his death. Because it was in a dark abandoned cannery with teenagers running all around shooting air guns and firecrackers, it's not clear exactly what happened, leaving room for rampant speculation. Now on the anniversary of Luke's death, another classmate has been found murdered and everyone wants to figure out if it is somehow connected and how much worse things will get. 

There's also a lot of family drama, as Rachel is divorced from her husband, Cade, and as he is with the police, he also is caught up in the mystery. His father happens to be grandfather to Luke's son, Lucas, who was not born at the time of Luke's passing. His mother Lila was a classmate and best friend of Rachel's and by marrying Cade's dad, she also became Rachel's (now ex) stepmother! It is all very interconnected and at times may be tough to keep straight. There's also some repetition, as I swear I read some variant of the phrase 'but could Luke's 20 year old case possibly be related to this murder?' at least 20 times. Just a little trimming of some dialogue here and there would help. It's not enough to keep from enjoying the story and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a good thriller!
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This was my first book by Lisa Jackson and all I can say is that she really delivers! Suspense, mystery, multiple points of view and creepiness. The writing was great and I was hooked immediately. Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and author for this ARC.
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It can be hard to find an author who writes the perfect blend of danger, suspense, and romance, but Lisa Jackson has managed to do just that with her latest release Paranoid. I haven’t read many of her books, but after reading this one I’m ready to hunt down some of her backlist.

Rachel Gaston did an unspeakable thing when she was seventeen. She killed her older brother. It was an accident - a bunch of teenagers got together to play paintball in an abandoned warehouse -  but no one knew one gun was loaded with real bullets instead of paint. Both Rachel and her brother Luke’s lives ended that night. Once Luke was gone, Rachel was changed; the carefree girl she’d been is gone and has been replaced by a woman consumed with guilt in the aftermath of his death. It doesn’t help that there have always been those who didn’t quite believe what happened was truly accidental and have created their own narratives for what occurred.

Even decades later, Rachel still can’t escape the legacy of that night. Her life has moved on - in theory. She got married, had two kids, got divorced; but on the twentieth anniversary of Luke’s death the local paper runs a story about it, and the usual circus of gossip starts up again. Rachel is used to getting sideways glances, but this time it seems like something more sinister is afoot. She constantly has the sense that she’s being watched, and when an old classmate (who was at the warehouse that night) is murdered, the whole town is abruptly on edge along with her.

It’s been a while since I read a suspense/thriller, but after this experience I may get back into the genre. I was glued to the book while I read it and eager for each crumb of information. I can’t say I was surprised by the way things played out - upon reflection, the groundwork laid pointed to the eventual outcome - but it was so skillfully done that I also couldn’t have predicted it.

I think one of the ways the author kept me guessing was by focusing on a wide array of characters and their secrets. While Rachel is clearly the protagonist here, we also follow her ex-husband, her two teenage children, friends, and other family members at various times. I was particularly drawn in by the storyline concerning Harper and Dylan, Rachel’s kids. They’re so wonderfully, frustratingly imperfect. Like many teenagers, they manage to love, respect, and disrespect their parents all at once. Chapters from their points of view hint at secrets they don’t want their parents to know about, which in turn led to an agonizing few chapters as I waited for Rachel or Cade (her ex) to catch onto them. While vexing, Harper and Dylan definitely felt like real teenagers and added an intriguing element to the plot.

I picked this book to review because I was hooked by the thought of a woman who accidentally killed her own brother and interested in what effect that would have on her life. The author does an excellent job of writing a plausible story centered on that scenario. Rachel is clearly still haunted by horror and grief, and even twenty years later she has regular nightmares and is scared enough to check the locks on her house multiple times before bed. Yet she also works to be strong for her family, trying not to let her own fears get in the way of being a good wife and mother. These issues certainly played a role in the breakdown of her marriage, but as the book goes on and she sees more of Cade, they seem to be approaching a reconciliation. This mix of her being distraught over her brother’s death and determined to focus on normal life felt spot-on to me as the best possible outcome for someone who accidentally killed their sibling.

All in all, I would definitely suggest Paranoid to anyone looking for a suspense/thriller with a hint of romance. It certainly kept me on the edge of my seat.

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Twenty years ago, Rachel Gaston accidentally shot and killed her brother in a teenage game that went horribly wrong.
Today, Rachel is trying to put the guilt of what happened behind her. But her horrifying dreams about that night continue to stalk her.
As the anniversary of her brother's death nears, Rachel feels her imagination playing tricks, convincing her that objects in her house have moved. That there's a hint of unfamiliar cologne in the air. That someone is tailing her car. Watching her home.
Rachel has never known the truth about that night. But as connections surface between a new string of murders and Luke's death, she realises there's no escaping the past, and the truth may be darker than her worst fears . . . 

This was a nice thriller even from the very start.
Lot of characters but for me that was fine as I it made a list of suspects to chhose from.
I admit didn't figure this one out until it was revealed.
Good plot and story line with quite a few twists in it.
Characters were written very well and some were not likeable but that was the way it was supposed to be.
Recommend Reading.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the ARC. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Lisa Jackson has done it again with Paranoid; the story draws you in and you are willing to follow it where ever the author will take.  Solid characters with twists and turns that keeps the reader until the end.
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