Arrows of Fire

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 13 Jun 2019

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I chose Arrows of Fire because I enjoy historical fiction. I was particularly intrigued by the time period of the book. Set in the Americas during the reign of Montezuma, Arrows of Fire follows the lives of a peasant girl, Montezuma, and a European explorer. These three separate viewpoints kept the story flowing smoothly. Three different people with three different lives intersect in a time of great change in history. Through each character the reader can see how the "conquest" of the Americas changed so many lives in ways no one could have predicted.

Bodden chose her characters well. Each one brought out different emotions. I pitied young Flower when she was ripped from her family and cheered her determination. Through Montezuma, I saw the traditions and beliefs he embodied. Lastly, Cortez showed the arrogance of the Europeans. Convinced their way was the only way and the use of force to establish their reign in another world.

I will admit there were times when the story seemed to slow down. Overall, I enjoyed the ability to step into another time and witness history from a unique viewpoint.
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A great novel from a turning point in central
American history. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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