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Although I received a copy of this ebook from the publisher, all opinions remain my own. 

This is an adorable children's book that reminds you that love can be shown with more then just words. The dinos come together and help each other in the end, feeding the hungry t-rex. 
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I liked this book, full of dinosaurs, perfect for little boys and girl to be read to. Thank you for letting me read this
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Sometimes you come across a book that offers you something you feel like you have not seen before. This is that book. A story of a bold Tyrannosaurus who learns what friendship is all about. Lessons of loyalty, communicating with actions over words, and cross cultural relationships. The story structure feels almost like a folk tale. Beginning with a character who leads with a confidence based on his strength. As Tyrannosaurus ages, resulting in new vulnerabilities, he begins to feel isolated and lonely. Read I Really Love You to see how some new "friends" guide Tyrannosaurus through hardship and unearthing the possibilities of love and loyalty conquering any amount of physical strength.

The woodblock illustration art work is stunning. A weaving dance of single spreads, double spreads, borders, and full bleeds offers the viewer a deepen sense of being both a participant in the moments that matter the most- and an observer of a curated moment when it is time to reflect. The earthy colors, sharp lines and the fluid unsettled textures deepen interest and widen comprehension.


As educators seek to fill their book shelves with quality global and multicultural literature, this series by Japanese writer and artist includes 12 books, with 4 published in the United States.
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A and I read this book one evening at bedtime. The story is really cute but I do think the author needs to fix the formatting in the book. Every book I have read by this publishing house seems to have an issue example: the pages combine without a break or it ends the page in the middle of a sentence and then two pages later the other part is there. 

As far as storyline goes the story is cute the tyrannosaurus meets three homalocephale and they take care of him and help him get his strength up. There is a language barrier between the animals yet finally, they start being able to understand each other and watch over each other. We learn that you don't have to speak the same as those you meet you just have to have a good heart and be willing to learn. One thing we didn't really like were the illustrations. They just seemed weird for A and I. It is hard to explain unless you look at the story.
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Miyanishi's T-rex books are unlike most other dinosaur picture books. On the one hand, they're more realistic. Dinosaurs eat, or at least attempt to eat, smaller creatures. This is not seen as a moral issue but rather a part of nature. Carnivores must eat or die. Of course, these dinosaurs have complex thought and emotion. They can be reasoned with. And the emotions they experience are complicated and changeable. We see sacrificial love expressed non-verbally, through actions and protective instincts. This is the message for younger reader - the many kinds of love. For the older reader we explore forms of communication and the things that tie us together.
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Thank’s to Netgalley for the ebook. I’m not sure if it loaded properly in my kindle app because it seemed disjointed. One thing I do know for sure is this series of books is very popular in my elementary school which is bilingual...English and Mandarin. I don’t have the book in English, but the Mandarin books in this series fly off the shelves.  With that in mind I would get the English translation as I have many Grade 3 and 4 students who like it.  While the storyline is fantastical (T-Rex eating berries, and not eating the little dinosaurs), the message of overcoming language barriers and developing friendships makes up for it.
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This was such a cute book. It was a it difficult to read on the kindle, but I loved it! Made me smile.
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This book series from Tatsuya Miyanishi, features a fearsome dinosaur in each book that learns to love through unexpected events. The latest book stars a Tyrannosaurus who mistakenly trusts a Tapejara and winds up starving and nearly frozen in the far north. Three small Homalocephales find him and bring him food. Even though it is his instinct to eat the smaller creatures, the T-Rex befriends them instead. Although they speak different languages, they come to understand one another and he even saves them from a hungry Albertosaurus. 

These stories are great for reading aloud with very young children, but also good for early elementary ages. Those who are reading on their own will enjoy the struggles that the T-rex and his small friends have in trying to communicate. If they look closely, they will see that the Homalocephales actually speak backwards! "KO UOY ERA?" one of them asks their new friend as he reels from hunger.  

Children who love dinosaurs may enjoy the stories for the characters alone, but adults will be glad to see the life lessons that are gently conveyed in each of the books in this series. Even for young readers who are not dino fans, the illustrations are colorful, and the sound effects are fun - boom, chomp, clap! Highly recommended for all ages.
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Once again Tatsuya Miyanishi amazes with a wonderful picture book about caring in the form of one giant dinosaur and three little ones.  The colors and block drawings capture the eye.  The simplicity is perfect for a picture book and avoids being overwhelming.  Tyrannosaurus learns a valuable lesson of friendship.  He discovers politeness and becomes fiercely protective of this small friends.  The imagery of the little homalocephales taking care of this large Tyrannosaurus, of them cuddling together, and of the T-Rex fighting are all marvelous.  This is a great picture book to teach little ones how to treat their friends.
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This book was ok. Wasn’t my favorite and my kids didn’t like it. My son was a little freaked out by it and my 8 yr old wanted to read it but found it difficult with the language the dinosaurs spoke being in there. Over all was an ok good book and someone else may really love it! Thanks for the chance to read it!
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I Really Love You is a great addition to Tatsuya Miyanishi’s Tyrannosaurs series. With the same style of illustrations and storytelling, a hungry tyrannosaurs runs into trouble, is helped, and comes to a deep understanding. Those who value Miyanishi’s work will appreciate I Really Love You.
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'I Really Love You' with words and illustration by Tatsuya Miyanishi is the 6th book in this series about the loves and appetites of dinosaurs written for children.

Tyrannosaurus is running out of things to eat.  He meets a Tapejara who promises to lead him out of the cold and snow, but it turns out to be a trick.  Tyrannosaurus also meets three little Homalocephale and they end up saving his life.  In turn, he tries to help them.  They don't speak the same language, but maybe that doesn't matter until the three little dinosaurs who meet a dinosaur that looks and talks like Tyrannosaurus.

The lesson is about heartfelt communication.  And dinosaurs eating each other.  I love this really odd series about dinosaurs.  The stories have a sort of playful innocence about them that makes me feel like they were written by children.  The illustrations are detailed and very unique. 

I received a review copy of this ebook from Museyon and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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I like these books! The stories are cute and have nice lessons and the illustrations are bright and bold. Little kids seem to enjoy the stories, so little dinosaur fans will most likely enjoy getting this book as a gift!
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I Really Love You (Tyrannosaurus Series) by Tatsuya Miyanishi is a touching magically illustrated picture book for children. It is about communication, feeling, caring and tenderness. The tyrannosaurus and the three smaller dinosaurs speak a different language yet they find a way to communicate with one another. Despite being different species they find they can unite with one another through their hearts and they do so successfully. Children will learn that we can be comfortable with different kinds of people if we learn how to communicate with them. We can find a common language.
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I Really Love You is the latest book in Tatsuya Miyanishi’s Tyrannosaurus series. Over the years, my family has received the opportunity to read advanced copies of several of these Tyrannosaurus books, so even though my girls are growing out of picture books, it was still nice to revisit the series. 

In this book, we are told that dinosaurs in the north speak a different language from dinosaurs in the south. Tyrannosaurus is feeling hungry, and a Tapejara agrees to help him find food. They both speak the same language, so Tyrannosaurus trusts his new friend- but it’s a trick! Luckily, the Tyrannosaurus escapes, and he encounters some Homalocephales. They don’t speak the same language, and the Tyrannosaurus thinks about eating them- after all, he’s still very hungry. But he ends up befriending them, and accepts their gifts of fish, clam, and berries. Despite their differences, they are able to strike up a meaningful friendship.     

The illustrations are somewhat quirky. They’re rendered in a style that is best described as “child-like”, and they’re cartoony rather than realistic. They go well with the bright backgrounds. 

The message contained within the story is sweet: find friends based on how they treat you, not how much you have in common. There are a couple of moments when the Tyrannosaurus thinks about eating his new friends, but chooses not to because they have been nice to him. 

I would recommend I Really Love You. One of my twins said that she thought this book would be good for kids who were younger than fourth grade, although she did like deciphering the dinosaur’s “foreign” language. It’s rather obvious to say that this book would appeal to children who like dinosaurs, but I do want to point out that this book uses slightly more esoteric dinosaurs. This is a fun book, and a lovely entry in the series.       

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
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I want to thank #netgalley for giving me a copy of #Tyrannosaurusseries to review. I Really Love You is a story about a hungry dinosaur that is looking for food. Through his journey to find food he comes across some bad dinosaurs and some good dinosaurs. He learns lessons about how to treat others and how we have similarities no matter how different we are. I didn't understand the use of the word "munch" in the story because it didn't make sense to me with the rest of the language used by the dinosaurs.  It was a cute story with fun illustrations. This would be a good book for lower elementary to go over theme.
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Back in the days of dinosaurs, there were many varieties.  Some communicated well, some not at all.  In this story the Tyrannosaurus learns an important lesson:  Listen with your heart, not with your ears...

Museyon and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It's being published today.

A Tapejara offers to lead the Tyrannosaurus to the woods where he should be able to find some food.  It's a long walk and the Tyrannosaurus is getting weak, so the sneaky Tapejara tries to take a bite out of him.  He wasn't trying to help, he was wearing him down.  The Tyrannosaurus slaps him away and continues his food hunt.  He's amazed to see a forest ahead him and it rejuvenates him.

He finds three Homalocephale picking berries in the forest and he grabs them.  They barely make a mouthful and they manage to convince him by their actions to let them go.  They go find food for him and cuddle with him to make him feel better.  When an Albertosaurus shows up, he wants to eat them.  But their big new friend saves them.  Hearts can speak as loud as words.

I've been around people who don't speak the same language I do.  We still understand each other.  It's amazing.
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Most kids love stories about powerful mighty dinosaurs.  Many years ago dinosaurs roamed the world and they presented themselves in various forms and sizes and spoke different languages.  

This story is about a Tapejara who duped a Tyrannosaurus during a very cold, long and snowy winter. He used trickery to lure this mammoth giant into a safer place, or so the Tyrannosaurus thought. Thinking this would lead to a lush green forest and away from the brutal weather he was experiencing, Tyrannosaurus follows his deceptive guide on a gruelling journey and collapses from hunger and fatigue along the way.  The wicked Tapejara delights in the fact that his captive is dead and tries to eat him.  The Tyrannosaurus has one last burst of strength and swings his gigantic tail which sends his foe twirling and spinning far far away into the distance.  

Tyrannosaurus sees the promised forest ahead and drags himself there.  He encounters three small Homalocephales who speak a different language.  It's fun that the author creates their language by spelling English words backwards.  I like that part a lot.  They take it upon themselves to nurse the ailing dinosaur back to good health and in so doing a deep bond of friendship forms.  Tyrannosaurus spends time trying to teach the three his language which almost causes their demise.  

The illustrations are bold, colourful and full of emotion and activity.  This heartwarming book teaches that love can overcome barriers and differences.  Their love for each other is communicated through actions rather than words.  It is heart-to-heart rather than verbal.  I think kids will like this book a lot and I recommend it and all the others in the series.
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The kids will love this book. It is different and interesting. The illustrations have that cool vibe to them.
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I really did not love this book, for the most part because the illustrations were just very much not my cup of tea. Some pages came close to giving me a headache with all the busy designs and dark colours.

The premise of the book is just ok. We learn that myriad dinosaurs roamed the earth, each with their own differences.  One dinosaur almost fatally tricks another dinosaur with his super sneaky ability to lie. The almost-dead dinosaur then finds more dinosaurs, but is reluctant to trust them, most especially because they don't speak the same language.  Eventually they overcome the language differences and all become friends, except that by "friends" I mean that the new dinosaurs basically become the almost-dead dinosaur's servants. I dunno, it was weird.

Somehow the message here was both heavy-handed and incredibly vague. I think part of the problem might have been with the translation, but I'm not really sure. I can't really recommend this one for much more than to kick off a discussion about overcoming differences to create inclusive communities with kids who are really (really, really) into dinosaurs. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Museyon Books for providing me with a DRC of this book.
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