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Drawing: Flowers with William F. Powell

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This book contains wonderful step by step illustrations and text that teaches how to draw a wide variety of realistic looking flowers, going about this in a way that is easy to understand and replicate. This is such a great book to reference any time you want to draw flowers. The techniques it teaches can also prove useful in all other drawing. I love the instructional methods used in this book.
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'Drawing: Flowers with Willam F. Powell: Learn to draw step by step' by William F. Powell is an approachable guide from the Walter Foster series.

After an opening section on tools and basic shading techniques, the book heads in to flowers.  Basic shapes start the lesson, then each chapter is devoted to different flowers like the tulip, daffodil, or English Wallflower.  It feels like the flowers get more complex to match growing skill level.

I have read a few books in this series, and I understand why they are classic staples sold in art supply stores.  The approaches to teaching are simple to follow.  I enjoyed getting to read this ebook.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Quarto Publishing Group - Walter Foster, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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A great beginners book, filled with instruction, I would have liked more detail in the instructions in places, and also a colour version.
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I received an advance digital copy of this book from the author, publisher and Thanks to all for the opportunity to read and review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Mr. Powell has created an essential reference book for drawing nature. Demystifying the process, art students will learn techniques to hone and strengthen their skills. An excellent read for artists of any skill level!

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing me with this eBook.

Drawing: Flowers with William F. Powell is yet another book in the Drawing series. This series has never disappointed me before and this book was no exception. The step by step instructions is so clear and easy to understand. A very good gift for all your artsy friends out there.
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I like this kind of how-to step-by-step illustration books. I think there are the best ways to learn how to draw well, as you can take your time and you don't have to turn on any machines to access these lessons.

Any beginning artist will learn to draw much better flowers with the help of this William F. Powell book. There are a few though where the strokes are rather haphazard and may be more difficult to follow. But I believe that with practice, any of the flowers can be conquered with flying colours!

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC. This is my honest review.
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There is not much I can say... I already read so many books from this "collection", and most of them are so good!
And this one is not an exception, loved how they showed, how to draw the flowers from different angles, I've always struggled with that! 
Now, to make it perfect, I only need them to add a book about how to colour all these flowers and everything will be right in the world.
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A useful short book for those wanting to get started in drawing flowers. It starts with basic tools and techniques, then moves on to different flowers such as magnolia, daffodils, poppy, pansy etc. It shows the basic shape of each one and how to construct and build on the shape. 
Thanks to the publisher for a review copy.
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Excellent step by step east to follow sketches. A good variety of flowers. Good overall instructions from tools and materials to how to techniques. Good variety of different flowers. Would recommend for beginners.
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Awesome book. I think it's great for beginners. At the beginning it explains the different tools you can use which is awesome because there is a lot out there for drawing. It brakes the flower down into steps which makes them so much less overwhelming.
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This is one of those "and then a miracle occurs" drawing books that will be helpful if you are a fantastic artist already and want to see how to draw flowers like irises, tea roses and thistles. Each flower is shown first as a very crude jumble of shapes, then as a simple sort of rendition along the lines of what a child would make, and then it's miraculously a phenomenally realistic drawing of a flower. Tips are provided for where to do things like cross hatching.

Whenever I review an art book, I try to follow along with the steps and see if I can get anywhere near the same results. That's why I gave "Draw 62 Animals and Make Them Cute" and "Draw Like an Artist: 100 Flowers and Plants" five stars -- I was able to draw really good (for me) drawings following along with the instructions in those books. Sadly, with this book my drawings were even worse than usual. There is no way I could jump from "five lines and a circle" start of the tulip, for instance, and make the intricate nearly-photographic looking tulip that I was supposed to end up with.

If you are a very well trained artist, this will be a helpful book. If you are just a regular person who'd like to be able to draw nice looking flowers, this may not give you all that you need.

My rating system:
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2 = it was okay
3 = liked it
4 = really liked it
5 = love it, plan to purchase, and/or would buy it again if it was lost

I read a digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review.
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This is a good book for beginners like me to learn how to draw flowers. After  a short introduction of tools and materials, William F. Powell dives into drawing a variety of different flowers. The instructions are very concise and helped  me a lot in drawing flowers naturalistically.
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DRAWING FLOWERS with William F. Powell, is one of several "how to draw" books.

This book has very good pictures of how to draw several flowers.  Each page has a different flower.  Instructions  are given to help the artist "see" and draw different angles, shapes, shadows and light for the subject flower.

I believe the book will help anyone who reads it but is best if you already have a little knowledge of drawing.  I think  a beginner may need more specifics as to how to draw different areas of the flower.   I would recommend this book starting with an advanced beginner on up.  

Thank you to Net Galley for ARC.  I have given an honest review.
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Intermediate level how to book.  Appropriately topic specific (pretty clear from the title that you’ll be learning to draw flowers).  I love how this entire line of books has an in-depth explanation of materials, etc., making them all great reference guides for beginners with any interests.  Basically, it gives someone a chance to grow its skill set nicely.
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A nice book if interested in drawing flowers and plants. Not a book that holds your hand every step of the way - show where you should be at each step. There are some extra things that they show how to do and write other tips for you to make it more realistic.
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Loved this book! Very comprehensive instructions and step-by-step visuals that made learning how to draw flowers so much fun! Highly recommend!
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Easy-to-follow instruction for drawing several specific types of flowers. Includes a brief intro to various pencils and lead types and their uses. As a beginning sketcher, i found this pretty useful. I can recommend to other beginners.
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If you are looking to learn how to draw detailed drawings of flowers using graphite pencils and basic shapes, this is the book for you. You are given step by step directions that even a amateur artist can learn. I have spent years studying art so I'm not a fledgling artist and even I took away some new ideas for my drawings.

I received this copy of Drawing:Flowers with William F. Powell from Quarto Publishing Group – Walter Foster. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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Very good and very detailed drawing. Gives great descriptions on how to draw different types of flowers and the tools that are needed to accomplish that.
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"Drawing: Flowers" is a short art book with step-by-step illustrations showing how to draw flowers using graphite pencil. The book briefly talked about tools, techniques, and flower anatomy. The general method is to sketch a basic shape defining the flower's outer edge, then indicate where the inner shapes (petals, etc.) are, add details and shading, and smooth the lines and erase guidelines. He provided demonstration projects for drawing many different types of flowers, including from different viewing angles and in various degrees of growth (from bud to full flower).

The step-by-step demonstrations usually showed 4 or 5 steps, and most took one page per flower. The drawings were generally easy to understand plus the text briefly explained what he was doing in each step. He covered 2 types of tulips, a magnolia, 2 types of dogwood flowers, a regal lily and a lily bud, a daffodil, carnation, English wallflower, begonia, poppy, pansy, dendrobium, primrose, hibiscus, fuchsia, peony, foxglove, columbine, tea rose, rose, thistle, gladiolus, aster, iris, and chrysanthemum. Overall, I feel like this book has helped me to improve my flower drawing skills, and I'd recommend it.
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