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Fast moving, dangerous and funny I loved this book.
Bev is a disgraced ex marketeer now working as a hapless PI. Broke and estranged from her daughter she is living in her friend’s basement.
Mix this with murder, trafficking of underage girls and an MO who is abusing his wife this book successfully weaves its way through many strands. 
Bev’s past is troubled and  her current life is  a mess. Her ex husband is still causing problems and unknown to her is still determined to bring her down.
Bev is being stalked and is in danger but she is a determined and resourceful woman.
One of my favourite books of the year.
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A fantastic read from start to finish. Quite scary characters involved in horrible things. I loved Bevs character and the story very cleverly drip fed bits about her past throughout. I hope this is the beginning of a series involving this damaged PI.
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Beverley Saunders is doing her best to recover after a failed marriage and a lost career,  She's living in the basement of her best friend and her husband ... Sophie and Tom. It's there that she comes up with the idea of becoming a private investigator working for other women who have lot everything due to cheating husbands.

Beverley's first case is helping Angela, a friend of Sophie's. Angela is seeking to uncover grounds for divorce from her controlling husband, Jerry.  What Beverley discovers is that she is not the only one investigating.

BOOK BLURB:  Beverley has a secret history she doesn't want coming out - but will she manage to stay hidden long enough to give Angela the freedom she deserves? 

This is the first in a brand new crime fiction series, a darkly comic thriller.  It's well written and there's enough twists to keep the reader engaged.  The characters are deftly drawn ...especially Beverley.  Included with the suspense is humor .... something I don't see a lot of in crime fiction. I really look forward to the next in this series.

Many thanks to the author / Orion Publishing Group - Trapeze Books / Netgalley for the digital copy of this entertaining crime fiction.  Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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This is such a page turner. It kept me hooked from start to finish. I loved the protagonist. She's a bit of a disaster, and different from the usual PI tropes you find in this sort of book.
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When I first heard about this book, I knew I really wanted to read it. I have loved the author's other works, especially the George McKenzie books, so my expectations were high. High ... but were they met?

Heck, yes. Tightrope is an absolutely cracking introduction to the relative train wreck that is Bev Saunders, a former Marketing Manager turned Private Investigator, whose private life plays out like something from the worst sitcom ever, but whose determination to help women expose their cheating and abusive husbands knows no end. She was a character I grew to like very quickly, straight talking, a walking disaster zone, living in her best friend Sophie's, basement flat and going to regular counselling sessions to help deal with her origami addiction ... amongst other slightly less family friendly pursuits. She is funny, down to earth and very easy to identify with. To a degree. I'll let you read the book to discover why.

The story centres around Bev's quest to help the wife of a prominent politician find the evidence she needs to safely leave him. He is abusive, controlling, and an all round creep and Bev see's right through him. The question really is over how far Bev will go in her quest for evidence and the answer is pretty far. Far enough she gets into some pretty close scrapes, that's for sure.

I love the way in which the author has built the characters in this book. You have all kinds of people represented here - from drug addled teenagers, to do-gooding friends, the down to earth Bev with her geek of a friend, Doc, and right through to the down right sleazy, underhand and dare I say deadly - all are well drawn and the author brings them all to live with full and sometimes frightening authenticity.

The story isn't always easy to read. There are some very dark passages hidden amongst the humour and the madness that Bev gets caught up in. The opening itself is quite dark, although not gratuitously so, and there is an undercurrent of threat and unease from start to finish. Never quite dark enough to push you away from the book - there is a sense that the real bad guy is almost a caricature of himself at times, his bravado and attitude almost too intense - but it works perfectly against the true laugh out loud moments that permeate the story. 

For an introduction to the characters of Bev and Doc, this book was a cracking opener and I have to be honest, if we're going to get this mixture of humour and criminality, that touches on some very pertinent and topical subjects but in an accessible way - neither trivial or excessive - then I cannot wait to read more and I'm delighted another book is out early next year. Bev is great, and then there is Doc, her tech-geek counterpart, the nervous, lego addicted nerd you can't help but love. They make for an unconventional investigative team, but it is perhaps that very fact that makes it work so well and that kept me entertained from start to finish. I read through this in a little over one evening and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes their crime with humour and heart. Top stuff.
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There is some humour in this book but it’s also a dark read. There are lots of twists and turns in this fast paced book. The characters seem true to life but I didn’t like the male characters. 
A really good read
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An excellent read from a brilliant author. I found it hard to put down and thoroughly enjoyed it. It kept me up long in to the night and is definitely a ‘one more chapter’ book.
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Tightrope conjured up the image of a figure in the spotlight. An individual  carefully focused on balancing everything to avoid an untimely end. Standing up with a purpose in mind but leaving themselves open to have their mistakes fully exposed for all to see.

Beverly Saunders, is very much on that tightrope and is the scene-stealing star of the latest stormingly-good thriller from Marnie Riches.  She is taking herself out of her comfort zone to help the friend of a friend but it will place her against dangerous opposition.

Bev is a private investigator and she is asked to look into the private life of a Member of Parliament – a much loved member of the shadow cabinet. The MP in question is not the nicest of individuals and Bev’s dilemma is how far she can go in obtaining evidence of his darker side.

Unfortunately for Bev she is accruing dangerous enemies. Unbeknownst to her, Bev is being watched by a dangerous predator who calls himself The Wolf. At the start of Tightrope is a darkly disturbing scene where The Wolf shows off his power in front of his friends. That display led to a life being lost so readers know the danger Bev is facing.

Returning visitors will know I have enjoyed previous books by Marnie Riches. She nails the dark, disturbing tension and always delivers a cracking thriller which I don’t want to end. She also knows the power of a well timed quip or killer comeback line so Bev is the feisty, smart mouthed hero I love to read about.

I’ve been struggling to get through a few of my recent reads. Quite a few books I’ve started will not be finished and won’t get reviewed here. Thank goodness then for Tightrope – started and finished in a single day and most definitely giving me a book to recommend as you plan your summer holiday reading.  Not said this for a while…Grab This Book!
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What an entertaining read!!! I love Marnie's books, and once again this one didn't disappoint!!
Recommended for anyone who loves a great read from a talented author.
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I couldn't put this down as needed to find out how it all fitted together.  Great writing, fast paced and kept me hooked throughout.
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This got bumped up my TBR pile after reading some great reviews on it. The description of this book got me excited to read it.
Having a failed marriage behind her Bev is living in the basement flat of a wealthy friend. Her former career is over and Bev needs to be doing something to bring in some money. Her bills are piling up, her rent isn't being paid.
​Beginning to do Private investigative work, Bev soon has a client in need of her help. The wife of The Shadow Science Minister want's a divorce. Her husband is nasty and controlling and she's desperate to break away from him. 
This book had me hooked, well and truly hooked. You know from quite early on that this story was building up to something big, something explosive, which means every opportunity I had to sit and read some more. Not sleeping also helped as instead of arguing with my self that I needed sleep I just picked up my kindle to read some more.
A superbly written story that felt very different to have the main character as a private detective rather than a police officer or gangster. I love that the setting of this book in and around Manchester meant that I knew a lot of places that were mentioned. I always find it really helps add to the visual of the story. The character of Bev was first class, I loved everything about her, in fact I loved everything about this book it's gritty, thrilling, an edge of your seat page turner but with some humour throughout. This book has everything, and more. 
Is Bev getting herself in too deep and causing herself more upset than is needed? Can she help Alison break away from her controlling husband. Well to find out you need to read the book and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this book.
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Marnie Riches is a new author to me, so I was really excited to get stuck in, and the prologue of this book grasped my attention more than I ever thought possible. Riches has to be commended for her ability to capture you in such a way even before you have the chance to get to know characters names or main plot points. I was astonished at how quickly I was obsessed with wanting to know more.

Private investigator Beverley Saunders takes on a new client in the hope to set her free from a physical and emotional relationship, whist also getting some justice. However Bev is fighting her own battles and has a past she would rather keep quiet. I thought Bev was a fantastic Protagonist and even though she had many faults that often caused her a lot of trouble, I really enjoyed reading about her.

Tightrope is so much more than your usual private detective suspense novel (and I would know). It’s a fast paced thriller that is packed to the brim of drama, surprises, hidden secrets and character development like no other.

Be warned though, Tightrope is certainly not for the faint hearted. There is talk of sex, drugs, addiction, as well as both domestic and sexual abuse, and even though I was disgusted at times, I cant deny it was superbly written with the subjects being handled extremely well.
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Tightrope is an unusual thriller in which street smarts play a substantial role. Set in a high crime area it is worth warning you that there is a lot of graphic violence throughout; Riches considers prevalent real-world themes through the experiences of a stellar cast of engaging characters and it becomes so absorbing that I enjoyed every single word. The story revolves around issues of drug and sex addiction, bullying, relationships, mental health, domestic abuse and gas-lighting. It's gritty, shocking and in some parts utterly disturbing but the issues within are treated with care and sensitivity.

The first chapter is absolutely captivating as we are all thrown into the deep end and it ensured the pages kept turning in an effortless fashion. I was pleased to discover that this is the start of a new series as certain characters are worth reuniting with! Sassy Bev, for example, swears like a sailor and is not afraid to speak her mind; I am so glad we will have more of her to look forward to in upcoming books. She's a real independent woman and a great heroine for our age. There's never a dull moment as there is always something happening on just about every page, and although the pacing was generally pretty spot on there were a few times I felt it drag a little.

Overall, though, this is a chilling and emotional read sprinkled with much-needed dark/black humour to lighten a somewhat bleak tale. Many thanks to Trapeze for an ARC.
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Bev Sanders is living in the basement flat of her friend, Sophie's house. She's a private investigator who mainly works for women that have been cheated on by their husbands/partners. She takes on the case of a woman who is married to a government minister. All she wants is enough dirt on him so that she can get a divorce. The only problem is, Angie does not have any money to pay her as Jerry keeps all the bank cards and money. She promises to pay Bev when everything is finalised. 

Bev's not had an easy life. She suffers from mental health issues, addiction and she finds it hard to trust people. She's struggling to pay her rent and bills. Angie is married to a bullying control freak. She wants a divorce and custody of their girls. There is some humour to the story but it is also quite dark. There are lots of twists in this fast paced read. The characters seem true to life. I was not keen on the male characters but I think that was the authors intension. There are some strange events that take place but I will let you make up your own mind about them. A really good read. 

I would like to thank NetGalley, Orion Publishing Group and the author Marnie Riches for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A really good read. Funny with plenty of action. Lots of interesting characters and a great plot that kept me reading.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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Let's start with the cover, this design gives me the creepy alley-way shivers! The colours work really well together in grabbing your attention to scream CRIME THRILLER at you if you saw it in a bookshop.

After reading the prologue, you begin to realise why this book comes with a warning for violent scenes throughout and there was even a part of me left feeling somewhat embarrassed at having enjoyed the first few pages so much! It absolutely grabbed me, shook me around a little and then left me feeling compelled to read on.

We then meet Beverley Saunders, a private detective who seeks to find grounds for her client Angela to divorce her husband, Jerry Fitzsimmons who is an MP. It sounds like an easy job, but Bev soon finds herself much more involved than expected..

I really enjoyed getting to know Bev as a character. So often there are female DI protagonists, or male defence laywers, yet Bev took on a very different role with all the same drama and suspense of the more predictable type of female leads. Yet she is also so likeable, and willing to do absolutely anything to solve this case for her client. Dabbled in with her own vulnerabilities, be them both familial and psychological, I found myself warming to her, and her story very quickly.

I'm glad I could get on with the female protagonist, because not a single part of me liked ANY of the other characters - particularly the men! Perhaps this is because of the way they were portrayed, or even that I found myself 'siding' with Bev. But I really couldn't connect or care any less about them - yet that was the feeling which was so key to the elements of this book.

Given that the first pages had been so gripping, the following chapters felt a bit tame and slowed the pace of the story a little bit. However, I found myself racing through the final 100 pages as the plot really picks up and everything slots into place (making the events much more poignant). At some points I gasped, some I cringed, and some I laughed, but ultimately this dark thriller really surprised me!

If Tightrope had continued to shock me just as the first few pages had, then I would've been gobsmacked by this title, but instead I was left wanting more! An enjoyable read, with some great twists in the end - a four star review from me on Goodreads.
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Bev Saunders lives in the basement flat a house that is owned by her best friend Sophie and her husband Tim.
Bev has taken on a case of Sophie’s friend called Angela but she has a secret 
I had an ARC
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This is certainly a gripping thriller that made me want to read more. Each of the characters had their own story; as you get to know them more you empathise with them and feel like you're apart of their story.

Unlikely heroine Bev Saunders lives in the basement of her best friend Sophie. Being unable to pay her bills after being blacklisted thanks to her ex husband Rob she turns to Private Investigating.
Whilst she takes on the case of the wife of shadow science minister Jerry, Bev finds secrets of her own soon come to the surface.

This is the first book I have read by Marnie and I've found it thoroughly enjoyable. I like how she has incorporated some very sensitive topics but handled them with care and sensitivity throughout. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, a very clever and well written book.

Thank you Marnie Riches, Orion publishing group and Trapeze.
Release date 11th July 2019
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Bev Sanders is living in the dank, unhealthy basement of her friend Sophie's house. After having her name blacklisted by her ex-husband Rob when they divorce, she turns her hand to Private Investigating she sets herself up as a honeytrap mainly for women being cheated on by their partners.
       Unable to pay her bills she takes up her friends offer to meet Angie who she doesn't realise at the time is the wife of the shadow science minister Jerry Fitzsimmons, who Angie suspects is playing away from home and has many dark secrets.  He is a wife basher and bully, so she wants out and asks Bev to help her catch him, the only problem is because he doesn't let her have any bank cards or money she can't afford to pay Bev, but promises when everything is finalised she will pay her everything she owes and more. All she wants is to protect her children from him as she feels divorcing him without good evidence, he will pull strings to blacken her name and take her children he may possibly have her sectioned to get his way, 
     Bev feels sorry for Angie and takes on the case, also involving her geek pc wiz Doc who is hilarious and has some funny habits. 

    From here we meet,  The Wolf, the pig, the cockerel, the bulldog and the horse who are depraved and reading the book you hope will have a bad outcome.  

   Bev creates false accounts on social media sites to try to tempt Jerry and bingo he bites, she hopes she can catch him out and find the evidence she needs.

   Such a great book with lots of twists, it really caught me out a couple of times. I thoroughly recommend this book, you will enjoy every thrilling page.
Thank you, NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book.
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Thank you Netgalley and Orion Publishing Group Trapeze for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This was a new author for me, so was a little unsure what to expect. The blurb sounded interesting, so I gave it a go. 

This is not a book for the faint hearted numerous dark subjects are discussed,  there’s addiction to sex and drugs, plus domestic abuse for starters. However these  sensitive subjects are handled well, with some rather graphic descriptions. But at no time did it feel gratuitous. 

This book starts well and I was impressed by the pace throughout, it was heading for an easy 4/5 even a 5 at times. But then something changed and it became a bit too predictable, almost started to be a bit cliché. The main “villain” was so predictable it was untrue, worked them out very early on. As a private Investigator, she was very naïve, not too have worked out how she was being tracked.

Having said that the main character Bev, is a very likeable character with a great sense of humour and is .. adventurous shall we say. I would like to read more of this authors work, in the future as a comparison.

Overall 3.5 as a little bit disappointed.  But try it yourself, you may love it as the other reviewers have.
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