A Dead Man and Doggie Delights

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This is the first in series "Nosy Newfie" Cozy Mystery series and a delightful mystery read ! Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the ARC. My opinions are my own,. 

We are introduced to Maggie May Carver our protagonist who has moved to Baker Valley, CO to care for  her aging grandpa. She hopes to open a dog  bakery with her best friend . Maggie has a  wonderful Newfoundland Dog she calls Miss Fancypants. If your a fan of Newfies you will adore Miss Fancypants.  The descriptions of  Fancy are delightful and a fun part of reading this book. 

After her Grandfather takes out a rifle and threatens the local trouble maker publicly  he is found dead. Maggie and Fancy find the body on a walk.  Soon her Grandfathers is the primary suspect and Maggie must work fast to both solve the murder, save her Grandfather and manage her new business.  She proves to be a apt sleuth and soon has motives and suspects abound . 
 I highly recommend this book. The descriptions of Baker Valley Colorado are wonderful. Maggie is a smart savvy protagonist and her "Fancy" is a great addition to the series.  The sleuth was very well crafted and kept me guessing.   I look forward to further books in the series. and the success of the bakery !
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A Dead Man and Doggie Delights by Aleksa Baxter is the 1st book in the Nosy Newfie Cozy Mystery series, and a delightful and funny beginning.  Maggie May Carver moved to Baker Valley, CO to keep a watch on her grandpa and open a dog barkery (bakery) with her best friend who bakes goodies for people on the other side.  Maggie has a Newfoundland Dog she calls Miss Fancypaints, who is wonderful.  One morning her grandpa pulls a rifle on the town trouble maker.  Later Maggie and Fancy find him dead.  When grandpa becomes the main suspect, Maggie is determined to find the real killer.  I really enjoyed this book, and looking forward to reading the next book in the series.  I highly recommend this book, if you enjoy cozy mysteries. 

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.
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I cannot resist a cozy mystery with a dog or a cat on the cover and I'm happy I couldn't resist requesting this one.
It's a lovely cozy, well written, entertaining and engrossing.
I loved the likable cast of characters, both human and canine, the setting and the plot.
The mystery was good, full of twists and turns, and it kept me guessing till the end.
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Maggie Mae is starting an exciting new chapter in her life. She moved to Baker Valley in Colorado to open The Baker Valley Barkery and Cafe with her best friend and has self appointed herself to grandpa duty to help her aging grandpa. She is barely unpacked when she finds a dead body and her grandpa becomes the only suspect. Since Officer Clark sees no reason to even consider there may be other suspects Maggie finds it necessary to get involved.

I enjoyed the characters in this story from the somewhat crusty but not helpless grandpa to the 140 pound lovable Newfoundland named Miss Fancypants. There were not a lot of characters in the story yet I still had trouble deciding who was guilty. I look forward to the next book in the Nosy Newfie series.
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A Dead Man and Doggie Delights by Aleksa Baxter is the first book in A Nosy Newfie  Mystery series.

A charming story about Maggie and her beloved dog Miss Fancypants who have moved to a little town to be close to her aging grandfather and to open a barkery with her best friend.
However, tragedy strikes almost immediately when her grandfather is accused of killing a local troublemaker. And lead policeman on the case is no other than a man she used to know long time ago and who was a family friend.
As the situation goes from bad to worse Maggie has no choice but to do some investigating herself and find out the truth with the help of her newfie.

Lovely set of characters, strong willed and honest ,very down to earth and realistically portrayed. I especially enjoyed Maggie's musings about certain people and all the crazy and funny stories that she thinks of inside her head. 
Mystery is intelligently plotted and executed. I really enjoyed reading this book.
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I think the star of this story is Miss Fancypants, Fancy for short, a Newfoundland and most dog lovers will agree including, I think, author Aleksa Baxter.  Maggie Carver and her friend Jamie have decided to follow their dream and go into business together opening a barkery and café, one for dogs and one for people, in their small-town set in beautiful Colorado.
Things aren’t going so well, though.  Maggie’s widowed grandpa is a suspect in not just one, but two murders with no real alibi and a shaky past to haunt him.  Maggie meets up with a long-lost friend who’s willing to help on the side of the law.  She finds out more about her grandpa than she may have wanted to know.  It’s what she hopes to find out to get grandpa off the hook and hopefully put someone on it that she feels is deserving of the label, murderer, that will put her and Jamie in danger.
This is a fast-paced cozy with interesting, but flawed, characters.  It’s the getting to know everyone part of this enjoyable series and I’m ready for the next one.
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Spend an afternoon reading A Dead Man and Doggie Delights and you won’t be disappointed by this captivating cozy mystery, the first in a new series.

Maggie is risking it all on opening a ba(r)kery and cafe with her best friend, Jamie, in a small town in Colorado. She moves in with her recently widowed eighty-two year old grandfather, Lou. Maggie’s beloved 140 pound Newfoundland, Fancy, moves in too.

On Maggie’s first day in town, an eccentric town resident named Jack first barks back at Fancy and then at Maggie. Lou threatens the man with a shotgun and tells him to leave. The man walks off.

When Fancy and Maggie find Jack dead in the mountains behind her granddad’s house, cute policeman Matt asks her what happened. When the autopsy determines that her grandfather’s shotgun was the murder weapon, her grandfather is brought in for questioning. Even though the gun was left in an unlocked truck, only Lou’s fingerprints are found on the weapon. He has no alibi for the time of death. Lou also has a previous murder conviction. Things look bad for him so Maggie decides to look for the real killer.

There are multiple plot threads to follow. In addition to the main plot, there is a side plot about Jamie’s long ago love Luke being a player. Could he be dating their 17 year old shop assistant, Katie, even while flirting shamelessly with Jamie? Somehow the author succeeds in keeping all these balls in the air in this charming cozy mystery.

The characters in A Dead Man and Doggie Delights are well defined and have rational motives for their actions. The history of Maggie’s grandfather is particularly well written. He’s lived his life on his own terms and continues to do so with his friendship with retired librarian, Lesley.

If you like dogs and cozy mysteries, this is a perfect read. Multiple plots, great characters, and a challenging mystery make this tale worthy of 5 stars!

Thanks to the author, Xpresso Book Tours, and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I received this ARC via Netgalley and the publisher in return for an honest review.  This is the first book in new series.  Maggie Carver moved to Baker, CO, to live with her grandfather.  Her goal, along with her best friend, is to realize their dream of opening a human and dog café/’barkery’, catering to both clienteles.  The story opens with Maggie and her Newfi, Ms. Fancypants, being barked at by an obnoxious man across their fence.  To Maggie’s surprise, her grandfather appears with a shotgun to send him on his way.  Within a day or two, while climbing the mountain with Ms. Fancy, they stumble on the corpse of the obnoxious ‘barking’ man.  Detective ‘Handsome’, aka Matt, enters the picture to question Maggie’s grandfather about the murder and his gun, which was the murder weapon.  As more murder engulfs the small town, Maggie is determined to clear her grandfather and keep the café/barkery up and profitable.  The story is well written, the characters are fully created (yah!) and the setting is beautiful.  I like the funny asides that are written into the book (like the one about drinking cola, instead of coffee or tea).  I look forward to more in this series.
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A Dead Man and Doggie Delights is a good mystery with some interesting characters. The book has a good storyline and is entertaining.
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Kindle Copy for Review from NetGalley.

I received a free, advance copy of this book and this is my unbiased and voluntary review.

Granddaughter returns home to open up a dog barkery with her best friend.  Things soon go to the dogs when her grandfather is accused of murder which he may actually have committed.

Will she be able to solve the case even if it means that her grandfather is the killer?  It will be up to her to figure things out.  A promising start to this new series.
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Maggie May Carver moved to Baker Valley, Colorado to be with her elderly grandfather, and also to open a doggie bakery/human cafe with her best friend.
When she is sitting in the back yard, a man starts barking at both her dog and her, until her grandpa runs him off with a shotgun. A day or so later that man is found dead in the mountain trail, and her grandpa's gun was the murder weapon.

A good mystery with a satisfactory ending, developed characters, and some humor.
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