Draw 62 Magical Creatures and Make Them Cute

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Kim's Draw 62 Magical Creatures and Make Them Cute is a simple little art book with easy to follow directions. There are certainly some creative ideas for making each creature 'cute'. There is a good deal of variety among the 62, with critters from all over the world. Each one has a 'make it cute' section and a 'you try it' section. This was hit or miss with my cubs. Some liked the style. Others, like me, were not a huge fan of the style, but we all had fun trying them out. Good gift for budding cartoonists. 

***Many thanks to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing for providing an egalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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I enjoyed this book so much that I had to purchase it this summer.   I love to take my drawing books with me to create on the go.  This book has so many whimsical elements to it and the unicorn and mermaid are my favorites.   The techniques to drawing and the step by step make it easy to follow and even someone like myself who is not an artist can make most of the drawings look pretty good.  I love to draw in my calendar fun fairies and unicorns just to make it look festive.   Thank you for the opportunity to review an awesome book!.
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Thanks to the publishers for sharing this one. I enjoyed having a go at drawing a few of the creatures. My full review appears on Weekend Notes.
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I didn't think there was enough step by step to the instructions and if you are someone who doesn't draw and looking for assistance, I don't think this book is really helpful. I was considering it for kids or teens, but don't think lends itself well to beginning artists.
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This was absolutely adorable and a lot of fun. Inspiring and super cute!

From mermaids to vampires and to super corgies or enchanted elephants, this book is sure to make you smile and draw a magical being or two!
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Sketching and drawing cute things is relaxing to me. I'm not fantastic on my own, so sketching and drawing books like this one are a great help! 

The sketches in this book remind me of modern adult cartoons, think Simpsons style. I'm not a huge fan of this type of artwork. I didn't realize it would be quite like this and honestly I'm not sure I would classify this style as cute! Still, there were some great tutorials within these pages. 

Each of the pages involves sketches only, which I really like. Nice clean lines make it easy to see what I'm supposed to do. For a non-professional like me this is quite important. I loved that the coloring was only on the final product and was still simply black and white. 

Again, the drawing directions are excellently laid out. I'm just not sure if I agree with the "make it cute" section. 

I created this in a little sketching journal I have. I started with a pencil sketch, painted with watercolors, and then use a think-line ink for the details. I picked this little salamander because we have a blue-tailed western skink running around outside in my flower bed. He's really quite cute and eating some of the nastier bugs so I'm happy to have him living there. 

So even though I wasn't impressed with the "cuteness" factor, I did find myself quite pleased with the outcome. Art is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. The best art books inspire you to create and give clear, simple instructions. There certainly isn't any fluff here and since I'm pleased with my drawing, I give this book a high mark!
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Really nice book to make animals cute for those who make art or doodle. This is a nice continuation of the other book. Nice variations and try space.
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This book is exactly as the title describes.  It shows how to draw cute figures beginning with a line or two and ending up with a cute figure.  I was so excited that not only could I draw creatures, it looked like I had been drawing them for years.  They are developed slowly so that all of the cute characteristics are included.  The days of doodling boxes are gone.  I will be drawing characters whenever I have a few extra minutes.

What a great book for kids wanting to learn to draw because the characters are attractive enough to interest them.  As an adult, I am pretty proud of the fact that I can create them too.  Add a small sketchpad and some pencils and you have an awesome gift for a special occasion.

I received an ARC from Quarto Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.
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Wow, soo many cute magical creatures!!! I really loved the drawing style and hoped this book could help me with improving my drawings and creating my own cute monsters and it did actually work :D
The instructions were easy to follow and I could really reach good results with them.
I can only recommend this book full of fun and creative ideas!
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This is an adorable book that has really boosted my 8 year old's confidence when it comes to drawing. Hours of unplugged enjoyment have come from this book and the step by step illustrations are easy to follow. I especially love that the author has added in ways to modify and encourages the reader to make their drawing their own. Overall this is a wonderful learn to draw book for the magical creatures lover in your life.
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I have to admit I can do a lot of crafts but I can not draw a straight line without a ruler and then it is iffy. But with this book and the step by step directions I can draw. It is filled with magical creatures (cute not scary). Some include dragons, mandrakes, angels, unicorns, fairy, elf, grumpy wizard, baby witch, werewolf, ogre, siren, and many more. If it is magical it is in this book. I find that if you can't draw them you can trace them. I love to use gel pens and create pictures and these would work great with gel pen fill ins. I would be nice also for younger children to trace and make their own magical village picture. I recommend this book for both children and adults.
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This is such an enjoyable book. Perfect for anyone who wants to inject some fun into their art and for all ages. I could have done with a little more in the way of tips but as a sort of doodling exercise this book is great!
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As an artist my ability is ranked somewhere near doodle deficient, so a cute drawing book was perfect. The steps are clear and easy to follow. Black and white doodles are bold and keep the book surprisingly captivating. I’m very happy with this. Loved the practice space on pages.
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Pretty much what it says on the tin. How to draw adorable Magical Creatures. Most of them are easy to copy and look great in journals. It made for nice doodling.
Personally, I love these little books and I'll be buying them for myself to add to my cartooning books. And I'll probably buy some for the libraries as they would be great for the children's area.
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Lovely tutorials of magical creatures, and definitely cute. 
A great book for anyone trying to learn to draw something a bit different. 

I was hoping for a few more well known magical  creatures, but there are plenty to choose from. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Heegyum Kim had me at “magical creatures”!  I mean, who doesn’t want to draw a little magic?  Several of these creatures will become my go-to’s for entertaining my 3 year old granddaughter on her chalkboard.  There will come a time when she will give it a go herself.  This is a simplistic styled book.  Black and white graphics (think ink drawn) and minimal steps are provided for each character.  The ones I find appealing will be used over and over.  The rest? Meh.  Many thanks to Quarto and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review for an honest opinion.  Now, off to doodle!
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This book was received as an ARC from Quarto Publishing Group – Quarry - Quarry Books in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own.

How to draw books are very popular with our patrons and they are just amazed at the work they do when they follow along. The steps are very easy to follow and I know they will be amazed when they finish the drawings. My favorite is the gargoyle and the octopus and they definitely were cute in their original form and even cuter on the next page. The only critique I give is that they do a step-by-step versions of the "make it cute" because some of the character versions are a little on the advanced side and the basic reader might not be able to follow along as well as they did the original version. Overall, the book was very creative and will do really well at our library.

We will consider adding this title to our Non-Fiction collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
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I have to admit to being a little disappointed with this book.  I was hoping for more step-by-step instructions for drawing each step of the creature but it's not there.  That said the creatures are very cute and I think children would be charmed by them more so than adults.  However, some artistic ability would be necessary to really capture these creatures fully. 

Many thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this ARC for which I have given my voluntary and unbiased review.
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This books title says it all. It teaches you how to draw 62 magical creatures, and make them cute. What it is missing is “Simple, anyone can do it,” but I suppose that would be too long. 

I tried my hand at one of these creatures. With the step by step simple drawn instructions it didn’t turn out too bad. I will definitely be giving more of these a try. This is fun and simple. My thirteen year old is also giving some of them a try.
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Thank you so much for granting me this wish!

I have to say; these creatures are super fun.

Dragon - super cute, but it looked like a hamster when I tried...
Unicorn - It looks like the one in the book but a slightly feral version
Dodo - It looks like a turkey! Mine and their as well. 
Mermaid - It looks like a mermaid, surprise!
Gnome - I call him Harry Gnome cause he looks like he just got the Sorting Hat on his head 
Mandrake - in all honesty, I failed this one so bad!
Angel - Until I got to the wings, it looked okay, but then it suddenly turned rotten. 
Bigfoot - Tell me I'm not the only one who drew it with tiny feet? No? Okay. 
Boogey Man - The cutes of them all! He needs a Tim Burton movie!
Brownie - Who's that? A cleaning gnome?
Centaur - If any centaur saw my drawing, they would make a goat out of me! Not that I did not do the same...
Chimaera - Mom! I want a chimaera for Christmas!
Cyclops - Love them! They solved my problem with not being able to draw even eyes!
Demon - He looks like the demon from Futurama. 
Dwarf - Am I the only one who gave him a bottle of beer?
Elf - He got a flowery shirt! No more Christmas attire for this poor guy.
Fairy - fairy grandma... I cannot draw this one young, sorry. 
Faun - he looks like he needs to pee.
Frankenstein - no one ever told me to drew Frankenstein as a green Bart Simpson! It works.
Gargoyle - Dad! I need a Gargoyle for my Birthday! It looks like a cat with wings.
Ghost - easier to draw, what a surprise.
Ghoul - I gave him a pineapple to eat, cause it looks like a head with a fabulous hairstyle! 
Goblin - Mine's pink and yours?
Griffin - Okay, this one is impossible to draw from the front; the profile is the way to go. 
Hippogriff - why does it look like an angry chicken?
Hobbit - Sitting on a throne of rings! Btw, why do they have larger feet than a bigfoot does?
Imp - looks like the kind of guy who's driving the devil crazy! So much fun to draw.
Kraken - Drew like fifteen of these, my fave. 
Leprechaun - I kept drawing a rainbow around these guys, do they have anything to do with a rainbow?
Medusa - She ended looking cuter than a fairy and mermaid, strange isn't?
Minotaur - No idea what I did to him, or they. Poor guy, first a labyrinth and now these drawings.
Nessie - I have no idea who to tell that I need a Nessie as a pet! So much fun to draw the same as with Kraken.
Ogre - I guess he had too many beers. Not my fave.
Orc - Into the kitchen with this one! I gave him even the apron my grandma used to have.
Pegasus - Either his wings are too huge, and he looks like a dragon or too tiny, and he looks ridiculous. 
Phoenix - Another chicken.
Rumpelstiltskin - A skinny dwarf?
Salamander - Okay, I need a bigger house for all my magical pets. 
Sea Horse - Horse Mermaid? I'm not going to ask about the evolution of this one!
Siren - It just looks like a Chicken. 
Sphinx - It has a nose!
Tengu - I did not go the "make it cute" way cause it would be just another Chicken!
Troll - A bit mouse-like for my liking. 
Vampire - Why is he sooo cute?! I cannot stress how much I like this vampire! Already buying a coffin for my magical house for creatures.
Werewolf - A cute doggo, I just don't see the "were" part.
Yale - A goat with very short legs but I guess he will be a great friend with the Sphinx, I moved them into the same room.
Yeti - I'm not even going to tell you how much I've messed up the fur. 
Zombie - it keeps looking like a robot. 
Flower fairy - I very much enjoyed drawing the flower hair. 
Dokkaebi - Make it cute with a skateboard. 
Enchanted Elephant - So, why they did not add an enchanted Chicken as well? I'm good at drawing chickens!
Forest Fairy - I don't know why but they keep looking Maya, if I am brave enough I'll give them their own calendar.
Genie - The fairest of them all. 
Kumiho - I'm not even telling you how many of them I drew and how I love this lovely creature but no cleaning for this one!
Grumpy Wizard - Under that cloak, his body disappeared!
Flying Monkey - No wings! Flying ears.
Mummy - Okay, I failed with this one, Either it looked like nothing because of too much white or I tried using some "blood" red, and it does not look like a mummy. 
House Elf - Okay, what's the difference between that and an elf?
Majestic Corgi - Where is my Chicken?
Merman - Don't ask me how terrible this looks.
Maine Coon - What is even that? Cat had a bit of fun with a racoon?
Baby Witch - Not cute at all, murderous!
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