Dare to See

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 10 Jan 2020

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I really enjoyed the stories of God’s guidance and faithfulness in Ms. Brown’s life. She shares stories how He was present and guiding in her in her career, her later-in-life marriage, her first time speaking at a women’s retreat, in purchasing each of her homes, in her relationships at church, and in having and adopting her children. The stories were very relatable and down to earth. They were both interesting and poignant. She doesn’t shy away from speaking of heartaches, regrets, mistakes made and lessons learned. 

This is how she describes her relationship with God:  “I rarely feel much older than twelve when we discuss our daily goings-ons. In many ways, God is my best friend, my number one. God is as breathtaking to me as when I look out on fresh snow, smooth and fresh and glistening and silent and not yet touched by anything on earth.”

I don’t know a thing about Katie’s TV show because I never watch TV.  But this was a wonderful introduction to everything Katie Brown, especially since she was speaking about one of my favorite topics: God working in an individual’s life. 

I received an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review,
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This is one of the strangest "books" I've come across in several years. It doesn't flow, the author shares stories that are uncomfortable to read, and the writing is awful. I was very disappointed by this one and won't read from Katie Brown again.
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While watching Katie Brown, she made me think I could craft my space into anything I wanted. Now, she continues to inspire me in the deepest of ways, and ones which will stay with me for a very long time
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You might know Katie Brown from her books or her TV shows. She's a woman who is not afraid to be real with God. She is a woman who sees Him in the daily events of her life. She wants you to see Him too.

Brown shares highlights of her life, events where she has seen the hand of God in what happened. Events like being shot while walking a sidewalk, skiing, a love-hate relationship with alcohol, adopting, buying a house, miscarriages, and the impact of an aunt's bread recipe. She writes about making a mess of a speaking engagement where thirteen hundred were present. That woke her up and ultimately led to this book. She writes about opportunities to make relationships and show love, about giving up something you love for someone you love.

Brown shares her stories with the hope that we will also never be afraid to be real with God. She wants us to tell Him our foolish fears and our idiotic immaturity. He will “help you walk onward and upward,” she writes. (Loc 466/2826)

To help us relate to the stories she tells, Brown has included questions for reflection after each story. She also provides suggestion to put our new insights into practice.

Perhaps the main message of this book is included in one of Brown's practice suggestions. “Stop, breathe, notice, and reflect on the signs that are right in front of you that prove you are not alone.” (Loc 1936/2826)

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.
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