For Small Creatures Such as We

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 22 Oct 2019

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Sasha Sagan's forthcoming book deftly combines memoir, history, theology, philosophy and science into an Atheist/ Agnostic guidebook for creating and celebrating rituals to enhance a meaningful, connected life.  Sagan draws upon the legacy and lessons of her parents to make the case for the miraculousness of coincidence and the natural universe.

It is truly refreshing to read a book that makes the case for a humanist, atheist worldview that is not fatalistic or condescending but includes wonder, ritual, tradition and moral grounding.
Published 9/5/19
9:00 AM EST
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This is a gem of a book that shines in many directions.  Sasha Sagan writes about deep topics with a refreshing clarity, weaving together history, myth, legend, and possibilities for recognizing the sacred in every day.
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