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Where Is Home, Daddy Bear?

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This was such a wonderful book about a father and daughter (bear) having to relocate their home.  The daughter was scared and the father was a source of comfort.  The overwhelming theme to this story was: Home is People who love you.  I thought the message and writing were grate.  Also I appreciated the father being a source of comfort for the child, all to often the mother is the only one depicted as a source of comfort or being involved and intentional with a child.
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Nicola O'Byrne created a wonderful narrative to use with young children to help deal with not only a move, but any transition in "Where Is Home, Daddy Bear?".  Change can be difficult for children.  O'Byrne creates a way for children to openly discuss their feelings of anxiety, loss, and apprehension.  Extra kudos for having Dad play the parental role in the narrative!
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I was immediately intrigued by this book just by looking at the cover. It's a beautiful spring day, and the colors are just intoxicating and calming and lovely. And then there is the look of absolute adoration on the young bear's face as she looks up at her father. So it's already inviting to open up and read.

Evie and her father are moving to a new home. Evie is understandably worried about having to start over and has a lot of the usual questions that young children do. Her most perplexing concern is understanding from where she comes now. She feels like she has lost some of her sense of self. And that makes total sense.

As they make their way on their adventure, Evie keeps asking her father where home is. And he gives some great explanations about how home is more than just the house that you live in. And then finally, she gets it.

This is such a sweet story. I think it is amplified by the beautiful pictures along the way. I just loved all of the illustrations depicting their adventures on the way to their new home. One of my favorites is of them in the diner when they stop off for blueberry pancakes. 

It will be good for children to read as they are getting ready to move and feel a little disoriented during the process.

There is one little part of the story that is missing, and that is where is Evie's mom? I am guessing perhaps she passed away? She only appears in a picture toward the end, but is never mentioned. I know some children are going to pick up on that and also have some questions.

But overall, I did really like this book and give it 4.5 stars overall. 

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for honoring my request for a review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is a cute little book with wonderful illustrations about moving and worrying about making new friends and not liking the new home. I love how Daddy Bear says that he doesn't think home is a place, but a feeling.
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I requested and received an advanced reading copy of this book from NetGalley.

This book would make a great gift for a child experiencing moving for the first time or as a resource on military bases, those kids experience a lot of change.

Dad and Evie have a beautiful dialogue about where home is; and of course, “Home is people who love you”. So, it doesn’t matter where we move, or how many times we move, we will always have a home. 

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This is an adorable book dealing with the idea of moving and changes in the life of a child. Evie Bear and her dad are moving. Evie is worried. Will she make new friends? Will their new house feel like a home? Daddy reassures her and shares that he is a little scared as well, but that they will be fine together. When Daddy gets lost on the way to the new home, they deal with the fear together, strengthening their relationship. This is a great book for a few reasons. It is nice to see a strong father/daughter relationship, although we don't know where mother bear is. My grandson asked me about Mama Bear and I told him I didn't know what happened to her but it was okay because Daddy loved his daughter very much and would take care of her. The message that change occurs in life and that it is okay to be worried was something we also talked about. I really liked the illustrations. The were colourful, detailed and the animals were so cute. Of course the final message to take from this book is that home is where the people you love are, not the place. A great book to share with children who will be moving to a new home, school etc.
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I received a copy of this arc from NetGalley for an honest review. When it is time to move, the little bear is scared, but Daddy bear tries to put her at ease with some calming words.
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This poor girl is moving out of the only home she has ever known with her father and she doesn't know how to feel. She starts to question what home really is. "Home is people who love you", a wonderful message for any child who is questioning their home situation or when they don't understand moving away from their first house. Sometimes change can be hard.
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Thanks to the publisher for an e-galley.
This book was beyond the usual ”moving to a new home” story in that it features a single dad (bear) and his daughter, Evie. The questions Evie asks seem very real for a youngster and her nervousness is conveyed through them and her expressions. I appreciate the grayed out scenes featuring the faded-out, red family car at the top of a few of the road trip panels as it moves from stop to stop. The addition of an overnight campout in the woods rather than lodgings will appeal to many.  The illustrations were created using a vibrant palette and invite the eyes to look for details.  The end is bittersweet with a photo which could answer or create more questions about other life changes in their lives. My reviews and opinions are my own.
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Adorable story and pictures that captures the uneasy feelings and the  unknown of moving for father and baby bear.
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What a delightful story, and the illustrations are wonderful. Evie and her daddy are moving and they are both nervous about it. Evie has lots of questions and herd addy takes time to answer each one honestly. They both come to the same conclusion about what home is all about. This book will be read over and over. The story does a great job explaining the concept of "home." In the end, it doesn't matter so much where you live, but who you have with you.
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Where is Home, Daddy Bear? is a beautifully illustrated picture book.  My 11 year old son and I read the book together, and we just loved the bright engaging pictures throughout the story.

Evie is worried about moving.  She says things that I can imagine a child thinking like "I'm not sure where home is anymore".   I can understand feeling this way during the transition of moving and seeing all of your possessions emptied from one house and moved to another.  The way she looks before they move reminds me so much of moving with my son when he was very young.  He looked so forlorn sitting on the empty floor waiting for us.  The author really captures this feeling beautifully in her words and illustrations.  

"Where am I from now?" Evie asked her dad.  I also liked that we had a family different from the typical nuclear family.  Some children will really identify with this as well, and other children can learn that families are made up differently. Not all families are a mommy, daddy and child.

The message is a one we have heard before but is conveyed engagingly in this story:  "Home is people who love you."

I'd enjoy reading this to my 2nd graders!

Thank you to Netgalley for the Advance Reading Copy! #netgalley #whereishomedaddybear
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This would be a wonderful story to gift children who are facing an upcoming move. Evie bear is feeling unsure about moving to a new home. But as long as she’s with daddy bear, that is home.

The daddy bear character wonderfully reassures Evie when she has big, scary questions. Evie asks, “How will I make new friends?” “Hmm,” said dad. “Why don’t you start with a smile. Those are the same everywhere.” Daddy bear offers comfort, care, reassurance and safety in Evie’s time of uncertainty.

Not only is there a message of comfort of being with the ones you love, but there is also a message to find the adventure in a new experience. Both are excellent reminders, for kids and adults alike, in times of uncertainty or stress.

The illustrations are lovely. 

 I received a digital copy from net galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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What a sweet, beautifully illustrated book. Perfect for children going through a change in their lives. Sometimes the unknown can be very scary for children and can cause them a lot of worry and anxiety. The daddy bear patiently explains that home isn't about things but being with the people you love.
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The illustrations convey the sweet relationship between this single daddy bear and his cub, Evie.  As they prepare to move and journey far from their house, the two share conversations and questions that help them consider their new life and how to find comfort during an uncertain time.  Not many children’s books address these fears that are quite common, and I think readers will appreciate the author’s work to help families adjust to new circumstances.  Whether you are going through life changes with little ones or are looking for a book that will develop empathy, this is a wonderful resource.
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ome is people who love you. Home is me and you. 

Moving can be such a dramatic/traumatic experience for a little ones as it involves change and the unknown. This is a story about Papa bear and Evie Bear who are about to move. Evie has some fears that she voices to her Papa Bear. What will happen? where will they go? How will she make new friends. All these questions are answered with hope and trust. 

This is a great resource for parents who are planning a move to ease their children fears. Highly recommend.

A Special Thank you to Fly Away Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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I really loved this sweet book. The story is great for kids who are moving to a new house, but can also be enjoyed by everyone else. My favorite part of this book are the charming, and beautifully detailed illustrations. Your child will happily sit and listen to this book being read aloud. I will definitely purchase this title for my library.
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Where is Home, Daddy Bear? is a very cute picture book about a little bear named Evie and her dad who are moving to a new house. It offers cute illustrations and a sweet story with a nice message. Also, I want to live in Bear Cottage!

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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If you have ever moved you will know it is a bittersweet experience.  You feel sad to leave your present home behind but excited to go and live in your brand new one.  

Evie Bear and her Dad are moving from the city to the country which will be quite an adjustment.  She has reservations about going as she fears she may not like her new place and if she will make new friends.  Her loving dad assures her that everything will be fine and that she will come to love her new home as much as she did her old one. 

He comforts her along the journey by stopping to buy blueberry pancakes and then having a sleepover at a campsite where they roast marshmallows around a campfire and cuddle together in a cozy hammock for the night before getting back on the road again the next morning.  

After being lost for a bit they finally arrive at their destination. They unpack their belongings and tuck everything away.  The two spend the first night cuddled together in bed where Dad reads her three bedtime stories. They fall fast asleep surrounded by "home". 

Evie Bear learns that no matter where she goes, as long as her Dad is with her, she is  home.  She settles in her heart that home is where the heart is as it's there that she feels safe, loved, happy and content.  

The mixed-media illustrations are adorable.  They are full of emotion, detail and activity.  The story is about a strong bond between a Dad and his Daughter and the positive message is:

"Home is people who love you. "   I love the book and highly recommend it.
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This book is adorable! I don't know why it hasn't gotten more attention.

Evie Bear and her dad are moving. (It looks like there used to be a Mama Bear, but now it's just the two of them.) As they pack up their lives and leave their old home behind, Evie Bear worries. She doesn't know if she'll make friends or if their new place will feel like home. Dad gently reassures her with logical, common-sense advice. He's not afraid to admit his own feelings, which helps him and his daughter relate.

The pictures here are so cute! Stunning, colourful spreads show a world much like our own, but populated by friendly, anthropomorphized animals. The diner where Evie Bear and Dad stop for blueberry pancakes is especially fun to look at.

Overall, this is a really strong book about a topic that many kids will have to face at some point. It shows that, although change can be scary, it can also lead to good things. And home is wherever you choose for it to be, with the people who love you the most.
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