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Husband and I went on a Big Five Safari before we had kids, and this book is wonderful! When they are older we will take them with us, and this is the perfect introduction!
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A grandfather shares with his grandson the five most famous animals from his homeland in Africa and promises to share one animal with him each day. This would make a great story to read aloud to a class/group of children. The descriptions the grandfather gives make a perfect opportunity to build vocabulary and narrative skills children need for early literacy learning. The comforting relationship between grandfather and child makes this a read many children will relate to.
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I don’t remember much about the plot of this book and I only read it a month ago. I wanted to like it.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. A young boy loves to visit his grandfather who is an artist. One of his paintings has the big five, the five most important animals from his grandfathers country. The grandfather then tells a bit about each of the animals.
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Great book! Illustration was also good. It is an informative book for children staring to learn about animals. It engages so everyone is involved in guessing which animal the grandfather is talking about.  Loved it!
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This is fun, educational, descriptive kids book! There is a lot of text compared to pictures, which is hard for the age the books was geared for and while the pictures are okay to good, they are not really impressive either.  It is a cute, meaningful story that I would recommend for good content.
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I love stories that have Grandpa in the storyline. This is the story of Danny who goes to visit Grandpa. Grandpa is from Africa originally and has masks and a painting with 5 animals in it. When Danny asks about the painting Grandpa tells him he will tell him about 1 animal a day for 5 days.  Grandpa gives Danny clues to the animal he is going to talk about to make him guess what kind of animal it is. He then proceeds to tell him about the animal and a feature of the animal. They then imitate that feature. This is a great book to teach children about animals and interact with your child like Grandpa did in the book. The illustrations are pleasing and very colorful to hold any child's attention. I recommend this book for age 3+.
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Wonderful. Basic counting, the days of the week, African wildlife, friendship, play, humor, and generational relationships are all packed into this delightful picture book which is enhanced by the colorful artwork of Judi Abbot. This book was originally published as De grote vijf in Belgium and Holland and now looks to find a new group of fans in the U.S. 5 stars

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A big thank you to NetGalley and Clavis Publishing for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  Danny and Grandpa spend 5 days together. Grandpa tells Danny about 5 animals from where he is from. Cute, nice graphics  3 stars
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*thank you to Netgalley, Clavis Publishing and the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

4 stars.

This is a really nice little book about Africa's main top 5 animals. It's fun to read and the colourful illustrations are beautiful to look at. It's a loving story of a little boys time with his Grandpa who teaches him about the animals. I really liked the ending too. I would recommend this.
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So cute!

First of all, I loved the illustration! Second, Danny and his grandfathers relationship and adventures are so adorable. 

This book was helpful for my son to understand what it means to describe something. Grandpa gives descriptions of each animal and Danny guesses which animal he’s talking about. There is also some counting added in here too! 
My son liked this book because it reminds him of his grandpa which is awesome, he loves animals and there are 5 animals he’s familiar with in the story! 

I think we’ll add this one to our favorites.
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A fun and interactive read for you to read with your young one. Colourful illustrations and a wonderful short story about learning about different animals and what they are good at.
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'The Big Five' with words by Bella Makatini and art by Judi Abbot is a colorful story about spending time with grandpa and learning about things.

Danny's grandfather has a painting with 5 animals from his homeland.  For the 5 days that Danny is spending, he will learn about each animal and learn how they move.  He learns that the elephant is good at stomping, the lion is good at jumping, and other things about the remaining animals.

The pictures are bright and fun.  The book itself is full of fun things to do for little readers as they imitate what the animals can do.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Clavis Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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This is a delightful interactive book. Children will become engaged as they learn. The best way of learning is to make it fun.
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The Big Five is a great interactive read for the young and young at heart. Its a story about Danny and the five days he spends with his grandpa. Grandpa shares about one animal each day will playfully enjoying what each animal is best known for. 

The Big Five is definitely a book I'd share with my grandchild, especially if they were under 5.

I received this ARC copy of The Big Five from Clavis Publishing. This is my honest and voluntary review. The Big Five is set for publication June 25, 2019.

My Rating: 5 stars
Written by: Bella Makatini
Age Range: 3 - 12 years
Grade Level: Preschool - 2
Lexile Measure: 500 (What's this?)
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Clavis (June 25, 2019)
ISBN-10: 1605374571
ISBN-13: 978-1605374574
Genre: Children Fiction

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There can never be enough books about animals, especially the Big Five which fascinate young readers. This is a beautiful story for the youngest of our readers. In addition to introducing the animals, letting the reader guess first, the story features the beautiful relationship between a grandfather and his grandson. I also appreciate that the child is biracial as there still aren't enough stories featuring such children. I wish though a specific African country would have been mentioned or Africa being clearly referred to as a continent.
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Enjoyable book about Grandparents and the role they play in their Grandchildren.
Lovely illustrations,and a multicultural book an asset in any home or school library.
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This children’s book is about a grandpa and his grandson spending the week together.  Grandpa is from Africa and has a painting on his wall of five animals.  It is Danny’s favorite work of art in Grandpa’s house.  Each day Grandpa describes one of the animals and Danny guesses which one it is.  Then he and Grandpa act like the animal – stomping, grazing, and jumping.  In the end, Grandpa blesses Danny by giving him the painting and telling him that they would go to Africa together someday.

This is a good story showing that grandparents have knowledge to depart to their grandchildren.  The two talked about animals and then played and had fun together.  They had a great week.

I liked the informative dialogue and the story it imports.  The illustrations were colorful and fun.  I would recommend this book for grandparents to read to their grandchildren, then follow the story and go act like a kid with them.  What joy!

I received an ARC from Clavis Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.
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Fun counting story for little ones. Good for early readers, lots of sight words. Has a little bit of history for Africa in there too. Love the illustrations.
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*I received this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

The Big Five by Bella Makatini tells the story of a little boy named Danny, as he grows up listening to the stories of his grandfather about his homeland, Africa. The stories center on 5 important animals which hang in a picture on his grandfather’s wall. Instead of just telling Danny their names, his grandfather uses anecdotes and parallels from Danny to the animals to make him guess what they are called. Danny accomplishes naming 4 out of 5 of them correctly; however, he is stumped on the last one. The story ends with Danny’s grandfather revealing the name of this mysterious animal. The last scene returns to the pictures on his grandfather’s wall, and while the specific country his grandfather is from is never mentioned, a lone mask is present to give the reader a hint. I saw a few comments regarding the generalization of Africa in this book especially in regards to the author’s choice of not identify the specific country that the grandfather is from. I believe this was intentionally done to remind readers that while there may be many different cultures within Africa, as a whole they are bound by the soil and the love that each of them have for Mother Africa.
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