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Another Coalition sci-fi romance and just as good as the first 2. This one packs more of a punch and kept me hooked.
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This is the sixth book in the Coalition series and in my opinion is the best to date by the Author .

Caze Paladen, one of the coalition's most decorated commanders is tasked with bring the rebels of Ziem to  to hand ………….. otherwise both the planet's and his future are most probably over .
With a fragment of metal near his spine Caze knows that he can die at any time , he struggles against the constant pain but knows his duty ……. or does he ? He begins to understand that all he has known in the past is not the real truth , the Coalition have lied to him , and not just him , but all raised like him .
When circumstances bring him face to face with Iolana Davorin " The Spirit if Ziem" he initially fights against all that he learns and against the attraction raging between them …... . BUT the more he learns , he realises that all bets are off …………… the Coalition can go to hell , literally , and he adds his intellect and resources to the Rebel cause to free the planet once and for all .

This is a stunning conclusion to this series …………….I hope there are more to come in the fight against the Coalition .
I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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The third book in Ziem and the sixth in Coalition, Renegade, is well worth the read. I enjoyed the story and the characters and will look to recommend and read more.
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I have absolutely loved this series and couldn't wait to see how this final chapter in the trilogy would unfold.  This story is probably the best in the series with it's strong emotional impact and of course it's message of how strength and cunning can outwit a giant enemy. Caze Paladen, one of the coalition's most decorated commanders is dying, Ziem  is his final assignment where he wants to go out with all guns blazing and yet he has a strange fascination and admiration for the rebel leader and his mother who's portrait he has rescued and hidden in his own quarters. When circumstances bring him face to face with Iolana Davorin whom he has believed long dead but the rebel forces call the "Spirit" all bets are off.
Iolana with her healing power not only heals his grievous injuries but also restores a percentage of his emotions that have long been frozen. Watch out for the outcome, since it is definitely not going to be good for the coalition forces.  When long hidden truths emerge Caze's very foundation is shaken. I found the story deeply moving and emotional as Caze first fights against the truth and then reluctantly comes to terms with it. 
I truly hope that Ms. Davis will continue to spin stories of this universe and perhaps some day even bring some of the characters together to throw of the yoke of the coalition.
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This eagerly awaited book transports readers into a science fiction landscape that features an extremely well structured world. Essentially we have the Coalition doing their best to conquer the galaxy and caring not at all for any loss of life or liberty. Caze is their most highly decorated war hero but following an horrific accident he's sent to run operations on the planet that the Coalition have oppressed in order to steal a valuable ore. The rebels have a weapon though that is way beyond the comprehension of those serving the Coalition and its a woman who should be dead ! Iolana has lost so much and yet is ready to fight for her family, her planet and a future that is inconceivable to someone as shutoff as Caze but it's a future worth fighting for .
One of the highlights of this series is that the women are charged with saving themselves and creating their own happiness with the men surrounding them just one part of the process. Iolana is quintessential to the events that unfold and I thought it was high time she could finally become the heart of her family again. Caze might be a warrior but his curiosity and morality stand out throughout this story. Obviously we see more of characters that have previously had their own adventures told but ironically I did think it worked very well as a standalone book. Yes its a well crafted space opera in many ways but the author never rushes nor fills endless pages with unnecessary romance. Perhaps a little too wordy in places but nevertheless a story that kept me glued until the very last page.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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