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The Betrayed Wife

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The Betrayed Wife
Kevin O'Brien (Goodreads Author)

Sheila O’Rourke has always known her husband isn’t perfect. Who is? But things have been better since they moved to Seattle to make a fresh start. So much so that when sixteen-year-old Eden turns up, claiming to be Dylan’s child by another woman, Sheila tries to be welcoming.

At first, Sheila feels sympathy for the girl. Eden’s mother recently fell to her death in an incident with unsettling parallels to Sheila’s past. Still, Eden is a difficult house guest, sowing discord among the family. Sheila has already been on edge for weeks, receiving anonymous texts, noticing odd noises coming from the house next door. And that’s just the start.

Sheila wants to trust Dylan. She wants to feel safe in her own home. But no one can hurt you more easily than the ones closest to you . . . the ones you keep believing until it’s too late.
Kindle Edition, 544 pages
Expected publication: July 30th 2019 by Pinnacle


4.5 Stars

This book starts out showing the death of Antonia. She is thrown naked from the roof of her apartment building and her daughter, Eden is sent to live with her father, Dylan O'Roarke.  He had a fling with Toni sixteen years earlier. And his string of discarded women is immense. Needless to say, some of these women come with a lot of baggage. 

Before Eden comes to live with them, she and her boyfriend Brodie start tormenting Dylan's wife Sheila. And then the trouble starts getting worse and worse for Sheila. Someone puts Visine in her cranberry juice and sets the dryer to give her a lethal shock. Then she finds glass ground in one of her liquor bottles. And Sheila vows to get to the bottom of these schemes but the situation continues to get worse.

The author really had me fooled. I take everything at face value so when the person who was really behind the gas lighting of Sheila was revealed, I was shocked. Good show, Kevin O'Brien! This novel disturbed me because this sort of thing could happen to any of us. 

Highly recommended.

I want to thank NetGalley, the author and the publisher for allowing me to read this title in return for an honest review.
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Sheila knows something is wrong, someone is watching her, someone is tampering with her car, the washing machine, and the garden did not just self destruct.

Dylan, although father of four, is a player. As the story progresses, one realises just how much of a player he is. He cannot walk past a woman without wanting to sleep with her.
Sheila is an extremely forgiving wife. 

So why is somebody trying to kill her?

Very well written, at one point I felt like yelling at Dylan - it wasn't something nice either. Excellent book, I hope a cheating husband reads this... If this doesn't chill you to the bone, I don't know what would! 

It's Fatal Attraction on steroids...

Thank you Netgalley and the author for allowing me to read this book. I try to review every book I read.
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A leapord does not change its spots, and neither does an infidel husband. I have to be honest here, Dylan was the most horrible of husbands. He was only busy trying to find the next woman to score with. To think he had grown up children along with an illegitimate one who popped up suddenly into their family life. You would think he would then find his shame.... Noooo he found the next woman... But someone was killing these women too... What would the wife Sheila do now? Or was she the killer? 

My first book by Kevin O'Brien, and it was obvious the author had gone all out to make this book filled with highs and lows of a thriller. Just when I thought I knew the husband, he proved to me how low he could get, all for the next conquest. I liked his characterization as I could hate him pretty much throughout the book. 

Ah now the wife, she was portrayed well by the author, a woman who lived with the man and forgave him for the multitude of affairs. Though I wasn't quite sure why an independent woman would, especially when the children had grown up. Ah well, to each his/her own. 

The murders brought their own excitement, but as the wife investigated deeper into husband's past, I could guess the killer. I actually shut my brain to read this book. I wouldn't say I loved the book, but it was something I couldn't move away from. I had to know if the lying, rotten husband would get drawn and quartered. So to me, it was a fun thriller.
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This book was a whole mess. The husband literally slips his business into any female that looks his way, the wife knows about it and she just takes it. She is literally being stalked by someone, but instead of blaming any of the 456431234896323 women her husband is sleeping with, she immediately blames his daughter (from an affair that he conveniently never knew about, of course). So people are dying, the main character has a secret, and dude is just a complete tool. Honestly I hated all the characters in this book. Women were literally just holes to this guy, except for the woman he "loved" after seeing her for five minutes at the gym. And they're all STUPID. He's "hot" so they're all willing to ruin their lives (or end others') to be able to be with him, even though HIS WIFE WON'T LEAVE HIM. After all this, she still says she's going to stay with him, for the kids. I. Can't. Honestly I was just hoping someone was going to Lorena Bobbitt him so that the book would just end. Ugh.
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A perfect family may not be so perfect, with a husband that cheats and a wife who just been accepting of it for so many years. When something traggic happens in their old home town brings some things to light that they never knew. Mystery texts received with hints of a hidden past turns their world upside down! 

This were so many OMG and WTF moments through out this book! Making me not want to put the book down until I finished! Fantastic Book!
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Ugh this book! So many great twists and suspenseful moments- I even had to close the book twice because I was freaking myself out! But then, there are holes in the plot and a sense of ‘unbelievability’ that left me wanting...more. 
So I’ll give it a four because I loved that feeling of thinking I had it figured it out when I didn’t, even when other parts of the story were definitely in three star territory. 
While- obviously- I didn’t absolutely love this book, it has made me want to check out other books by this author.
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A really gripping and exciting domestic noir. I really enjoyed this story and was very well written with a very likeable main character who I found myself rooting for. Creepy and mysterious x
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▪️#partner| Thank you to NetGalley, Kensington Books, Pinnacle & Kevin O’Brien for the free advanced digital copy! This book is available July 30th!
✔️This book was WOW!! 🤯 I didn’t want to stop reading! It had me hooked from the first page! It was exciting, unbelievable & shocking. It dealt with adultery & murder and was definitely a thriller that made me second guess a lot of things! I loved to hate Dylan and just found my hate for him grow more and more throughout the book. 
✔️I thought this book was great.  A about the 80% mark I had a theory but then ended up being wrong which I absolutely loved! The story was told from almost every character’s perspective - it was so great!! I’m still pondering the ending and what I think it all means but that’s the beauty of these fast paced thrillers.  I can’t wait to read more from this author! 
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I have never read this author before, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed this story. This was filled with so many secrets, twists, some stalking and it would or will be so good to listen to when the audio is ready.
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This book was good but I felt there was something missing. Overall I enjoyed it but it felt a bit wordy and predictable.
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What an amazing novel! The character development was incredible, the story line flowed seamlessly and I was captivated the whole time. Highly recommended!
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Sheila O’Routke has always been a little “ high- strung” so when a series of odd accidents occur she notices a creepy guy who seeks to be following her. She had noticed him and his equally creepy girlfriend a few weeks ago so it is quite a shock when they show up in her house and she learns that the girl is Her husbands illegitimate daughter, Eden who is 16 and needs her father. 
Sheila is furious with Dylan her husband but feels some sympathy for Eden while not trusting her. 
Sheila keeps having accidents, receiving strange , anonymous texts and  odd noises in her house. Are her suspicions that Eden is responsible correct? 

This is a real page turner that kept me guessing though I didn’t like the characters. Dylan is a womanizing cad and Sheila comes across as helpless and willing to tolerate anything because he is a “ good provider”. We don’t really get to know any of the children except Stevie who is a sweetheart and deserves better role models and parents not so selfishly self involved. 
As other reviews have noted, the ending sucked but leads us to think there will be a sequel. 
As always, Kevin O'Brien has written a really good story. 
Thanks to #netgalley and #kensingtonbooks for the advance copy in exchange for a review.
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3 star read. Could've been a 4 star read but too many plot holes and things left unwrapped at the ending. Ohhhhh that ending sucked. A bunch. The rest of the novel was really awesome. I absolutely loved it and could not put it down until that ending. Ugh. So many questions I have that are unanswered. There were a good amount of twists and turns and surprises but the ending just didn't do this book justice. I think the author was trying so hard to leave us sorta wondering at the end, that we wind up left wondering at the end. Not a good thing!

I absolutely adored Sheila and Dylan's son Stevie. Him being there for his mom through everything his dad put her through and our antagonist put her through was just really #SonGoals (if such a thing exists). This book succeeded in making me angry at almost every other character so that's the only character I can say I really liked.

I do recommend this to Mystery/Thriller fans. But you sorta have to give yourself your own ending to be really satisfied at the end.
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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to preview The Betrayed Wife by Kevin O'Brien.  A young girl shows up on the doorstep after sixteen years.  Sheila understands that her husband had a past and is willing to take in the young girl, but when things start happening, noises, texts, etc., Sheila starts to wonder what is really going on.  Her once happy family is no longer recognizable, and does she really know the people around her that she loves.
Good Book with a steady plot.
3.5 stars.
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I so wanted to enjoy this book. It was just ok. The book started out very slowly and just never got going. The characters were childish and that took away from the book. The husband was a dog, The main female  character was just dumb. Also, the author had too many coincidences going on. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for the arc of this book in return for my honest review. Receiving the book in this manner had no bearing on my review
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Married couple Sheila and Dylan are enjoying life with their 3 children when 17 year old illegitimate daughter of Dylan shows up on the scene. 
Great thriller.  Lots of twists and turns.
Thank you NetGalley & Kensington Books for the ARC.
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The Betrayed Wife certainly messed with my head.  There was so much going on I felt like I was watching a train wreck and could’t look away.

Sheila is a married mother with three kids just going through the motions when Eden, a sixteen year old girl, shows up at her door claiming to be her husbands daughter.

Eden’s mother has recently passed away under somewhat unusual circumstances and she now needs a place to live.  Although shocking, Sheila’s husbands indiscretion is nothing new to her.  Dylan is actually quite the jerk!

Through a series of strange encounters and experiences, the story begins to take shape and unravel into quite a  dramatic mess.  

The first half of the book was a bit slow for me, although not at any point would I have given up.  The second half picked up speed and I really wanted to see how things would end.  

Overall quite enjoyable and entertaining and a good summer read.  My one criticism would be that it was a bit over the top for me so I’m scaling down to 3.5 stars.
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When Dylan O'Rourke' s abandoned teenaged daughter Eden shows up at the home he shares with his wife Sheila and their children, , the normal peace and quiet of their  home is shattered. And the creepy boyfriend who accompanied Eden on her journey to find her father after her mother died in a mysterious rooftop  fall doesn't help. Not that Toni, the dead woman, was any prize as a mother, according to Eden, and Tony' s friends. But something doesn't ring true to Sheila, even though she knows the girl has been through a lot. Then a strange and decidedly unfriendly woman moves into the house next door, refusing to silence her constantly barking dog and upping  the tension.  What Eden wants is the axis on which the convoluted plot turns, in a story that keeps the readers interest even when the pace lags.
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Thank you to NetGalley for my copy of this book.

What a fabulously delicious book.  This book has a fantastic story line, excellent characters and is just unputdownable.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone and I enjoyed it immensely.
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This is a page turner!
Shiela and Dylan are married with three children.  They have been married for many years, all of which Dylan has been unfaithful to her.  Things tend to get even harder when a 17 year old girl shows up claiming to be Dylan's illegitimate daughter.  From here on things take a turn for the worse for Sheila and her family.  Strange text messages, attempts on her life, and her precious garden gets torn up.  Suddenly the past and the present are colliding and danger lurks around every corner.  Through all the twists and turns in this book, the reader meets new characters, all well developed that  make the plot not only more interesting, but more suspenseful.  
Great thriller, highly recommend.
I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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