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It was my first book by this author and I was excited when I was provided a copy. I almost feel ungrateful because I have to admit that the book couldn't hold my interest. The premise sounds promising, and the start was good but after a while I wanted, needed, expected more from the characters - more flesh, more insight, something I could connect with. Obviously I'm in the minority here, therefore I hope the book will find many fans!!!!!!
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read it!
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The premise of the story sounded right up my alley but this story fell short for me.
I felt like the characters where to childish and annoying. To be honest i just skimmed my way through the rest of the story
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My heart is still pounding in my chest. The suspense just kept building and building with each flip of the page. The ending: I didn't see that coming. I loved Steve. Poor Sheila. The best part—as well as the worst part of this story—was Dylan's characterization. I was conflicted in wanting to believe that he was a stand-up, honorable guy, all the while dread gnawed at me in knowing that he really was a complete schmuck. Oh, Dylan. You schmuck!

This one will be on my fav's list. Great read!

Thank you to Netgalley, Kensington Books, and author Kevin O'Brien for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I have been having great luck with new-to-me authors recently and Kevin O'Brien is yet another exciting discovery for me. This was a really solid and engrossing thriller.

One day Sheila - long-suffering wife of philanderer Dylan - begins receiving creepy, anonymous texts and believes that someone may be following her. Then, a teenage girl shows up at their house claiming to be Dylan's child that he had with another woman. Dylan decides he wants to finally do the right thing so he invites Eden into their home to stay.

This thrilling novel is a wild ride filled with secrets, obsession and betrayal. This is a long one but I flew through it as the story was so gripping! Highly recommend.
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I liked the mix of creepy thriller and family drama. The story intrigued me as it progressed and I actually liked all the manipulations and lies. I definitely didn't see the end coming

And oh my god, how much I hated Dylon! I still understood where Sheila is coming from and why she put up with his behaviour though (it's described very well). 

Definitely recommend reading!
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Another roller coaster  and can't put this book down read by Kevin O'Brien

Sheila knows Dylan isn't perfect and when his daughter that he didn't know about moves into the family home you know trouble for the family is not far behind.

Dylan is quite charming, doesn't make him nice or likeable. 

Sheila is receiving anonymous texts, threatening in fact. 

Then there is Dylan's daughter Eden.

Who can you  trust ? 

The pages fly by with twists and turns. 

Buckley up your seat belt because with Kevin O' Brien's books you know you are in for quite a ride.

Clear you calendar, hide from the family so you can find out what happens. 

Thanks to Net Galley and Kensington Books for giving me the opportunity to read The Betrayed Wife. 

Can't wait to get my copy for my bookshelves. 

Don't miss this great read 

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I really enjoy O'Brien's books! He does a great job at building tension and suspense - along with realistic characters. This book is a quick read that is hard to put down! It's told mainly from three perspectives, all within the same family. Sheila is the titular betrayed wife, still wed to her cheating playboy husband, Dylan. Their eldest son, Steve, is the third POV (and certainly the most sympathetic, as Dylan is pretty despicable and Sheila is rather frustrating to actually feel any real sympathy with). The O'Rourke family is thrown into chaos when Eden shows up  at their home - and announces that she is Dylan's daughter and needs a place to live after her mother's sudden death.

And in the meantime, it seems like Sheila's paranoia has real foundations as more and more attempts are made on her life. The plot is just twisty enough to add to the fun - and there are some real surprises and red herrings here to keep the reader guessing until the end. It's a genuine page turner! I had a lot of fun reading this - and while there are a few questions that go unaddressed, I really enjoyed this thriller. There are some creepy scenes here, too, so you may not want to read it alone after dark! The ending is quite satisfying and I am looking forward to reading more of O'Brien's books in the future!
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This is the kind of book I like. One that grabs my attention right away and makes me want to stay up late into the night reading. Lots of twists that kept me guessing. I really enjoyed this!
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Thank you to NetGalley, Kevin O'Brien and Kensington Books/Pinnacle for this ARC.

I've been a Kevin O'Brien fan for a while now, and I really enjoyed this book. It's got the right amount of "oh my God" and "wtf" moments that are common in a KB novel.

I really disliked Dylan's character, and with good reason. He's not a good father or husband. There were times I wanted to reach through the pages and shake him because he was being an idiot.

All in all, this was another fantastic read from Kevin O'Brien.
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I have read Kevin O'Brien for close to 20 years. I am a huge fan, so I was VERY excited to receive this ARC!  He never disappoints and this one was no different. I loved the characterization. You read from several different POV's. Mainly, Sheila, Eden, Dylan and 15 yr. old Steve.  I didn't like Sheila at first. Who continues to stay with an ass like Dylan. The more I read, however, I understood her justifications and reasoning. This is a quick, fun read, with something happening in each chapter to make you think "ah hah!"  I was on my toes throughout and read this one very quickly.  Highly recommended!!!

Thank you to Netgalley, Kensington Books, and author Kevin O'Brien for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I will post to Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble on publishing day, July 30th.

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A compelling. Compulsive read. Fast paced and thrilling, O'Brien does it again! Just when I thought I had it figured out, he fooled me again!
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Kevin O'brien Never disappoints.. This kept my interest from page one to the last page.. Had me guessing through out the book. Thought I had it figured out and I did not. Lots of suspense. I would highly recommend this read.
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When I began reading The Betrayed Wife, I couldn’t tell whether I was going to like it or not. As I continued, it became more intriguing and the manipulative characters became more loathsome. Although a bit crazy at times, it is certainly entertaining.
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A wild ride of a read a perfect family all is well but then the story takes off.Twists turns shocks surprises kept me reading late into the night.Highly recommend. #netgalley #kensigtonbooks
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Dang I love a good book cover and title! I love it even more when the content is amazing just like this one. Kevin O'Brien did an excellent job bringing this character to life and making you want to read it all night long. (which I did) It is so great I want everyone to go out and read this one please.
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This an addictive and engrossing psychological thriller that kept me glued to the book way beyond my bed time.

Sheila is the long suffering wife of Dylan who seems to be a serial cheater. 
One day his "maybe" daughter arrives at their door, and in an attempt to make up for his ever neglect Dylan invites her to stay. Big mistake.

From this point onward an explosive chain reaction of secrets, betrayals, utter craziness, obsessiveness and much more erupt with unforeseen consequences and a satisfactory ending.    

Thanks Netgalley, Kensington Books, and author Kevin O'Brien for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The Betrayed Wife is a twisted, engrossing read. I read it in one day. There are so many side stories stemming from the main plot, one almost needs a map to keep it straight. Sheila has secrets as does her husband that brought them to Seattle. Eventually, most of those secrets are leaked, especially Dylan's daughter from an affair. Dylan is a complete sleaze bag who sleeps with anyone. Sheila is a weak doormat of a wife who won't leave him although she knows about his affairs, Including one he had with someone close to her. The person who is the real hero and the best character is Steve, the 15 year old son. When he took care of business toward the end, I actually clapped. It was like being in the theater watching the villain get his or her just reward.
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I might be exhausted today because I might've stayed up well past my bedtime to binge on this addictive book last night...

Kevin O'Brien has hit it out of the park with this one. 

Long-suffering Sheila has been making excuses for and putting up with Dylan's infidelity for years but everything comes to a head when his "maybe daughter", Eden, shows up on their doorstep. At the same time, Sheila begins receiving sinister texts and wonders if she is being followed.

Out of sense of loyalty and a desire to right past wrongs, Dylan invites Eden into their home and lives and then the crazy REALLY starts. I don't want to say much more but the secrets, twists, stalking, craziness and obsessiveness are delicious and make for a book that, as I alluded to earlier, was impossible to put down.

Thank you to Kevin O'Brien, Kensington Books, and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Beyond amazing I enjoyed this book so very much. The characters and storyline were fantastic. The ending I did not see coming  Could not put down nor did I want to.
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Another great read by the prolific Kevin O’Brien is the perfect summer read.  Another ‘Perfect Family ‘ scenario where lives and lies fall apart in ever increasing circles.  Super fast read with an intriguing premise, loved it!
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