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The Betrayed Wife

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I use to read all of this author's books.  I stopped because it felt repetitious, but The Betrayed Wife is rally good.

I do love his writing style, it always feels down to earth, as though he is writing for us, instead of creating fancy and incomprehensible prose.  He is also great at staying away from  giving too many details that would seriously water down the "thriller" part of the story.

This book is engrossing and the plot is very well developed and kept me reading.

The character development was very good, considering this is a thriller.
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The Betrayed Wife by Kevin O’Brien is an impressive emotional domestic thriller.  Many twists and turns and an unexpected ending.  

Thank you to the publisher, author, and NetGalley for the opportunity to preview the book.
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This was one of the more suspenseful family drama books that I've read this year. Very engaging and mysterious. It keeps you guessing the who, what and why until the very end. 

Sheila knows her marriage is far from perfect. She's known this for years, but when that knowledge results in an unknown daughter, even Shelia can't protect Dylan now. 

With her life falling around her, she really can't cope with much more. Let alone the attacks and sabotages that start coming her way. Sheila can only see one person as being responsible, but everyone else in her life is quick to dismiss those theories. 

It's up to Shelia to shed light on the truth behind their new addition and the lengths one person is willing to go to get what they want.

A wonderful book that has a huge twist ending.
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Lots of surprising twists. I’d this the perfect family?  Dylan is no angle   Shiela knows that Dylan and his wife sheila have 3 kids.  One day Dylan’s past comes back to haunt them.  A 16 year old daughter Dylan knew nothing about arrives. Trying to make things up to her he invites her to stay with his other family.  This is when things go horribly wrong.
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A daughter you never knew about, a philandering husband, stalkers, obsession, cheating, ex-lovers, lies, deciet and so many twists and turns that your head will spin, this story pulls you and doesn't let go until the explode ending. Told through multiple points of view, with engaging characters, this is one wild ride. It was like a boomerang of suspects going through your mind having you thinking, "no its her, no now I think its her!", you definitely will not see that ending coming!
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The perfect family or the perfect nightmare?! You decide in this remarkable coming of age plot where the husband you thought you knew is holding back secrets.
It turns out he may have fathered a child who comes looking for him all these years later .
Eden after all is having hardships after losing her mother to a uncanny parallel incident to Sheila's past.
However, Eden is know 'angel' sowing discourse throughout the marriage and her new found family.
Sheila tries to be warm and welcoming but has been receiving odd texts and messages that keep her on edge.
Could all of this be somehow related to Eden and if so why?
The closer they are the more damage they can incur.
Who to trust?
That's the question in this heart pounding thriller.
Thank you to Kevin, the publisher, Amazon Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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Creepy Read! This book is one you will not be able to put down. It has so many family dynamics issues in it. It will make you ponder who well do you know your husband. So many things going on in the book, it was a fast read. The storyline was intriguing and appalling at the same time. It will have you questioning , who do you really trust.
Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced copy of the book. 
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Thank you to the publisher for sending me an ARC of this book.
I'd read book about "child from another woman" but never a "teenager from another woman".  This book intrigued me.  The story was interesting and well told.
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This was a very interesting and suspenseful novel. I was very surprised by some of the unexpected twists! I highly recommend it!
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Antonia is standing at the edge of the roof...

Sheila's brakes give way...

And that is just the start of a high suspense thriller! The Betrayed Wife by Kevin O'Brien is one heck of a read. Everything from an illegitimate daughter to an outright serial cheater. (Oh, and a bit of murder.)This book has it all and so much more. Keep your hats on! Especially you mystery/suspense/.thriller readers!

SO MUCH happens in this captivating book that you won't want to put it down. A reader's sure delight!

HIGHLY recommend!!!

Many Thanks to Kensington Books/Pinnacle and NetGalley for a superior read.
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Philandering husband + complacent wife + illegitimate daughter = disaster! 

This book has all the ingredients for a suspenseful novel. I have read most of Kevin O'Brien's novels and have enjoyed them all. I feel this one was missing something. This one could have been so much more.  It's not that I didn't enjoy it, I did but wanted more.  I feel like the characters could have been so much more intense ... more dimensional ... stronger.


Thank you #netgalley and #kensington for the eARC.
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A solid mystery with a creepy twist! Gets a bit confusing with all of the ancillary characters toward the end, but a good read nonetheless. Very fast paced and compulsively readable.
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Kevin O'Brien is a wonderful author and his books never disappoint. I enjoyed this book and could not put it down. Well written and well developed characters.
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The Betrayed Wife by Kevin O’Brien is an awesome domestic psychological thriller that is not to be missed! So many twist and turns, many emotions run wild while reading this! Loved it! 
Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Sheila tries to make the most of her marriage, Dylan is a typical guy and not always sympathetic to her needs, but she promised “for better or worse”. Things definitely take a turn for the worse when sixteen year old Eden arrives claiming to be Dylan’s daughter. Eden claims her mother recently died in a fall, and initially, Sheila feels sorry for the girl, but not for long. Does Eden have it out for her stepmother? Or is someone else gaslighting Sheila?
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