Rival's Break

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Didn't relize that this was the 9th book in the series when I requested it but went ahead to read it anyways. It took a little bit to make sense of the characters but one I did, I found myself mostly enjoying the story. I probally would have enyoyed this more if I knew the backstory though.
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Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for the early copy!

I decided to put down the novel because I did not connect with the writing style.
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I had a hard time figuring out who was who and exactly what crime or crimes had been committed. There have clearly been other books written with these characters but with a lack of background, they, and the story did not stand alone. I didn’t finish the book, because it was so challenging to slog through the past and present relationships of these characters. It’s a shame this overpowered the story for me, because beneath the previous relationships among these characters, I THINK there might have been an intriguing tale.

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher and NetGalley.
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I try to read widely, even genres that I haven't previously enjoyed. This novel may be perfect for someone who loves romance (I don't) and enjoys long series (#9 I found out as I plunged in).

Read as a stand-alone, the story doesn't work. There's too much backstory and too many names to keep straight. That' wasn't the deal-breaker for me though. The deal-breaker was the constant reference to physical attributes in place of character development. Perhaps by book #9 one doesn't need character development, but if that's the case, do you really need to know all those romance-physical-tropes either?

So, not the book for me. I didn't finish it.

That said, I'm sure someone who loves series and romances would be all over this one as it's got the ingredients for that readership.
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Thank you Netgalley, Harlequin-Mira  and Carla Neggers.
This is my first read from this author and loved it.
Great characters, fast paced, well written.
Cannot wait to read another book from this author
4 stars ⭐️
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A good read with characters I enjoyed and a story that kept me guessing! I hadn't read anything from this author previously and this made me curious to read more.
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Emma and Colin are finally able to get some time together. They think they are going to have a nice quiet getaway. Then a body is found and turns out to be someone they know with ties to the government. Then a famous painting from a friend of theirs that was at the estate also goes missing. This story is full of suspense and will keep you guessing. I felt so bad for this couple and felt like they got booked on vacation from hell. Everyone they knew was getting harmed or robbed and I was like what’s next for this couple. They call in the special HIT they know can help them. This book had me trying to guess what would happen next and I was never right. I love how this author just keeps me on the edge of my seat the whole time I’m reading this book and I’m always excited to find out what happens next. Not very many books do that for me anymore. I highly recommend this book if you are looking for some good suspense and mystery.
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Unfortunately did not finish. I couldn't get into the story and my lack of familiarity with the characters and their backstories revealed in earliest books made it difficult. The writing was well done but the characters didn't connect with me
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This is the ninth book in this series. Emma Sharp and Colin Donovan just want to finally spend some alone time together but that gets cuts short quick when  people with food poisoning about a yacht pull them back into action. This has nice twists and turns. The scenery and feel of Ireland I loved as much as the action.
I was given a copy from the publisher for my honest review.
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Another great installment in the Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan series.  Often a series will become tiresome and repeat the same basic story over and over.  Not so with Carla Neggers.  She always draws me in.  Her characters feel like familiar friends now.  I also enjoy how the art is involved.  Well done.
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have not read the previous books, so found the number of characters a bit overwhelming (my fault, not the author's), and the author did include a lot of back story to understand the characters, but this book really could have used a "Cast of Characters" or "Family Tree" type of page at the beginning. Nonetheless, I found the characters fascinating and the story compelling.

The story bounces back between Maine and Ireland. The author includes luscious scenery descriptions of both places. Newly weds Emma Sharp and Colin Donovan both work for the FBI. Emma is a art crimes analyst and Colin is an arms trafficking undercover agent and has just returned from an undercover mission. They'd hoped to enjoy some time together alone in their home and at the wedding of Colin's brother Andy, but during the reception when youngest brother Kevin, a state marine patrol officer, gets called to a yacht party about a possible food poisoning, Colin decides to tag along and comes face to face with a MI5 acquaintance, who had once saved his life. Another MI5 agent and her boyfriend a MI5 asset also show up in this small town. Something is a foot, but no one is sharing information readily. Lots of twists and turns in this action packed, page turner, with quite a surprise at the end.

I read an ARC from NetGalley.com . this is my voluntary and unbiased review.
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Emma Sharpe is recovering from a shattering loss while her husband, Colin Donovan, is deep into his latest undercover mission. So they’re grateful to enjoy a peaceful autumn weekend together on the southern Maine coast to celebrate Colin’s brother Andy’s wedding. But the peace is short-lived when Kevin Donovan, a marine patrol officer, receives a call to check on suspected food poisoning at a party aboard a yacht. Colin decides to tag along. He is surprised to recognize one of the victims as an undercover British intelligence officer, and it quickly becomes evident they’re dealing with something very sinister. At the same time a valuable painting by Irish artist Aoife O’Byrne—a friend of Emma and Colin’s—is missing from the yacht, and the connections make the investigation international and extremely personal. Emma and Colin discover they are up against a deadly foe who plans to strike again. With the help of HIT, their small, elite Boston-based FBI team, they must foil an attack that will have devastating effects. It’s a case that will alter their lives beyond anything they have ever imagined.I

I really enjoyed this story and cannot wait to read more in this series.
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Rival's Break is the 9th book in this romance series by Carla Neggers. I was expecting a bit more suspense in this romantic suspense series. It didn't quite meet my meter in that direction. However, it was a great story. The book fell more into the women's fiction than anything else. Usually, those genres have a slower pace when it comes to events in the book. The beginning was slow for me. Once the real danger and action began, it sped up some. But it should have been like that from the beginning. I felt weighed down by too many details at first. Just a tiny bit more than I would like. 

As with all of books written by this writer, I found action, romance, and danger. I love those three combinations in any book. She did not disappoint in those areas. The characters felt real. I liked the group.  Each one added to the overall story. Overall, I would recommend Rival's Break to other readers.
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Guests at a dinner party on a yacht in Maine end up in the hospital with food poisoning. The chef blames her carelessness in mushroom scavenging, but then discovers one of the guests was an MI5 agent and a friend of her father, who is a toxicologist in hospital in Britain dying of mushroom poisoning, blamed on his carelessness. Local FBI agents and MI5 colleagues, suspecting foul play, parse their communication, with intermittent inexplicable forthrightness. The constant repetition of characters’ main traits of being government agents blends them together in a brothy soup of spyness. Suddenly, there’s a culprit, with no previous hints or any indication of involvement, so that backstory must be thrust in awkwardly. I received a digital copy through NetGalley, where the synopsis provided no clue that it was 9th in the series, information only to be found at the end of the book. Perhaps if Dear Reader is already invested in these spy characters, this particular story would hold more credibility.
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Such a fabulous conundrum featuring Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan. The final twist is amazing. Must read.
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My first book by author Carla Neggers, though ninth in the series, the book was difficult to understand since I had not read the first 8. But I treated it as a lone murder mystery and I could enjoy the story.

The murder mystery had its own intrigue, and the husband and wife duo were great investigators. Not only they had a murderer to seek, they also had to investigate the mystery of disappearing art. The stakes were raised by the author's writing.

The characters were interesting, and the plot fast paced. The action scenes did make me giddy with excitement. Overall, a great read.
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A high stakes mystery murder. Will the police be able to handle such a high profile murder laced with mystery and scandal.
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Rival's Break by Carla Neggers is the 9th in a series of books featuring the main characters. Be warned, it is very character driven which makes it difficult to follow if you haven't read previous novels in the series, as I hadn't.  This alone made it very difficult to go through, which colors my rating.

The story was fine in itself, the setting of New England in the fall was lovely and the author very descriptive.  However, because the murder mystery revolves around mushroom poisoning, there is an excessive amount of information about poisonous and non-poisonous mushrooms.  I put this book aside at least 3 times and read other novels because it became so tedious.

My suggestion is read at your own risk.  If you have read the other novels in the series, you will most likely enjoy this one. If you haven't, I would recommend reading those before jumping to Rival's Break.  Thank you to the author, Harlequin and NetGalley for an ARC of this novel in exchange for my review.
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This is the 9th book in the "Sharpe And Donovan" Series by this favorite author. .I have read the previous in the series and highly recommend this series and the author for all who enjoy a mysterious action thriller with great strong charcters. 

In this next in series  Emma and Colin are involved in a gripping new case of international intrigue.  I love these two seasoned investigators as Husband and wife  and how they work together as a tight team.  They are on holiday with friends while Emma recovers from a difficult loss and Colin happens to tag along when a body is discovered on nearby yacht. What he finds is a former British Intelligence office that he knew of has been possibly poisoned.   A valuable painting on the yacht disappears at the same time and Colin and Emma are on the case.  Soon they realize they are involved with international gangs and much is at stake. 

I loved this next in series for the wonderfully drawn settings, the charcters and the mystery.  The author has another winning action thriller here with a mysterious touch for just the right blend of intrigue and action. Very well done to the author.  Thank you to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinions are my own. I highly recommend this wonderful series.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Carla Neggers and Harlequin for this ARC.

I've enjoyed all the previous Sharpe and Donovan novels, so I was sure I'd enjoy this one. This series ranks up there with JD Robb's In Death as being THAT GOOD.

Loved it.
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