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Can't recommend this highly enough - should be required reading for every one involved in education at every level. in order to fully understand barriers  faced by BAME women. A real calling out of the narrowness of Euro-centric curricula and how that impacts everyone's experience and understanding. Also an insightful examination of sins of omission in terms of combatting institutionalised racism by establishments who pride themselves on liberal and enlightened attitudes and so do not do enough to challenge the status quo.
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This is an incredibly important book. I am not racist - or at least I didn't think I was but the discussion here has made me question many assumptions and concepts. At the very least a lack of knowledge and empathy on my part will have let me fall into the trap of racist behaviour or misunderstanding.

This book is not a polemic or rage and is all the better for that. The simple explanation of misunderstandings between and amongst different sectors of society provides a simple and irrefutable description of institutional racism in the world of academe. There is no suggestion that this is deliberate or vindictive but rather fuelled by ignorance.

This is a terrific work that should be read as widely as possible particularly by those with any interest or involvement in diversity or inclusion.
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