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FABRIC OF FATE is a fun romp with a lot of sensual pleasures, emotions that will break your heart and make you sigh in pleasure and relief, and the happily ever after that everyone deserves.

Annetta Sweetko, reviewer for Fresh Fiction

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Audrey Brennen is a workaholic.  Her job as an ad exec is always on the line. It's either her ads don't pack the punch they need to or the next up and coming assistant is gunning for her.  Suddenly, things change when Audrey ends up in the hospital. She is forced to re-evaluate what her job is doing to her and the effect on her very life! Audrey finds a tapestry while sorting things in her apartment on forced recuperation. She's whisked away to the tapestry's very world. It's a place where women are adored and in short supply, so men are asked to share them.

Abrah and Heroc fear they will never have an heir to their name. One night during a raging storm, their dog leads them to a woman. They bring her back to the keep since she was sure to die. They realize the tapestry brought Audrey to them.  The legend is that they have three days for them to woo her into staying with them. The tapestry will then appear and she may stay, or return home. The brothers are determined to give Audrey no choice but to stay with them.  They show her their castle, land, and families that live there. They also use every skill they possess to give her every bit of sexual pleasure they can muster. Quickly things go muddy for Audrey. Once she thought her only choice was to go home, but Abrah and Heroc are very tempting! Will she choose to stay? or go back home?

I have loved all the stories of the Tapestries series!  Every book is different with the exception of how the tapestry works. I really enjoy someone who is so down on themselves, finding joy and a reason to live life!  Abrah and Heroc are quite the men! They had so much love and care to give, it felt right that they should be bestowed a tapestry bride! Audrey quickly realized what they were offering her was something that she was sorely missing in her life-though she was hesitant to grab it.  Such an amazing story!  I definitely look for more in this series as I am seriously addicted!!
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read this book in return for a review based upon my honest opinion.

Al I can say is, where can I find a piece of tapestry like this? Audrey is living an unhappy work heavy existence until she has a panic attack and ends up in the hospital.  She has been told to take two weeks off and when she gets home she starts to seriously look at her life and realizes she doesn’t have one. She falls asleep looking at a piece of tapestry from her fabric collection. Meanwhile, back in the distant past, Abrah and Heroc are realizing that they may never have a bride, as as women are scarce and in their society, brothers share a wife. Next thing we know, Audrey is there and thinks it is a dream that she then indulges in, but in truth the tapestry has transported her to Dannon. The brothers, have three days to convince her to stay and win her heart, they compete for who she will marry, they compete sexually. A lot. Although Audrey is completely taken by these Adonis-like men, she doesn’t know how she could  stay in their world, what would her role be? On the third day, she has decided she will leave and the men are heartbroken and somewhat angry, but at the it minute she changes her mind. I mean, how hard could it be to spend the rest of your being pleased by these two? 

It was a quick and pleasant read. A great beach read, just make sure you have plenty of ice in your drink for the steamy scenes.
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This book took me to another world, in two ways. One, I have never experienced a MMF novel written so heart wrenching, so compelling that I read within hours of receiving it. Two, the way it took the best of modern reality and fantasy and mesh them together was fantastic. I've also never experience an erotica than could add romance into it so well. This novel was fantastic, I would read more by this author and hope to have the chance to.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Mascot Books for letting me read an advanced readers copy for my honest review.

Hart and Seoul is the debut book for Kristen Burnham.  I found this book...adorable.  There were some hard things discussed in it, but I feel like it's things that teens are facing now.  Especially with the rise of internet bullying and social media.  

First I'm going to talk about what I wasn't a fan of with the book.  The spelling/mispronunciation  of some of the Korean words.  The biggest one - deh.  I'm not sure if Ms. Burnham had looked at any Korean language tutorials or if she speaks Korean, or how she did her  I research.  I'm Korean - with a mother who likes to yell at me in Korean good or bad.  Deh is not a word.  Neh is the correct way to say and spell 'yes'.  Also, bo is not a word either.  From the context, it should be mo.  The mispellings are the biggest things that I had a problem with in the book.  It's not hard to google translate something and get the right answer.

That being said - why I loved this book!  It was sweet and lovely.  This is the first time I've read a book that had a Kpop star in it.  Kristen got a lot of aspects correct in that way.  I've heard rumors, but don't actually know any Kpop stars that can confirm.  The things they go through are rough.  They do start training at an early age and they have to do what the managers say and when they say it.  The way that she described the ordeals that people go through when it comes to depression are spot on.  These are also things that happen to everyone.  

All in all, I recommend Hart and Seoul to everyone!  It was an extremely satisfying book and I'm hoping to see more of Lee!
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I read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book, the first book that I've read by N.J. Walters. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the book, really liked the play between the 3 main characters: Audrey, Heroc and Abrah. So much so, that I'd really like to hunt down the rest of the books in this series and read them too.
I'm not sure why there is only 3 days to choose - possibly this is explained in an earlier book. It seems like an awfully short time to make such a huge decision. But it adds to the spiciness of an already spicy plot.
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Another book in the series. You can read it as stand alone. Romantic. Good plot and era covered. Recommended to these who like historical romance with dash of action and adventure.
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Fabric of Fate by N. J. Walters is book 6 in the Tapestries Series.  This is story of Heroc, Abrah Dannon and Audrey Brennan. I felt this could be a standalone book if you wish to do so.  Abrah and his brother live in Javara where there is a shortage of women.  Usually brothers have to share when they do find a women will to take the plunge into that type of relationship.  The brothers haven't been that lucky to find a women but then a storm hits and Audrey is left in the aftermath.  Audrey is a modern day women who works hard and knows she can't stop because there is always someone waiting to take her job.  But one day she is overworked and over stressed that send her to the hospital.  Then the next thing that happens to her is she wakes up to be in Javara with two brother attempting to make her theirs. 
Easy, quick, and steamy read.
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Fabric of Fate, by N.J. Walters - Romance

ad executive that she has worked so hard to achieve and keep from other over achievers is a competitive job.  Collapsing in the office is not a good thing.  On doctors orders bed rest is a must.  Finding a beautiful magic tapestry packed away is a surprise.  The artistry is a marvel.  Two gorgeous men in front of a castle is so realistic.  Abrah and Heroc Dannon are the two brother on that tapestry in a place call Jarvara, where women are scarce and treasured..For three days Audrey is transported to Jarvara and Abrah and Heroc must show Audrey how good it can be if only she chooses to stay.

I loved this book!  Couldn't put it down.  Just had to find out the ending and the choices that were made.  I love to see the men's attempts to show Audrey how good life with them can be while trying to hide their strong fears.  A ménage relationship with a sexy sweet scenes.  The emotion of all the characters really came through that was very in-depth that allows  you to relate to fully.  Lots of very tender moments that kept me glued to each page.
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Fabric of Fate
Tapestries #6
By N.J Walters

Audrey Brennan is shackled to her job as an ad executive. She works in fast paced industry where someone is always right behind waiting to take her job. Then all of a sudden everything changes. She has a panic attack brought on by the stress of her job. She ends up in the hospital and is forced to stop and examine her choices. Then all of a sudden she finds a magic tapestry that whisks her away to another world. A world where women are in short supply and men compete for a womans love and brothers must share their wives with eachother.

Abrah Dannon has given up hope that he or his brother Heroc will ever have a wife. Then one night during a bad storm their dog leads them to the greatest treasure of all. A woman. Now the brothers have three days before the tapestry comes back. Three days to convince Audrey to stay. Both brothers will give it their all. They will use every sensual skill to seduce and pleasure Audrey so that she will stay in Javara with them. Bit there is more then sex at stake. Their hearts are hers for the taking if she is willing to give her heart as well. Will Audrey fall in love and stay with the brothers or will she go back home when the tapestry arrives?

N.J Walters is amazing. I really enjoy these tapestry books and the fact that these men have a chance to find love in a world where women are in short supply. I always feel like I'm right there watching the whole book play out. These two brothers were incredible. They had so much love to give and were so sweet. Audrey has been through alot herself and needed the stability and love in her life. I hope that there will be another book soon.
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When what you know is all you know, what if you had an alternative? Would you truly consider it, or stay in the wheel that you know about? This is the choice our heroine is faced with, and while so is absolutely certain in her thoughts, her “what ifs” play at her, poke at her, and make her actually look at things objectively. Or maybe, look at things through her heart instead of her head!
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Years ago, when I started switching over to ebooks and discovered the wonderful world of “Romantica”, book #1 in this series (Christina’s Tapestry) was one of the first of this genre that I purchased (from Ellora’s Cave).  I believe It was also the very first ménage I had ever read.  I remember enjoying it very much (and my notes say I gave it 4-stars), so when I saw this one pop up at NetGalley I was really looking forward to reading it, and hoped that I would enjoy it as much as book #1.  And… I did! :)

This is a sweet, sexy, escapist fantasy.  An easy “comfort read” with no complicated plot or in-depth worldbuilding… just a focus on the relationship/romance (with yummy ménage content!), and some light angst throughout the majority of the story to keep things interesting.  And I also loved how realistic the angst was.  

As the reader, we know (with this type of story) that everything is going to work out A-okay and everyone will get their “happily ever after” ending, so part of me was like, “Come on, girl… just do it!  Say yes and stay!”.  But my rational, real-life self completely related to Audrey’s fears and concerns about leaving her entire life (and world) behind.  A one-way ticket into the unknown (even if it offers a chance of real love and happiness), with only 3 days to decide, is very, very scary.  I also felt like her fears were not only realistic, but age-appropriate.  I’d expect a younger character to be much more impulsive, to just jump right in feet-first without truly considering the consequences and trade-off, especially since this is a much more primitive world/society.  (Goodbye modern medicine and health care… now that is truly frightening)!  However, with Audrey being in her early 30’s, impulsiveness would have been jarring and would have diminished my enjoyment quite a lot, so I’m very happy with how the whole story played out.

The angst pertaining to Abrah and Heroc really made my heart ache (especially Abrah… poor guy!), but the ending packed such a wonderful, emotional punch because of it.  I was grinning like an idiot through the last few pages. :D
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This was short but sweet and sexy! I enjoyed the dynamics of the characters, there was no love at first sight but something tangible between them.
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If I had to use one word to describe this story it would be awkward. Everything about this story was awkward. Her illness, her travel through the tapestry into this strange land where women are so few and far between that brothers have to share a wife. The way the characters talked was strange and not sexy, which leads to the most awkward part of this whole story, the sex. The sex scenes were awkward and surprisingly short ( I mean these are supposed to be ultra hunks of men but they only last about two seconds haha). 

Overall, I read this whole story so it's obviously not the worst, but I really wouldn't recommend it to someone.
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This is another great book in this series

Again we have a modern day woman who is stressed and overworked who sees a ancient tapestry with two warriors in it What she doesn't know is that she will be thrown back to that magical time and those warriors are hers for the taking if they can just convince her to stay. I always seem to like the heroes much better than the women in this series and this book was no different loved Abrah and Heroc and the wonderful relationship they had as brothers Audrey not so much. There is plenty of steam and sexy times to keep you entertained so overall a great fun read

I was given a copy of this book but this is true and honest review
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I love the Tapestries series! They are easy read romances that are very sexy. The plots are similar, but that's what I want in this series. A happily ever after.. if the women returned home with the tapestry I would stop reading them. These are great lazy afternoon on the couch or at the beach reads. I can't wait for the next one! Give these a try... you'll be hooked
Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me a great afternoon!
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You really don't realize how much baggage you carry until the time comes to make a decision that will affect the rest of your life. Three days is not a lot of time, but is it more than enough when coupled with the reality of acceptance, devotion and hope? Aubrey has a choice: stay or go. But only until the tapestry comes back.
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GIRL IS OVERWORKED, NO FRIENDS OR FAMILY, AND JUST BEEN RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL!  What can she do?  Find an old tapestry of a castle and two fierce warriors.  CAN THIS HELP?  Audrie has three days to find out.  Love Walters' Tapestry Series.  Every women's dream of escape and a happily ever after.  "A copy of this book was provided by Beyond the Page Publishing via NetGalley with no requirements for a review.  Comments here are my honest opinion." This is a quick read so indulge yourself.
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An ok read, but didn’t find the chemistry great or the scenes that steamy, I found them quite off putting at times. The language used felt quite awkward and distracting. The female lead as well I really didn’t like much, so that didn’t help. Ok but I wouldn’t really recommend
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