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The Science of Rick and Morty

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The Science of Rick and Morty is MORE SCIENCE than Rick and Morty.

Going into the book I figured what the hell its rick and morty and who doesn`t love a crude cartoon like The Simpsons - Futurama - Ren and Stimpy - Family Guy - American Dad etc etc. 

The book itself is a cleaver use of a formerly commonly used tool of adding in pop culture to make lessons that would straight fact be boring to students and to most adult listeners. This format has been done mostly in the 80s and early 90s and was usually the best way to get someone to retain specific information that was needed.

Cartoons used to pump kids with the better citizen better neighbor message all the time, and at least in the streets I grew up on most of us were civil towards one another and those who weren`t usually got into a lot of fights.  This book takes many of the sciences used through out the various episodes of the tv show to discuss or at least open up discussions on the methods possible and impossible of making these things real.

Body Augmentation, time travel multiple universes and much much more. If your a fan of the show and have ever wondered at the possibility of the many science inventions of Rick Sanchez or ever wondered about the possibility of a council of ricks that has various versions of Rick and Morty from various universes than this book is right up your ally.

I like the use of pop culture to bring science back out into the main stream look how well the 80s did for it with movies like Back to the future Close encounters Weird Science :P 

The Author is commited to the subject his passion is palatable and not over bearing as it can be with some people when they get over excited about a subject.

It reads well and has some laughs along the way it is highly recommended for the budding scientist at home the Rick and Morty fan and if there is a combination of the two this is definitely a gift worth getting for them.
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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

I didn't finish this book. Not because ti was back or anything just because it wasn't what I was expending. I thought it'd be more of a fan's guide when in reality it talks about the real world science of Rick and Morty.
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The Science of Rick and Morty provides entertaining and engrossing insights into the science of the cartoon show. Well worth the read!
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Normally, I'd find try to avoid reading any kind of book involving science. My husband is a scientist and loves to talk about all the amazing things he's read about and they nearly always go over my head. He loves Rick and Morty for the absurd scientific theories coming into play. I love Scary Terry. 
This book was actually quite an enjoyable read for me despite the whole avoiding science thing. It was written by a science teacher and I can tell he loves science and loves to teach it so that other people may also loves science. It wasn't boring, and honestly the things my husband gets excited about in the science world probably aren't either, but they aren't in Rick and Morty so... 

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