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The Deep

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The Deep is a beautiful, haunting, and stunning novella that was inspired by a song of the same name. That song was produced by the rap group Clipping for the This American Life episode "We Are In The Future" and received a Hugo Award nomination.

Yetu holds all the memories of the wajniru. That is her role as historian for her people. She feels overwhelmed with the weight of responsibility. During the annual ceremony that provides her a few days respite, Yetu fears she is being destroyed from within and tries to escape. As she recovers from her flight, she discovers the world her people left behind. It is in these interactions with others that she can begin to reclaim and own not only her past, but the future of her people.

Everything about this novella-- the world, the characters, the plot, and the pain is remarkable making it a must (re)read.

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