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I hate to say it, but I just couldn't get through this title :(

I tried, and I tried, and I tried (I HATE DNF'ing books!), but... I just couldn't do it.

The prose... wasn't phenomenal. Especially coming off of such great novels (I'd finished Elizabeth Lim's SPIN THE DAWN directly before reading this, and jumping from that beautiful, lyrical, phenomenally-written masterpiece into this, with its jagged, stilted, almost juvenile style of writing, was jarring and only accentuated its weakness).

The plot also felt lagging, lacking and confusing all at the same time (which... props to the author, I guess, because I never thought that a lacking plot could also be confusing...?)

It definitely has an interesting premise, and I truly believe that had I stuck through it, the plot would have filled in to create a grand reveal with some great moments, but right now, with so many other books on my TBR that I just can't wait to read, I just had to give it up - it just didn't make the cut.
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DNF at 10%, so 1 star.
I have stopped forcing myself to read books that I don't like, and this one didn't make the cut. 
I get that the main character (Della?) is 14 and this is a book aimed at a younger audience, but the writing was absurdly juvenile, stilted, and all tell not show. This is the way I used to write when I was 13 and writing Percy Jackson fanfiction (and trust me, it was bad).
Nothing was happening (I know I was only 10% in, but we have been on the same topic in the same room for five chapters now).
The author didn't even give the guy who is (from my understanding) the Hitler-equivalent of this society a name (they were just called, I shit you not, "The Psychotic Human"). MC has mentioned that it's been a few centuries since TPH's rise to power and subsequent fall, but she makes it clear that TPH's beliefs and agenda changed the basis of this interstellar society and lead to prejudice against a certain type of person that still persists at the time of the story... or at least that's what I was able to glean from the info-dumps (it was really hard to pay attention because I was so bored, okay? lmao). I am 90% sure it's because there was going to be a big reveal that TPH somehow lived through all these centuries and is MC's dad or close friend or something. I don't really care enough to find out.
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I received an arc of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I liked: 
-Not everyone was evil
-Creepy mineshaft thing? awesome!

Didn't like so much:
-There seemed to be a lot of bouncing around and nothing much seemed to happen in a lot of parts.

Overall, this was an average book for me, okay, but not good enough to reread.
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