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The Girl and the Tiger

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I was unable to finish the novel. It didn't captivate me as anticipated. The title and cover were captivating, but when it came down to actual content, it was hard to push through past page 60.
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Such a beautiful book, with great visual storytelling, while still including strongly developed characters. Highly recommend.
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read an e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 
DNF. This book was beautifully, poetically written, however I just couldn't handle the content of animals being hurt by humans or animals hurting other animals. I also struggled to accept the story being told partly from the tiger's perspective. It was simply too unrealistic for me. I think this is a book that many people would enjoy though, due to the lovely writing style.
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I was going to call this 'a modern day Jungle Book' but in fact after reading it to the end and also researching the author I would call it ' a modern day Bible'. As I was reading it swathes of the Brazilian rainforest were burning as man's need to destroy and profit gathers more pace. Where are the animals and birds there as the fires burn? How many species more will become extinct?
In India the Bengal tiger and Asian elephant are slowly reviving in numbers as many Indian citizens,conservationists, Forest Department workers and scientists work tirelessly to save the breeds. Step into this movement a writer, who knows and loves India and has as he says 'pulled a string through the reality with his own fiction'.
'Gowda read from his copy of The Jungle Book', Hathi was the Leader of the elephants, and the tiger Shere Khan was an evil, bloodthirsty beast.'  The group laughed. Here were Isha, (the girl of the book title), Thimma who was leading the blind elephant Hathi, Arun the man from an animal sanctuary and close by Kala, the magnificent Bengal tiger that Isha has saved from death.
The writing is exquisite, descriptions of the jungle draw you in as if you are with them on their travels and the sections where the narrator is one of the animals itself are superb.  Isha 'is not Mowgli' as she clearly states! she saves animals not kills them.  She is a strong willed young girl who is disruptive at school and sent to live with her wonderful grandparents Ajji and Ajja. Whilst there she gets in further fights and arguments, always over animal cruelty which seems accepted amongst many and when she sees a tiger, this knowledge will bring her into conflict with the wider society. So what is she to do?  Accept the fate that often befalls tigers or escape away and try and survive together?
The symbiosis between Isha and the tiger is beautifully written and for all her strong will, she too needs support and kindness which she gains from her small band of fellow travellers.  There is a caluse in the Law of the Jungle that 'forgives the trespasses of the young' and so it is with Isha.
I was spellbound as I hope will other readers be by this enthralling tale. From reading it to young children to teenagers concerned about the environment to adults who so need to reconnect to the wild around them and also to learn great insights into India itself. Modern concerns over treatment of girls, rape of women and the profiteering from wildlife are not overlooked.
But above all the beauty of place and creatures are the highlights. Get a hold of a copy and enjoy!
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This story takes place in India you follow along with fifteen year old Isha who is pretty smart but she does not seem to fit in at school. Isha has a special knack with animals of all kind, a animal whisper she even has the birds communicating with her. She spends a lot of time in the country side it is a world she understands. She is in tune with nature to the point she will not even kill a mosquito. This story is told from at least two different angles one from the humans side and one from the various animals side mostly tigers and elephants. By spending so much time in the country when a tiger becomes an orphan it is naturally attracted to her it knows her scent. The story follows along with Isha main goal is the protection of the tiger because the only other options are the zoo or death. Along the way she picks up a cast of characters who she bonds with and looks after her. This was a real good story. I was not sure when I first stated to read this if I would like it but it was well worth the time and I would definitely recommend it. The last two to three chapters were really intense. So give this a read you will not be disappointed.
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I started reading this story and found myself emerged in a world I didn't want to leave. From the prologue to the story of Isha and her adoption of Kala the tiger. There were some fantastic moments at the start of this book and it was so well written I could visualise everything happening especially when Isha was climbing the tree running away from the boy who was chasing her and how he ended up hurting himself. It's a magical, touching story that is set in modern-day India. The descriptions of the wildlife and the landscape are spectacular. It's well written and the journey Isha goes on with Kala is just beautiful. 

This really is a unique book that was an absolute pleasure to read and I'm so grateful to the publishers for giving me the opportunity to do so.
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This book is phenomenal and provoking! The narrative is fluid and draws beautiful, scary pictures in our minds.

The story is about a girl who adopts a tiger and their journey across South India. They are accompanied by a terrific uncle-nephew duo and a boy with an elephant. This adventure takes this gang of misfits from the forest plantations of Mangalore to the heart of tribal populated jungles in the Periamangalam range of Tamilnadu.

This book includes anecdotes of nature learning, the age old human conflict of morality and a girl's unbridled love for animals. It will make you laugh and cry at times and question the laws of nature, politics and the core of what we are.

The author has done a remarkable job at telling a story that every Indian needs to know. His way of writing is delightful and evocative. Although, I found a lot of typos, which I hope will be smoothed out in fhe final editing.

Thank you Paul Rosolie for this book. With love, from India.
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This is a beautiful novel, a tribute to wild animals in particular and Nature in general. As another review were mentioned, there are places where it was difficult for me to read because of the graphic nature of the way the villagers treated certain animals and also the way that animals capture and kill their prey.  However, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt akin to wild animals in any shape or form.   It is beautifully written, with much compassion and attention to lush descriptive detail. I read a lot of books and I write a lot of reviews; this book will not be forgotten!

Be sure to also read “A Note from the Author” at the end as it gives fascinating background and let’s you know which characters are based on real people. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a truly beautiful book which, at its centre, tells the story of a young girl trying to protect and save a tiger cub she has taken responsibility for and return it to its natural habitat. The book explores many current issues surrounding wildlife conservation and the complex relationship between people and animals and raises some difficult questions. The story is very hard to read at times as it depicts animal cruelty and animals hunting their prey in rather graphic detail. Some may find this off-putting but the unflinching approach to describing animal behaviour and the treatment of animals in certain places feels necessary for the raw story being told. This book would appeal to anyone interested in nature, wildlife and conservation. The author draws brilliantly on their own experiences to tell a story that feels authentic and truthful.
Thank you to Netgalley and Owl Hollow Press for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A lovely, touching story about a young girl trying to rescue a tiger cub. Set in modern day India and very insightful. Wonderful descriptions of wildlife and landscapes, with a hint of Born Free thrown in. A very enjoyable book and well written with nice character development. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in conservation and wildlife. My thanks to Net Galley for my ARC. Reviews on Goodreads and Facebook.
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Thanks to Netgalley for the ARc. 

This book exceeded my expectations.  I loved the relationship Isha had with Kala the tiger.  Isha gave up everything to save this cub, get it safely to the wild where it would thrive.  During her journey she also connected strongly with three different men that would help her in this journey.  

It is a beautiful story and I could not put down the book until I finished it.
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I really enjoyed this book and it goes up as one of my favorites. Look forward to more by this author. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARc.
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A magical story that is poignant and touching without descending into sentimentality. In an era when adolescents show an environmental awareness and a sensitivity that their elders lack, the young girl Isha abandons everything to accompany a tiger cub on a search for the last remaining areas of jungle in India. Along the route she encounters Arun, a man battling his own demons, and Gowda, a former hunter, along with a tribal boy and his blind elephant.  Together, they risk everything to save the tiger from being killed or taken into captivity.

This is a unique book, with a nod to Kipling, Born Free and perhaps even E.M. Forster, in which a gripping story combines with delicate descriptions of the wildlife and landscape. The characters are totally believable and the references to contemporary India well-handled, without being judgmental. It is a book I will remember.
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Thank you NetGalley and Owl Hollow Press for the eARC.
This is an amazing book.  It's the story of Isha, a young girl who tries to rescue a young tiger cub by taking off to try and find a jungle for the cub to escape in.  The mother and her other cub have already been killed; it's a sure fact Isha's cub will be killed too if she doesn't help it.
The story also features a young boy and his blind elephant who have a very close loving relationship.
I found myself enthralled as well as horrified; it was difficult for me to process the horrors of the brutal treatment of both animals, tribes people and the land itself.  The rapid increase of earth's population does not bode well for the future of so many species and it's a depressing fact that there doesn't seem to be a resolution: business and money rule.
There are some truly wonderful people who are trying to stem the tide, but will it be enough?  Unfortunately I am not at all hopeful, which why I felt so sad when I finished the book.  But it's a tremendous read, very insightful and poignant and I highly recommend it.
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