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So, I didn’t love this as much as the other novels in the series. I’m not sure why but I found myself just not really connecting to the heroine and it’s difficult for me and novels when I don’t really like the main characters. I’m sticking with the series because it’s done so well and I really enjoy this authors voice but this one was just average for me.
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Brynn stars in the book as the badass and snarky owner of the female bar, HERS. Maxwell is the shy linebacker of the local NFL team. This friends-to-lovers romance is a slow burn. The author excels at creating caring, supportive communities of friends and lovers and this one does the same, hilariously introducing a reality show into the mix of football wives. The author continues to write charming, banter-filled books that balance the lightness with emotionally-grounded storylines.
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If you’re in the mood for a sweet, pining hero then this book might be for you. I heard the hero, Maxwell, is the very definition of sweet and pining hero. .
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I was super excited to get my hands on Blitzed, the third book in the Playbook series by Alexa Martin! After completely devouring the first two books in the series, Intercepted and Fumbled, I couldn’t wait to see what would be in store with this third book. It definitely did not disappoint!

One of the things that I loved most about this series was the characters. While the storyline revolves around a main theme, (a football team), each story is different, and features a different couple. I have loved all of the characters that we’ve met so far, and have enjoyed each of their stories. (And I hope that the series continues on so that ALL of the characters will eventually get their own stories!)

The couple in Blitzed was Brynn and Maxwell, and I do have to say they are my favorite couple so far. Brynn is an absolutely amazing woman, and Maxwell is an adorable guy. Together, they just work so well, and I absolutely loved their story. (I won’t say too much more, so just read the story to meet them yourself!)

I had assumed that Blitzed was the last book in the Playbook series, but I was SO thrilled to discover that there is going to be another book, Snapped, set to release this fall! I am so excited that there will be another book, and I hope that we get even more than that in the future as well.

Overall; Blitzed was yet another excellent addition to the Playbook series by Alexa Martin, and I’m pretty sure this is my favorite book of the series so far, which is saying a lot because ALL the books in the series are SO GOOD! If you haven’t yet check out the series, and are a fan of romance, then do add these to your TBR! And I will be over here patiently waiting to read Snapped as soon as it’s released in October!

Happy Reading!
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I love this series, and Martin’s writing. I love that her male characters, whose real life equivalents might be not the sort you’d want to put in the center of a romance, are the antithesis of toxic masculinity. The women are strong and fully fleshed out, and are always a group I want to hang out with.

This plot didn’t really work for me, though. The first chapter, that sets up the main conflict between the main characters, didn’t ever feel fully explained or resolved. The ending felt a bit rushed as well.
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This was such a fun read and I love how passionate and strong Alexa Martin's characters are. She does a great job making each book a standalone while offering a peek into the previous characters I loved in her other books. I'll read anything she writes!
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*I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

I had some problems with this book and it made hard to review -- so hard I've put this review off for... months. Now, I have only a vague feeling of what I disliked, so take what I say here with a grain of salt. 

My first hint of unease came with a blackout rage from Maxwell. For such a sweet guy I wasn't sure if this would turn into an anger management issue, a football injury-related issue, or potential for domestic abuse. But, she forgives him so easily for destroying her property -- of damaging her livelihood-- and then this episode is never brought up again. Which is so weird for this author! I was incredibly surprised by how out of place this scene is. 
The ending and Brynn's reaction and actions and attitude totally didn't work for me. It felt super immature on her part. 

So, even though I enjoyed reading the book and most of the middle, the negative beginning shadowed most of the book and the ending brought it down. BUT, there are good things here too! I love the need of consent and how asking for it is done so well and sexy. 

I'll probably read the next one.
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CW: talk of sexual assault

While the series had me excited for the story between Brynn and Maxwell, I don’t know another word for how I felt while reading except boring. I didn’t feel any chemistry between them and the turn from friendship to romance wasn’t believable to me.
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Alexa Martin, please NEVER EVER STOP WRITING THESE BOOKS ❤️ they make me actually have hope that pro football isn’t as horrible as I usually think it is and the men are swoon-worthy and sensitive and the women are fierce and hilarious. LOVE. You could read this as a stand-alone but I’d start back at book 1 to get all the backstory!
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An enjoyable read! It was my first book by this author but it certainly made me excited to read the previously published books in this series! I enjoyed the characters separately a lot & the romance was so entertaining to read and sweet!
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First, let me thank netgalley and the publishers for approving my request for an early release of this book.  All reviews of my netgalley books can be found on goodreads and youtube.  Please be sure to check out the links attached.
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Another fun installment of Alexa Martin's football romance series. What can I say that hasn't been said. I think these books are more than romances but also insights into a very particular space in popular culture.
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This was cute. I enjoyed the story for the most part, but there were moments in the story that I thought were unnecessary.

I could have done more with the main characters without the congestion of the side stories. But I appreciate and understanding where the story was trying to go.

I think I connected more with the other two stories in the series, and that’s on me and my personal reading preferences.

Overall, I still inhaled this story and enjoyed it. 

*Thank you to the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.*
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As much as I love this series, I couldn't finish this book. No chemistry between the main characters and Brynn got on my nerves.
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I loved the first two books in Alexa Martin's Playbook series. I was super excited for Blitzed pretty much from the minute I saw the cover. (Hello, that side-eye he's giving her? It gives me life.) It was a great read. Brynn and Maxwell were everything I wanted them to be and their romance gave me plenty of heat and swoons. 

Brynn was my favorite kind of smart, driven and sassy heroine. She's a small business owner and she has no time for other people's bs. Things are pretty rocky initially between her and Maxwell — and understandably so — but their chemistry was never a question. I wasn't all that sure about Maxwell early on, but he was so much more than he seemed. He has a really good heart and would do anything for someone he cared about. Plus he was a hot as hell football superstar, so bonus.

There was only one thing about this book that really didn't work for me. That was the "revelation" that happened around the 90% mark of the book. It took me totally by surprise because it's in the portion of the book where I want the new couple smooches and swoons. There's still lots of good stuff between Brynn and Maxwell, but I could've lived without that particular twist at that time.
As much as I love the love stories and the realistic — if not always pretty — look at the sport I love so much in the Playbook series, there's something I love even more. What is it? The female friendships. Strong women supporting strong women through the good and the bad? I'm here for it. You can keep your "frenemies" books. I'll take real, solid friendships between kickass women any day of the week. 

I thought Blitzed was the final book in this series, but I'm thrilled to know it's not. I'm super intrigued by Ellie and I'm so excited she's getting a book of her own. I'll admit I side-eyed her a bit during this book, but she wasn't what I thought at all. I'm ready for her story! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review consideration. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Favorite Quotes:

If I have learned anything during my time at HERS, it's that nothing can make you feel less in need of a therapist than a well-produced reality show.

Sure, I'll never have enough money to carry around a new iPhone without a case, but I will also never flip a table on national TV. That, my friends, is called balance.
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NF @ 58%, so no rating. (Except on Netgalley where I have to rate in order to review.)

I really wanted to hang in there and finish this one, but I just couldn't do it. Having met Brynn earlier in the series, I was convinced that this book was going to be my favorite. Brynn owns a successful bar geared towards women, she's fun and vivacious, and everyone loves to be around her. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...she's not in this book. The name might be the same and it might be taking place in her bar, but Brynn was nowhere to be found in this book. The woman in this book was, as one of my blogger buddies put it, a hot mess. A hot mess I can deal with. But Brynn is so judgmental and I think she's supposed to be snarky, but her jokes are way off their intended target. They made me cringe instead of laugh, and wanted to quit before I really started to hate her. I'll remember the Brynn from the previous books, thank you very much, and pretend that Maxwell (the star of this book and a man who has the patience of a saint,) ended up with someone who treated him better than Brynn did.
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I really wanted to get into this one, as I loved the premise, but I couldn’t connect with the characters or the author’s writing style. It all felt a little dramatic (I know, I know, drama is the name of the game in romance novels - but it didn’t feel genuine) to me.
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I freaking loved it!!Alexa Martin delivers a heartwarming , fun and story!This series is getting better and better! Brynn and Maxwell were perfect for each other!I devour it in one sitting!

Their relationship developed naturally , both were well developed characters.They were sweet and there was sexual tension between them!Maxwell is a swoon worthy hero!

I love this series, each book is refreshing and fun!
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This review will be short and straight to the point...especially since I'm two months late when it comes to writing this review.

I was super excited to read Brynn and Maxwell's book. These two have been tip-toeing around one other for months now and I was finally ready to see them give into their feelings and just smush faces already. But once I finished, I was left with mixed feelings.

Let's first touch on what worked for me. I've always liked Brynn Sterling/Larson (I honestly don't know what Brynn's last name is because my ARC says Sterling but the synopsis says Larson so obviously someone wasn't paying attention, lol) and my feelings did not change after reading this book. We're so used to seeing the sassy side of Brynn, but in this book we get to see a more vulnerable side and we finally understand why she's so hesitant to let people get close to her. One of my favorite things about this book was Brynn's relationship with her father. Those two were thick as thieves but Frank Sterling (we're going with Sterling since that's what my ARC states!) also had no issue calling his daughter out on her shit when she needed it. I also couldn't get enough of the Lady Mustangs! I keep stating in my previous reviews that the female friendships in this series are one of the bests I've read so I loved seeing this group of women meddling with Brynn's love life because after all, your friends usually know what's best for you (even when you don't know it yourself).

On to what didn't work. As sweet as I found Maxwell Lewis to be, I still feel like I don't know who he truly is. Like we barely got to see him for the first half of the book. He would just randomly pop up and most of those coincidental run-ins with Brynn were planned by the Lady Mustangs. This is why I also wasn't a huge fan of the romance. Where was the sizzle? The pop? With all that damn angst Martin was putting us through, I thought for sure that by the time Brynn and Maxwell got their heads on right and stopped fighting the inevitable, we would've finally seen the passion between these two but the heat just wasn't there for me. Another thing that didn't work for me was the conflict. I'm not gonna get too into it since it's a spoiler but that whole situation with Maxwell just came out of left field and the way it was resolved just didn't sit right with me.

So while Blitzed didn't end up wowing me as much as I had hoped it would, I hear that this series ain't over yet so I have hopes that the next installment will win me over!
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Each time I read an Alexa Martin book, I enjoy it more than the last. Seriously, I said that Fumbled was my favorite of her books, but now it's definitely Blitzed. I love Alexa Martin's writing style, her humor, and her characters, and will read whatever she publishes!
Blitzed is the third book in Martin's Playbook series and follows Brynn, the owner of HERS a bar run by women for women, and Maxwell a player for the Mustangs. This novel can technically be read as a standalone since it features a different couple than the previous two books, but I highly recommend reading all the books in the series. When I picked up the book, it took me a few chapters to get into it because it's been a while since I read the last book, so when I was thrown into conversations with characters from previous books, it took me a minute to remember who everyone was and get fully immersed into the story.
Okay, so Brynn's bar sounds so cool, and definitely a place I'd go hangout with my friends. It's a bar by women for women and sounds like such a fun place with such a fun vibe. I love that HERS was such a big part of the story, we got so many glimpses of it in the previous two books, and in Blitzed it really got it's time to shine.
"It's my baby! I conceived it. I labored it. I birthed it. Plus side, HERS doesn't pee on me and I don't have to worry about sending it to therapy in twenty years."
There was so much I loved about this book. Both Brynn and Maxwell were amazing, independently and together. I loved Brynn's sense of humor, how weird she was, and how she was so completely herself. I do wish we got to know Maxwell a little better. I feel like I connect more with stories when we get both points of view, so not having Maxwell's made me a little sad. I also really loved how Martin writes female friendships. She's done it in all her books, but it really stood out to me here because it was so obvious to see that all the women care about each other, and are always going out of their way to help each other out.
My one complaint is that I wish the stuff at the end was written differently, and had more time to be explored. It felt kind of thrown in there and I wish there would have been more dialogue about it.
Overall I loved Blitzed. I loved getting to know Brynn better, and getting glimpses of characters from previous books. I don't know if there will be more books in this series, but I do know that I'll read whatever Alexa Martin publishes next!
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