Herbert Loves Sherbet

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Herbert Loves Sherbet is a hilarious book about the importance of eating healthy. I adored this book. The neon colors and the silly rhymes made it fun to read and look at. Grandma comes to visit while mom and dad are out and manages to change Herberts mind about wanting to eat sherbet for every meal. 

As a mother to picky eaters this story resonated and felt so realistic. Maybe I should be giving the kids what they want for every meal, to see if I can change their habits.
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Herbert’s grandmother comes to stay while his parents are away.  Herbert tricks her into letting him eat sherbet for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  He eats sherbet and eats sherbet and eats sherbet.  Soon he craves something else, anything else.  But grandma sticks to their deal and serves more sherbet.

What a cute book.  It shows children that sometimes what we want is not great once we get it.  It shows that too much of a good thing is often not good.  It contains great, colorful illustrations.

I received an ARC from Slow Tag Press through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.
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Herbert sure does love his sherbet. In this book Herbert learns that to much is not the best. Mom and Dad are going on a trip and Grandma lets him eat whatever he wants for the time they are gone. Herbert without a doubt picks sherbet morning noon and night. Soon Herbert realizes that to much of a good thing is not so good. This is great bedtime story and the rhyming lyrics make it a fun read. Illustrations are very cute and bright and add to the story. I recommend this book for ages 3+.
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A cute quick read! Perfect for reading to the kids before bed and will most likely serve up some giggles.
My kids and I love sherbet so we definitely got a kick out of it.
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Herbert loves sherbert by Joanie Leopold.
A fantastic read.  My children loved it. The pictures and the story.  It was fun and bright.5*.
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Herbert loves sherbet! Who could blame him? He tries to convince mom to only feed him sherbet- she doesn’t go for it. Then grandma comes to visit. Herbert tries his tactic on her too- grandma goes for it. Or does she?? Herbert eats sherbet and eats and eats.... until he begs for real food. Who fooled who? 

And adorable story with beautiful colored illustration. This ice cream lover thought this rhyming book was a sure winner!
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Thank you #netgallery for the eARC.

This is a very cute story with fun and colorful illustration.  Young children will love it. Perfect story for a hot summer day while enjoying b some ice cream.
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I'm always looking for bright, colorful books with fun rhymes.  My kids are 5 and 2, and this was a delightful read.  Nice little lesson, as well..
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Bright illistrations
Cute story!

Sometimes too much of one thing is a bad thing.
Gran helped break Herbert of his constant craving for sherbet.
Really enjoyed this story.
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This colorfully illustrated story will appeal to young children and their adults.  In it, Herbert only wants to eat his favorite food; will he ever tire of it?  See what happens when Herbert's parents go away and his grandmother accedes to his wishes.  This is a cute read on a typical toddler-preschool food issue.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this read in exchange for an honest review.  I'm off to my freeezer now!
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You can never pull one over on dear old gran as this book so cleverly teaches you. What a wonderful story and very colourful illustrations.
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I love love love rhyming books and this is perfect. Bright and colourful with a fantastic story. 
Adore Herbert as a character. 
My children will love this book.
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A nice bright, cheerful rhyming book. 
A nice lesson in the story too.
A little confusing for me, being English, sherbet is a powdered sweet eaten with a lolly, and sorbet is the frozen desert

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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'Herbert Loves Sherbet' is a sweet picture book about the craze Herbert Clark has on Sherbet, a frozen dessert made with fruit juice. Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Sherbet is all he could ever think of. Not a single day goes by without nagging his parents to give him one. But when they leave Herbert under the care of his grandmother, he devises a plan to trick her into feeding him Sherbet in place of his usual meals. Little did he know that his devilish idea would backfire on him eventually. 

The Illustrations were very bright and colorful making it almost impossible to resist looking at them with awe. It actually reminded me of the time wherein I used to be like Herbert, pleading with my mother to give me my favorite sweets instead of the actual meal. Reading this book was like a pleasant trip down the memory lane.
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I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book was so fun! What child hasn't dreamed of being able to eat his favorite food day and night, and Herbert gets the chance! But is it as fun as he hoped. The text is whimsical and fun and flows well. The pictures are so bright and fun. Absolutely loved it!
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Thank you Net Gallet and Joanie Leopold for this lovely children's book! I loved everything about it: its bright colors, superb illustrations, the text which rhymes, and is like a poem, the way the adults deal with their little sherbet-eater! 
A very bright, fun book which I warmly recommend!
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Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this review copy.

OMG I love this book. It's so cute! The illustrations and story are fantastic. It teaches a lesson without being preachy. This is such a fun book! I highly recommend this one!
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Nice children's picture book about the importance of not eating your favorite food all the time and not to be so picky. Very good lesson. Ran by well with my six year old
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This is an adorable story, told in verse, about Herbert and his desire to only eat Sherbet.  His gran comes to town and he thinks he has her hood winked when he asks for sherbet at every meal.  She doesn't let on, but she is on to him. Children will love this lesson on eating healthy, and having balance.  It can be applied to more than just food. The pictures are colorful and oh so cute.
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Herbert has one thing on his mind... more sherbet please!  He is obsessed with the brightly coloured tasty stuff and wants to eat it 24/7 and nothing else.  Oh my!  That isn't good for him. 

He is constantly in a battle with his parents to give him more, more, more while they constantly find ways to restrict his intake. 

"One day while Mom was dishing 
His scoop of lemon sherbet 
She said, "Dad and I just won a trip,
We leave tomorrow, Herbert."

"Grandma Bess is coming here,
And she will be delighted 
to play your games and serve you treats.'
Wow! Herbert was excited."  

I just wonder what he was thinking with that twinkle in his eye. Enter Grandma Bess into the narrative.  Oh Herbert is thrilled because he thinks that he has the power to lure Grandma into eating sherbet whenever he wants... or so he thinks.  Grandma has been around the block a few times with kid's challenging her and wisely she gives into his demands. What?  Give Herbert unending bowels  and cones of nothing but pink sherbet:  blue sherbet,  yellow sherbet, green sherbet etc.  Grandma has a game plan, but will it work?  Can it wean her favourite grandson off of his addiction and actually turn him on to nutritious, healthy food that he certainly needs?  

This book is written in rhyme with vibrant, neon illustrations that make you wish you were eating sherbet.  Herbert learns two very valuable lessons ... be careful what you wish for, and that his beloved Grandma isn't a sucker for his demands.  This is a delightful book to share and discuss with little ones as well as for beginning readers.  Herbert learns a very valuable life lesson thanks to his wise Grandma.  Gotta love Grandmas.  They rock!
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