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A Life Without Living

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Very unique plot idea that I liked. .
Very good writing. 
The only thing is the ending was an open that spoiled it for me a bit.
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I really enjoyed this book. It does have a pretty significant cliffhanger ending, but that’s why I’m looking forward to the next book.
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Absolutely fantastic had me gripped!!! Loved it! Can't wait for more from.this author. Storyline was great, characters were easy to.connect with

Thank you for the advanced copy
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This is the ultimate love story. An intuitive love that binds one to the other. Soulmates. Tragedy. Separation. Again, and again, and again, and fucking again 

This is a heart-wrenching story about two lovers, Katerina or Kate and Gio who have missed their chance at true love time and time again for over four hundred years. The reason has to do with an evil villain you'll love to hate named Alex who is married to Kate. Kate has been reincarnated over a dozen times in four hundred years and meets both Gio and Alex in each lifetime. 

Gio has been cursed by Alex to live an immortal life. In each of Kate's incarnations, Alex finds a way to come between Gio and Kate and he kills Kate each time, leaving Gio more and more devastated every time he loses his chance to save Kate from death and have a life with her. Which means ladies and gentleman, that the villain in the novel is really just a fucking bastard who is supposedly very insecure about getting a love life of his own, so you know, instead he just comes between two lovers are supposed to be each other. Sometimes I actually just wonder if Alex ever gets tired of this shit of coming between them for four hundred years. 

Anyway, if you are looking for a fantasy romance, heart-wrenching love, and an original and intricate storyline than I highly recommend this book to you.
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Kate is married to a man who is handsome and sexy, though he’s also a bit controlling. She also has very vivid dreams that she’s trying to get to—and help—the man she loves, but that man isn’t her husband, and her husband may not even be who she thinks he is. 
Giovanni (Gio) has been cursed with immortality. He uses every day of his life to find and save a woman he’s watched die numerous times, the woman he loves. But now there’s a timeline, it’s his last chance to save her, if only he can find her in time.
As the two plot lines converge, Kate and Gio are drawn together by factors that have been in play for generations and may drive them apart forever. 
A Life Without Living is definitely outside of my usual reading habits, but I found the writing engaging and the storyline interesting and intriguing. I can’t wait for book 2! 

*I received a copy of A Life Without Living from NetGalley and Foster Embry Publishing in exchange for an honest review
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What a riveting story. 

Gio has been searching and losing his true love repeatedly over the course of 400 years and this time he won't let his enemy tear her away from him again. He's so close.

I loved this concept of a magical kind of reincarnation. For me, the beginning felt a little slow to get into. I struggled before the full motivations appeared and I clearly knew what was going on. Then I was hooked and truly invested in how things would unfold. 

Of the two POVs/storylines I enjoyed Gio's more than Kate's, and I think some of that contributed to liking Claire so much. 

There was so much I wanted to see at the end of this book, but I guess I'll have to sit tight until the next installment to find out what happens next...
I can't wait for book two!
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I enjoyed the storyline and how it kept unraveling with each chapter. Part of me wanted the story quicker, but in the end I'm glad it played out like it did. It left me wanting more. I wasn't ready for it to end, but I look forward to the next book.
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Thank you for allowing me to preview A Life Without Living. I just could not get into the story and stopped reading around the 25% mark. Just not my cup of tea, but thank you nonetheless.
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In the beginning Kate is not her own person. She is needy and dependent on her husband, Alex. Alex doesn't seem so bad in the beginning; he looks like a doting husband that is a bit controlling. However, as you get further in the book you realize that he isn't the best guy. Gio is immortal due to a curse and has spent his lifespan searching for Kate, searching and failing in his true mission each time. He desperately needs her and not just because she is his true love. This time Gio has help to race the clock and outwit those that oppose him. This is genuinely a good read but does have a cliffhanger. You are left wanting more of the story and hoping that good will prevail.
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(The STREGA Series Book 1)

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Romance

I didn't realise this wasn't a stand- alone, but part of a series so was expecting it to end. And it didn't, but ends on something of a cliffhanger. Still, its a great story and goodreads and amazon do make it clear its not a stand alone read.

I was intrigued, its a supernatural story but different to much of whats on offer, a love story passed down through the ages. 
Gio, what a fabulous man and how harrowing, always searching and never quite making it in time. Then waiting for the next lifetime. Kate, I really liked her and her friend from work, Dave. Then there's Alex, on the surface the perfect husband but when we see their relationship closer its not all that it seems, and yet despite his faults Kate is always so eager to please him. And of course there's Claire and Willem, and the way there seems an instant attraction between them. 
I enjoyed the story but there were a few sections that jarred, a few oddities such as when Gio meets Kate for coffee. They're strangers, and he gets her an Americano. “ That's amazing. Its my favourite. How did you know?” Well, I guess as most coffees are the basic, Americano, it wasn't a difficult guess, but more a safe choice....

Its a story I enjoyed but didn't have me riveted to the page, wasn't one I couldn't put aside for a while. I do want to read more though, want to see how things are going to work out. 

Stars: Four, an enjoyable read, good story and I'm keen to see what happens next. 

Arc via Netgalley and publishers
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This book has the potential to be great, but it starts out really slow and then the crucial parts seemed rushed. It has a great premise and a very interesting story, but I do think it needs a little more work. Looking past the flaws I would give the story itself 4 stars are I love magic and romance, but with the flaws, I'm afraid it's only a 3.
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This book included two things I love to read about, witchcraft and romance.  I started the book not knowing what to expect and in the beginning I almost gave up due to it's slow start.  I am glad I kept reading.  Once you understand the backstory and get to know the characters you understand why the slow beginning was important to the story.  The plot lead you through a roller coaster of emotions and suspense. You were so invested in the characters of Kate and Gio that you did not want the story to end.  Even Claire became a favorite and she worked her magic on everyone involved, even the reader.  At the end of the book I was wanting more. So as I turned the page and realized there were 2 more in the series, I was excited.
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This was an entertaining read, but I feel it needs some rework before it can be really good. Some things were irritating with the characters relationships and there were inconsistencies with the characters responses that weren’t believable. If worked on this would be so much better

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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This is a love story through time.  Magic, good v evil, romance, friendship...there's a lot to love.    However, it's not without its flaws. 

The good
The story was really interesting, and I wanted to know what happened next.  I loved the friendships in this story and I was drawn in.  I loved the characters and the concept.  

The bad
Everyone called each other love.  Doesn't sound like a big deal, right?  But when he says "I need coffee love" and she says " here it is love " then he says "thank you love"  it's too much.    The husband using endearment s is part of the story, but the wife used it, the mother used it.   It made me nuts.
Secondly, Kate barely knows Willem and only realizes about magic after drinking the potion.   So how can she be happy for what happens in the hospital when she doesn't know his story?
Lastly, it all happened too quickly.  Not just the story, but .....spoiler alert...  She has a sudden epiphany about her husband, he beats her almost to death and then she has sex all within hours?   It felt too rushed for me.  

With a few tweaks it has 5 star potential.   But with the annoyances, I just spent too much time rolling my eyes.  

Thank you to net galley for the advance chance to read this.
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