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Greek mythology retold by a master storyteller, what more do you want?
Fry manages to revive old greek mythology into humorous and brutal awkwerdness. Besides that the cover is an instant classic to me.

Get it, read it and love it! It's that simple!
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I received #mythos by Stephen Fry from #netgally but had to wait until it came out as an audiobook to actually enjoy it. 
The book written and read by the author himself is a luxury. Especially when the author is Mr. Fry himself. 
In his book, Mythos, the author gives us a retelling of the all-forgotten Greek Myths. In my opinion, reading (or listening) this book just once is not enough. In order to remember all the names and connections, you have to do it multiple times. The author not just narrates the stories, he gives them life. It is so easy to imagine well known heroes in their natural habitat. The book has so much more than just stories. Mr. Fry gives a great deal of examples, explanations and references to our modern day knowledge. It is a great book and can be given as a present to every age.
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Stephen Fry gives the cheek gods stories a modern day improvement. I always loved the myths and legends of the Greeks, Norse, etc and this was so fun to read. It wasn’t super confusing and it was entertaining and funny while still being educational. Anytime a book can make an old story or idea fresh and new is a win and Stephen fry is wonderful at doing just that.
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I highly enjoyed this collection of greek myths by Stephen Fry! His writing is knowledgeable, sarcastic, hilarious and all-around a joy to read! I also really enjoyed the included images of famous artworks inspired by these stories, they really lend a wonderful visual component to the book. After reading this, I immediately bought his other book, Heroes, which I hope to pick up soon!
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While I love Stephen Fry under most circumstances, in this retelling of ancient mythology the glibness of the narrative undermines what are, on their own, truly fascinating stories.  I will confess I found the book impossible to finish because the author made himself too much of the story and kept intruding where he should have just entertained.
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Sophie started listening to the audiobook edition of Stephen Fry’s Mythos while decorating a bedroom in May 2019 and finally finished (now having moved to an e-book edition) on December 29th, just squeezing it in before the new year. While the book is indeed fairly long – the audiobook clocks in at over 15 hours – it’s not THAT long, it took her forever to finish it because she simply couldn’t muster up any desire to continue listening.

Having very much enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology during 2018, Sophie had been hoping for more of the same, but Gaiman’s easy, flowing style was lacking from Mythos which felt disjointed, more like a collection of notes that have yet to be assembled into a single narrative. Each part is interesting enough in itself, but the collective whole just didn’t work for Sophie which made her struggle to finish it.

Mythos does indeed do a good job of covering every myth and story you could possibly want from a book like this. It begins with the Greek creation story and moves through the age of the Titans to the age of the Gods and the arrival of mankind, ending just prior to the Age of Heroes which is covered, (presumably equally thoroughly) in the sequel volume Heroes. If there’s a myth you’ve heard of, even in passing, chances are you can read about it in full here.

While she is certain that many will enjoy Mythos, this one just did not work for Sophie and she won’t be aiming to pick up the sequel any time soon.
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I first read Bernard Evslin’s Gods, Heroes, and Monsters of the Greek Myths when I was 12, and I’ve been a fan of Greek mythology ever since. 

Mythos is the perfect complement to that book (Fry even says Evslin is one of his favorites!), and Stephen Fry manages to be droll, embracing high and low brows (never let it be said that Greek myths aren’t both part of the bedrock of literature and raunchy as hell), while never disregarding the truly heinous behavior of the gods and goddesses. 

I’m looking forward to Heroes next.
My thanks to Netgalley for an opportunity to read and review this book.
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Stephen Fry retells familiar Greek Myths with his trademark humor and his in depth knowledge.  I really enjoyed reading these versions and often laughed out loud.  The book is very well written and easy to read. Enjoy this fun book.
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The audiobook is read by the author, and is magical... Like having your ears dipped in honey and licked clean by unicorns.
Accurate stories I remember, told like a father tells stories on a road trip, brings thousand year old stories a new life.
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I want to begin by saying that I received this book for free through Netgalley, but all thoughts are my own. I usually enjoy reading about Greek mythology, as mythology as a whole is extremely interesting to me, but I didn't enjoy this as much as I had hoped to. Despite having explanations of who each character is, I still felt a bit lost as to who was who but with the ebook it's a bit harder to be constantly referring to it. That might not be an issue for everyone, but if you do struggle a bit with remembering characters names (although this is about the actual Greek gods and others so you may also know some of these already) but I think it is important to mention. This took me longer than I expected to get through as although I love the retellings of things such as Greek myths, I wasn't too keen on Stephen Fry's writing style which is a shame as I love him and think he is great. I don't have any knowledge of if there is an audiobook but if there is, I may retry this as the audiobook as long as he reads it. I think it was too chatty in some places and maybe didn't have as much detail as I had expected it to have. However, if you do enjoy Greek mythology, you may enjoy this, it's just a shame that this to me wasn't as good as I had hoped. I do sometimes wonder if a slight reading slump is just causing me to not enjoy this as much, hence why I'd like to give it one more go in the future as an audiobook in the hopes I can bump up the rating a bit.
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I love mythology and Stephen Fry and had been looking forward to reading this book when I stumbled upon in here on NetGalley. I went into reading this book with high expectations and was not disappointed!
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I thoroughly enjoyed this! I'm usually skeptical of non-fiction but Stephen Fry really brought these stories to life. I have always loved reading about mythology and am so glad I stumbled across this.
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If you are interested in Greek myths and constructs, this is the book for you. I found the narrative and prose was fantastic to read and interesting. Fry truly makes the content interesting and not dry or dense, to say the least. In many of these books, the narrative can be dry and underwhelming. You don't get the sense of "intriguing" when you read them, but I didn't get that here. It was written very nicely. The illustrations are beautiful as well.
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This is a really accessible guide to greek mythology. I only learned the basics in schools, so learning more of the myths and how they all toured together was fascinating for me. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn't know much about Greek mythology and wants to know more.
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Such an excellent take on the various myths of Greek mythology. I've read them over and over again since I was a child but he pointed out things that I hadn't seen or read before I was enthralled. Bravo, Mister Fry.

I would like to thank the author/publisher/Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book and exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Oh, my. . . .just like a box of expensive chocolates, I took my time with this one. One myth at a time, one tale, one adventure.

I have been drawn to myths, particularly the Greek versions since I first became aware of them. Superpowers, secret powers, human foibles made large in the persons of these Immortals. . .who go out and do crazy stuff you see your family and friends do. . . .and they have the trickiest resolutions. Ones that could come in handy for a little old human like me. Or you. Compelling stuff, myths. Right next to (religion????) (belief lifestyles of your own choosing???) (traditional tribal ways that determine who lives and who dies???) [insert your One True Way here]. Stephen Fry’s book, Mythos is fantastic!

All the main characters are considered, Zeus to Dionysus, and from there he dives into the springs and offsprings of the immortal/human/creature in nature combos that occur. With that storyteller's voice (I hear it in my head), he tells the stories of the whys in life: echoes, rosy breasts of male chaffinchs, where you can find Niobe still crying to this day over her 14 murdered children. . . . .and it is done in Stephen Fry style! He’s funny, coy, clever and a wordsmith who knows from whence his tools come. Ever since I first ran into footnotes in grade school, I have enjoyed them no end. Well, my friends, there are hundreds in this book – educating you, entertaining you with wry asides, pointing to further research areas if your interest is piqued. I cannot sing S Fry’s praises enough! 

NOTE: As everyone should know, the Immortals get up to Adult Activities, and this isn’t a book for young children. Everyone Lays with everyone, hence the need for murderous solutions and punishments.

At the conclusion of the book are materials that thrill the heart of every casual researcher – a nod to their academic jellies, but nothing that is overstrong or smelling of thesis. Just enough for the lounge-chair reader to remember those days while they finger the end material: a very juicy afterward, acknowledgements, picture credits (OH! The Pictures are lovely – this book really will belong on your coffee table to show all who care your Erudite Sophistication!), and completely thorough index. 

I cannot recommend Stephen Fry’s MYTHOS enough! I will be buying a number of copies for myself and my peeps when it is available. I do so hope that when the audio copies come out that he, Himself, Stephen Fry, is the voice we hear. One can dream.

A sincere thanks to Stephen Fry, Chronicle Books and NetGalley for this ARC to read and review.
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I received a complimentary ARC copy of Mythos by Stephen Fry from NetGalley and Chronicle Books in order to read and give an honest review.

I have been a fan of Stephen Fry for a long time. His books are always enjoyable, packed with flowing prose, interesting stories and rife with Fry’s sardonic wit.

In Mythos, Fry creates an informative, comedic and quirky retelling of Greek Myths the only way he can, brilliantly.   One thing that is evident in Mythos is that Fry not only has a passion for his subject matter but a passion for language and storytelling in general. Fry’s Mythos is like sitting with a friend as he regales you with stories, adding little side notes such as the greek origins of many words and shares poems and plays inspired by the myths.  He starts right at creation and takes us through we meet everyone from Kronus to Midas each brought to life with Fry’s unique storytelling.

I really enjoyed Mythos, although to some it may seem a bit self-indulgent of Fry I thought it was an incredibly unique take on the Greek Myths which many of us have tried and failed to digest. It’s a highly entertaining and informative read that I would highly recommend.
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I received this as an eARC to read for free in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to NetGalley and Chronicle Books for giving me access. 

This was a wonderful retelling of the Greek Mythology that we have come to know. Stephen Fry writes it in a way that we can understand with a modern twist on language and dialog of characters. 

You may have seen this book around before, but this is a collectible edition. Included are full color photos to further your reading experience. If you already read Mythos and loved it, I highly recommend adding this edition to your collection.
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Mythos is a retelling with etymological asides and historical nuggets told by the inimitable Stephen Fry. Originally published in 2017, this reformatting and re-release for American readers, out 27th Aug from Chronicle Books, is 352 pages and will be available in hardcover, audio, and ebook formats.

Stephen Fry is simply a treasure. He's erudite and genuinely funny, urbane but not stuffy. He's self deprecating and frighteningly intelligent but not above being naughtily delighted over a raunchy pun. No surprise, then, that he turned his prodigious writing talent to Greek mythology. Most readers will be familiar with the basic stories; what's new are the asides and footnotes. There are comments on etymology and how the genesis of these stories disappears into our human prehistory. There are also plenty of linguistic asides, showing the threads between the origins of words which are used down through history to today.

There is plenty of truly bloody horrifically violent material in the Greek mythos, but Mr. Fry finds the absurd, the comedic and gives it his own twist, and in a few cases left me gasping with laughter. There was a lot of obscure information with which I was unfamiliar, despite my unhealthy obsession with Bullfinch and Graves. Case in point, the not-terribly-well-known sea goddess Doris (seriously. Doris). Even better, this volume is the first in a series.

Loved this. Laughed so much. This would make a superlative classroom support book or recommended text for history, classics, group read, home library, etc.

Five stars. I'll be revisiting this one again and again.
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This was such an enjoyable book to read! It is a lighter and chronological (as much as it can be) retelling of Greek mythology. By Stephen Fry who I love listening to. Hmm, maybe I should get the audiobook of this one. Anyway, as someone who read Greek/Roman mythology before it became a school requirement (Edith Hamilton edition of course), this was a fun revisit. And maybe something my son can read because the old books are not easy to read.

Of course, books like this to me is best taken in bites and not in 1 sitting.

Thank you NetGalley and Chronicle Books for the copy of this book!
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