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Such a sweet children's book with cool little activities included and incorporated into the storyline. A great fun little read.
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I found this in the comic section and this is more a picture book. That being said it is still adorable.  Miles is encouraged to go on an adventure by his neighbors dog. So Miles the cat sets out exploring London. 

I love the details in the art. You can easily tell what the buildings are and the animals are super cute.

The story is a little basic, but it works. There are interactive pages spread throughout the book that let kids play and learn.
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A lovely little picture book which even my grown up eleven-year-old would enjoy in a paper copy - especially as we live in London. Great to see so many different landscapes of the city and architecture both featured, beautifully drawn, and with interesting information.
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Miles escapes his yard to go an adventure, at the encouragement of his friend the dog next door.. Cute book shows children different places around London. Introduces several animal and has you search for pictures. Fun read for a young child
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Super quick and cute read, I love Miles! He's adorable, the other characrers we super fub too like Cabbie the Pidgeon, who talked with a cockney accent! So much fun in such a small book. Highly recommend
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I read this book on my Kindle and I loved it. It's a funny story where children can learn about London and its different landmarks. Lovely illustrations and funny characters; besides there are some games and puzzles... children will love it!

Thanks to NetGalley and Raven Crest Books for a copy of this book to read and review.
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I thought this book was so cute. I've been to London, and it was fun to see all the landmarks visited by an adorable kitten. I like the idea of integrating educational aspects, look and find, and spot the difference into the story. I think so many kids will enjoy this title. I'd like to read the further adventures to come.
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Firstly I'd like to thank NetGalley for providing me with an E-ARC copy of Miles Around London in exchange for an honest review. The following thoughts are all my own. What a fantastic children's picture book! I absolutely loved this little gem and know for certain that many little ones will thoroughly enjoy it too. Being a primary school teacher, I absolutely adored the fact that this book merged both fun and education together into one story, so that while children are learning about London and the sights to visit, they are completely engaged and enjoying their reading. The themes of animals, friendships, family and exploration were also touched on and handled very well. The illustrations were also very fun and suited the writing very well. I completely enjoyed this book and would definitely buy it myself for my personal children's library. 4.5 stars!
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Miles and Cabbie take a quick trip around London and visit many of the major sights. A fun romp around London, with interactive pages to keep young readers busy. Well worth sharing before, or during, a trip to London.
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I highly recommend this book for anyone who has taken their children to, lived, lives or plans to visit London. Or anyone who wants to see exactly what London holds through the eye of a child.

I found this book to be a delight, having visited London many times as a child and having family living in London,I found it truly magical. The illustrations are fabulous and I loved the mix of pen and ink style mixed with cartoon type characters.

I found the different colour text for each character a smart and helpful touch.
The landmarks are accurate and well portrayed, as are the love;y views .
The pages about the different houses really shows the diversity of the city. 
I loved the different activities through the book, especially the house and bird spotting ones. 

I have to say Cabbies accent is a hoot! very accurate ! 
A lovely book.

The only down side for me was not having a bit about the underground, with its rich history and being such a huge part of the city it would be great to have a little included on it. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Read this one to my Niece and she loved it! We are from the USA so it was exciting for her to see the different types of houses. Her favorite page however was the birds in the park. She had a blast finding the birds that matched up with the sign. I thought it was a great book and I will have to purchase a copy for her to have. Thank you for see a copy for review!
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Miles is a lovely car who enjoys his home but who also loves travelling In this collection of stories, he travels around the world and in this specific copy he travels around London 
The illustrations are very lively and beautiful Some are modern, some are classic, and this mix is most interesting.
The text is beautifully-written and easy to understand for children. It is a comprehensive book which will allow children to discover London and its sights and landmarks. They will love discovering the different types of =houses, the double-decker, Trafalgar Square, ... 
The perfect gift for children to learn about London in a fun and engaging way!
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Encouraged by his neighborhood friend, Miles the cat leaves his home for the first time, gets lost, and travels around London. During his his adventures, he acquires a tour guide in the form of a pigeon, learns about different locations, meets new animals, and does some sightseeing.

This is such a cute and educational book that’s perfect for kids. Not only does it show them some places around London, but they meet various characters that range from well-known people to animals that they can learn about. I love that is interactive as well so that kids can play matching games and do things like spot the difference. It adds a bit of extra fun to the book because they can get involved. Plus, the interactive portions are fun and educational, so they’ll learn something even while playing the games.

I think that I would’ve loved this as a kid and I would recommend it for anyone with kids because it’s fun and something parents and children can enjoy together.
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Thanks netgalley,author,and publisher for the opportunity to read in exchange for an honest review.

First, I wouldn't label this as a graphic novel. More of a children's book.

Thisbook was very cute and informative of London. Talked about all the major attractions in London also.
There we're also some activities for kids to do like a maze and telling time on big Ben.
Very cute read!
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Miles around London is the best children’s book I’ve seen. Using colour and interactive activities, the story is not only entertaining, but allows the reader to learn about telling time, types of buildings and animals found in London.
I cannot wait to buy this for my nephew and see where Miles goes next.
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*thank you to Netgalley and Raven Crest Books for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

4 stars.

I was surprised by this. The first couple pages made me think this might be just a bit of a bore, basic, nothing special childrens picture book. But it turned out to be quite a fun read. 

It's not just a picture book but also an activity book with a spot the difference, matching up pairs and counting the animal pages. Just to name a few. It's also a good story about a Cat who discovers that there is a whole world outside of his backyard.

I have a feeling though if I had of had kids to read this to, that they probably would have asked me over and over, "Can we go to London, Can we go to London?!?!" Now for some that wouldn't be much of an issue, except I live in Australia and it's not exactly a place I can take kids just for an afternoon. But this book will probably have that effect as it makes London look like a huge fun playground.
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I actually enjoyed this book more than I thought I might. It's a cute little story--almost like a travel guide--for kids that features some of the sights of London. It could be a great book to give to little kids before they make a trip there so they'll know some of the things to expect.

So why can't I give it a higher rating? The writing. I thought maybe I was in for trouble when, early on, Miles was "laying" in the garden (last I checked, he's a cat, not a chicken). From there, it got progressively worse, with missing (or wrong) punctuation, "said bookisms", and lots of sentence fragments. It's a shame, because the concept is cute and the illustrations are engaging. This could've been a really strong children's book, if it had had a bit more polishing done before going to print.

While the premise and concept are fun, the technical aspects of the writing drag the rest of the book down a bit. It's not terrible, and if you don't mind grammatical issues in children's books, you might like this one more than I did. But I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to language, especially in books for impressionable young readers.
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This was quite a fun story and I thought that the image used for Miles was lovely.

The story was easy to follow and it gives younger children an idea about all the different things they could see in London.

3.5 stars from me, rounded up to 4 stars for Goodreads and Amazon
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What do you know about London as a child?  My whole view of London was from Mary Poppins, so I was a bit surprised when I visited it and it didn't look anything like that. (Other than St. Paul's Cathedral).  

So, this little book, about a very cartoony cat exploring the city, which is drawn in a more illustration style, is kind of a cool way to introduce children who may be visiting London what they will see while there are there. (Although probably not the queen).


Granted, it is a very truncated view of London, but it does have the London Eye, and there is a shot of the London skyline.

A nice introduction to London, and apparently there will be other books of Miles, the cat, visiting other famous places.  No actual plot of any kind, which is why it only gets three stars instead of four.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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Caroline Harris and Douglas Pledger’s Miles Around London is a super cute and well-illustrated book about a kitten’s fun day out in London. This book is perfect for very young readers and even adults who want to see the amazing sights of London!

The book stars an adorable kitten named Miles who loves lounging in his garden. One day, his neighbour Bernie Bulldog shows Miles that there is a whole world waiting outside of their gardens. Little Miles soon sets off on the adventure of a lifetime! Kids will love following along as Miles meets new animal friends (like his tour guide, Cabbie the pigeon), learns new things and, of course, takes in the wonderful sights of London. 

This is such a cute and educational book! The illustrations are well-detailed, brightly coloured, and adorable. The writing is simple, easy-to-follow, and entertaining. 

I like that the authors include fun games and activities so that kids can really interact with the book. I loved following along with Miles as he discovers all the popular landmarks of London like Leicester Square, Buckingham Palace and The London Eye. I even learned a few things about the different types of architecture in London! 

Miles Around London is an entertaining, educational, and quick read that would be perfect for very young readers. I can’t wait to follow Miles to more amazing places around the world! 

🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 🐱 adventurous kittens out of 5!
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