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Democracy in Danger

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4 of 5 stars.  If you love the tenets on which this country was founded, you need to read this book.  What is the best, easiest, and quickest way to bring down the strongest, most respected country in the world?  By creating division - ‘united we stand, divided we fall.’  Did Putin and Russia interfere with our election to aid Trump? Yes and no.  The evidence is documented that interference took place, but Putin wins no matter which side is supported; the Russians and other enemies benefit when America loses confidence in the fundamental linchpin of democracy - our voting process.  When children can hack into our voting machines in less than 6 minutes, we need to wake up and recognize that our Democracy is in the crossfire. This is a must-read for Americans on both sides of the aisle.  If you want your vote to matter, you need to read this book.  This unnerved me more than Stephen King books - and should scare you too.  

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This was an informative, concise, and very interesting read. The author knows what he's talking about when it comes to cyber-security and even though this book is about election security, it does not come off as overly political, but rather points out how our election systems our at risk. It details the struggles of bureaucracy and the resistance to change as groups are basically yelling at governmental organizations to take just basic precautions in order to fix vulnerabilities in voting machines and they seem to blow it off.

Overall, this is a great book to read about our election system and cyber-security. It does not go too in depth, so the average reader will not get lost in the technical details, as well the author does a good job of not getting very political as to alienate readers.
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