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Our Dogs, Ourselves

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A fine history and psychological/sociological study of  dogs and their lives with humans (and vice versa) that doesn't get too highbrow. Good for "dog people"
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Super duper philosophical, and not as much about WHY a dog does what a dog does.

Still, Horowitz has researched dogs for so long that she always comes up with a few absolutely fascinating dog stories.
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If you are a dog person there’s no better author out there right now than Alexandra Horowitz. This is another in a growing line of must-read dog books that will challenge you in the best of ways to be a better human for your dog; to be the kind of person your dog already thinks you are! In past books Alexandra Horowitz has helped us understand the world from our canine friends perspective in “Being a Dog.” She followed that up by honing in on that amazing sense of smell in “Being a Dog,” which really goes a long way to helping us understand what amazing and intelligent creates our dogs are. And now we have a culmination of sorts, a book that looks at our amazing and sometimes troubled relationship with our four-legged friends in “Our Dogs, Ourselves: How we Live with Dogs Now.” Like her earlier works, this is a thought-provoking book that challenges many widely held assumptions about breeds, the efficacy of spay/neuter programs, and asks some very deep philosophical questions: What kind of future do we want for our dogs?
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There is so much history and science about the symbiotic relationship between ourselves and our dogs in this new non-fiction book. I struggled with it at times, but when I focused, I really learned many things about how the relationship between humans and dogs came to be.  I have loved dogs my entire life and I currently live with two, an elderly dachshund, 14,  and a black lab, who is now 7.  I laughed at some things in this book:  how people come to name their dogs, what they say their dogs.  Both of my dogs have lengthy origin stories of how they got their names.  They both have silly nicknames.  I routinely talk to my dogs and I've never questioned whether or not they think.  I know they know what certain words mean. Cookie, walk, ride in the car. Toys. STOP! I love you.

 My dogs (and all the ones who came before them in my life) have taught me more about compassion, loyalty, grace, and unconditional love than most humans. I am grateful for the fellow animal lovers that I have met through my dogs. And  I think you truly need to be a dog lover to enjoy this book.

  I made a choice in my adult life to have dogs and they all became part of my family.  They made me laugh, they were there through some really hard times and I experienced more sadness than I can possibly convey when I had to lose one of them.

I wouldn't trade a moment of time with any of them.  For me, there has been no greater joy than sharing my life with these amazing animals.  The book gave more so much insight about them and about myself.  Thank you to Scribner for the privilege of reading this book and thank you to all the dogs I've known for the privilege of being your guardian.  Your souls will live forever in my heart.
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This book was very interesting to me because I have 3 dogs and they are my children. I thought it was well written and informative. I love the cover of the book! I will purchase this book for the library.
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Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my review. 

I didn't really read anything new or exciting in this book, that I haven't read in another book.   I will say it was well stated and while the writing at times came across as a little too "cold" .
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This was a very interesting book. I found alot of the stuff in the book fascinating and learned some things I had never knew about.
Though alot of the history of dog ownership isn't exactly nice or pleasant, I feel it's important to know these things so we can better ourselves. I would definitely recommend this book to dog owners.
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